Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 131


Huo Park entrance.

A black, low-profile and introverted Maybach drives into Huo Park with the same indifference as the others.

Huo Mushen pushes open the door and walks towards the hall with steady steps.

The butler immediately greets Huo Mushen when he sees him return, "Sir."

Huo Mushen hands the butler the suit resting in the crook of his arm, his tone cold: "Where's the wife?"

"Upstairs, she hasn't come down since she got home and ordered us not to disturb her." The butler said truthfully.

"Mistress hasn't eaten?" Huo Mushen just stands there, one hand in his pocket, casually asking.


Huo Mushen wrinkles his brows, "Go cook, light in flavor, and when you're done have the family doctor go over it to make sure there aren't any problems."

The housekeeper goes to do as he is told.

Huo Mushen bypasses the housekeeper and strides his long legs straight to the bedroom.

As soon as he pushes open the door, he sees the little woman bare with two long white thin legs, wearing his black shirt lying under the covers, buried in a pile of specialized books.

As he approached, he saw the person sleeping in a pile of books, and the corners of his lips couldn't help but hook up in favor.

Stretching out his fingers, Huo Mu Shen couldn't help but touch her thin cheeks.

"Husband~ You're back." Song Zhi opens her eyes in a daze, and at a glance, she sees the handsome face near her, and immediately feels that all the black threads that she couldn't write because of the program have unraveled.

Huo Mou Shen 'en' from his throat.

Song Zhi grinned and stretched out his hands, "For a hug."

Huo Moushen calmly carries the person into his arms, glancing at the program on her computer, he can't help but ask, "Haven't been going to dinner just to write this program in your room?"


"You still say yes, don't you know you have a bad stomach yourself!" Huo Mou Shen coldly reprimands.

"Hubby, help me see what's going on with this program?" She was inexperienced in her previous life, this will be a difficult step, and she can only rely on her husband when it matters.

"A person who can even help me revise and write the contract still needs me to help write the program?" Huo Mu Shen said in a conspiratorial manner.

"You know?"

"With that little trick of yours, it would be hard to be your husband if I still couldn't see it." Huo Mushen single finger picked up her chin, teasing breath sent towards her ears, "Song Zhe, you've changed a lot ......"

"Mr. Huo, do you like the old me, or the current me?"

Song Zhe curled her lips, nestled in his arms, and asked gently.

"I like ...... the bed, the you in it, the you that calls my name, or the you that cries under me ...... which you, I like, as long as it's you."

His words have not finished, Song Zhi's face was red hot, reached out to cover his cool lips, "Don't say it!"

"Good, don't say it only do it!"

He rolled over and pressed down on her capturing her wrists and pressing them against his head, lowering his head to follow her brow and kissing her neck with an evil smile.

Song Zhi trembled unceasingly in his arms, her eyes froze for a few seconds, unable to hold back Huo Mu Shen's bad taste, "Huo Mu Shen!"

"En, I'm in."

Instantly, the anger Song Zhi had just provoked subsided again.

She tilts her head to see the man's wolf-like eyes and can't help but back off, her throat subconsciously gulps, "Hubby stop, this program is important, it needs to be submitted this Friday, so you quickly help me look at it."

"Mrs. Huo, mentioning work at a time like this, don't you think it's a spoiler?" Huo Mushen's long and warm fingertips begin to undo her buttons one after the other, and his lips gradually kiss down.

Song Zhi twisted around in his arms, just not honest.

Huo Mou Shen is also a normal man, it makes no sense that his own little petite wife in his arms rubbing around, can still endure.

Especially for a man who is nearly thirty years old and hasn't had sex for a long time, as long as he's had sex, it's hard to stop.

At this moment, every inch of Huo Mu Shen's blood was boiling, just wanting to

"Hubby, this program is important, just tell me." Song Zhi draws a low magnetic breath between his lips and breath, and says in a petulant manner.

"What kind of payment is Mrs. Huo giving me?"

Huo Mushen couldn't help but tease her.

Song Zhi is stunned, a bit anxious to work, tilts her head to think, and can only succumb to Huo Mushan's pressure, pouting a few times, "Husband, whatever."

Huo Mou Shen can't help but tickle the corner of his lips, "You're not allowed to beg for mercy in a while."


Huo Mou Shen wants Song Zhi, but every time, because Song Zhi's body is too weak, he never enjoys himself, and either does faint or cries out.

"Hubby, my little body isn't worth destroying."

Song Zhi bargained.

"Also, at noon, you haven't compensated me, wait until you're full."

Huo Mu Shen lowered his eyes and looked deeply at her.


Song Zhi was startled, suddenly remembering the eyes at noon and now.

Her eyes widened in shock for a long time before she came back to her senses.

She grunted coldly in her heart, "Anyway, when she waited until after dinner, she rooted herself headfirst into her work and ignored this wolf."

The evasive crystalline aura under her eyes is incorporated by Huo Mushan, who wraps his arms around her thin waist and fishes the person out of his embrace.

Her fair skin is even more beautiful against the brimming black luster of her shirt, making her even more lovable.

Song Zhi winks, her small hand still ripping open half the buttons.

Huo Moushen holds her fingers, "Wait for me here, I'll go bring up the meal."

Song Zhi nods numbly, unable to react in time to see that Huo Moushen has already left her sight.

She is confused for a few minutes, where is your cleanliness, Huo Shao?

Huo Mou Shen has always been about what should be where to do, just this time, Song Ru never expected Huo Mou Shen to break so many cases for ...... the sake of it!

After Song Ru ate, Huo Mou Shen went to take a shower.

She then buried her head in the program, a head two big, completely unable to understand the brain of the person who designed the program at that time.

Suddenly, behind her, she was stopped by a pair of iron arms, the refreshing minty scent wafted into the tip of her nose, and her neck was kissed twice by the tip of her tongue, Song Zhi couldn't help but rub herself towards the source of the heat.


"Xiao Ru."

"No no no no!" Song Zhi resolutely refused to be ruffled, burying her head in her professional book and pointing to a few locations on the program, "Hubby, you come first and tell me what these parts of the program are supposed to be, and how to write them, okay?"

"Good." He came close to her ear, exhaling hot breath.

The night was long, he was in no hurry.

Song Zhi, however, is blissfully unaware of the man's thoughts and excitedly points to a place on the computer, "Hubby, what should I change in this place?"

Huo Mou Shen glances along with her voice and says in a low voice, "Kiss me."

Song Zhi looks at Huo Moushen in dismay, and Huo Moushen's eyes are so dark that she can't detect the meaning.

Nima, endure, endure, endure!

She turned around in his arms and barred a kiss.

"No sincerity."

The man said coldly.

Song Zhi's face collapsed.

Nima, endure, endure, endure!

This was her own husband!

She came up to hold her own husband's neck again, kissing gently on his cool lips, tracing the shape of the man's lips, Huo Muk Shen's lips are extremely well shaped, simply is the Creator's finest.

Song Zhi's eyes gradually sank, the arc of Huo Muxun's lips increased more and more, and then hugged her deep into the quilt.


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