Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 132

A long time later, the captive Song Zhi jolted awake!

Only then did she come back to her senses, braking violently and pushing away from his chest, her slightly red and swollen lips puckering up to symbolize her extreme dissatisfaction, ''Huo Mu Shen, I'm telling you, don't even think about it!

I won't allow you to come over and disturb me until I've finished my work!

If you don't tell me, I'll go find a way."

She suddenly struggles badly in his arms, causing Huo Moushen's body to tighten to the extreme.

Huo Mushen pinched her fidgeting shoulders and waist and yelled lowly, "Don't move!"


"Which is a problem, I'll teach you by hand." Huo Moushen's voice was forced until his voice was muffled.


Song Zhu didn't let go of the opportunity.

Huo Mou Shen pressed against her from behind, his large hand holding her small hand as he 'hands on' the keyboard.

Song Zhi blushed even more, her breathing held back as she let Huo Mushan hold her hand.

It was so hard to finish writing a program, Song Zhi was on the verge of bursting into flames.

"Is this program ready to use?"

"It can, Xiao Ru don't forget that my master's degree was studied in the same major as yours."

Huo Mushen said in a low voice.

Song rhetorically nodded woodenly, ran the program, and then a screen full of countless hearts popped up, simply a girl's heart exploded!

The man cut her cochlea: "Like it?"

"Like." But ...... Nima useless ah!

"Like is good, small resignation you should fulfill the promise." His voice dull flirting with her.

"What promise ...... oooh ......"

Song Ru's lips were sealed, her eyes were clasped by a large hand, and she was completely plunged into darkness.

Before she passed out, she had just one thought, "Huo Mu Shen is so hateful ......"


The night passes, but Song Zhi wakes up extra early because of her intense work.

She opens her eyes to see the man standing beside her in the black shirt she wore last night with straight and slender suit pants, and one hand is carrying the suit sash towards her.


Song Zhi's head was on the fritz for a few seconds before she abruptly came to her senses, casually touching a pillow and smashing it over.

"Huo Mou Shen you're a rascal, you don't help me do my job even if you don't, but also ......"

"Still what?"

Huo Moushen grabbed the pillow with one hand while laughing lightly.

"You know!"

Song Zhe coldly grunts.

The corner of Huo Mushen's lips hooked up in a lingering smile, "I taught you last night, and you were the one who was too sleepy and made a scene to go to sleep."

Song Zhi simply couldn't believe that Huo Mou Shen generally and squarely said that he taught her, but also blamed all the responsibility on her, unimaginable!

"I don't trust you to talk anymore, I'm going to work now, when I make the achievement, you don't envy me too much." Song rhetoric arrogant humming also do not know with whom to imagine.

"Oh, good."

Huo Mou Shen didn't make things difficult for Song Ru, but handed her the tie.

Song Zhi looked at it, even if it was puffed up it didn't affect the daily thing between husband and wife, she obediently helped Huo Mou Shen tie the tie and then went downstairs together to eat breakfast.

After breakfast, Huo Mu-shen did not go to the company with Song Zhi, but went to negotiate with the people sent by the AK Group, because the contract follow-up project has been finalized, so the next is just a matter of implementation.

Song Zhi, however, was happy not to go to work with Huo Muchen, and she stood in the doorway and waved her small hand toward him.

Huo Muchen stands in the doorway and casts a sidelong glance, "You look like you're happy?"

"No, I'm forcing a smile." Song Zhi also symbolically pokes her cheeks, "Look, I'm deeply saddened by not being able to attend the project with my husband, and I'm also extraordinarily aggravated."

"I'll give you this opportunity tonight." Huo Muchen hooks his lips, then strides his long legs across to the passenger side of the car.

The car is driven by Lu Ziyan, who shouts towards Song Zhi through half the window, "Third sister-in-law, just rest assured."


Huo Mushen dropped two words.

Lu Ziyan immediately retracted his neck at the words and drove to the airport to meet with AK's people.

Song Zhi looked at the Maybach's raised rear end and didn't hesitate, but dressed and went straight to the company.

Everyone in the E-Star department was waiting for Song Zhi to have a meeting.

When Song Zhi walked in, he saw that all of them had dark circles under their eyes, "Why are you all looking at me with such eyes?"

"Director, the difficulty of this program is just too great, and AK even made a new request this morning, completely making things difficult for us at M&R."

"Yeah, AK is just too much of an asshole, what should we do now?"

"I heard that tonight is M&R and AK's celebration party, there's a particularly capable person in AK, if Superintendent Song can ask for his help, then our project will be accelerated."

Song Zhe raised his eyebrows, "Who is that person you're talking about?"

It turned out that today was AK and M&R's celebration party, so that should call in many people.

She lowers her head and breaks her fingers to count the days, there are still a few days to go before Huo Mushan's birthday.

At the end of the month was Grandpa's birthday banquet.

"It's the general manager of AK."

"I've heard that this person is very powerful.AK is mainly about AI intelligence, Director Song can take this opportunity to ask the partner what they are doing, so we can also have a direction of cooperation in making programs!"

Song Ru 'En' sounded, "Good, if I have the chance to attend the banquet tonight, I'll be sure to ask."

With that, Song Zhi turned around and left the department.

The employees in the back all let out a sigh of relief and turned their heads to the person who usually didn't say a word, "Little Peach, I didn't expect you to be able to think so thoughtfully for us even though you don't know how to speak on a normal day, we'll never laugh at you again."

The corner of the lips of the woman called Xiao Tao pulled up a smile of embarrassment, then she said nothing and silently went to the restroom.

An Lina, who had been lurking in the shadows, jumped out from the corner of the restroom and tugged on Xiaotao's arm, nervously asking, "How did things go, did Song Zhi believe it?"

"Believed it." Xiaotao said.

"Have you been found out?" Annelina asked again.

"No one found me, AK is making things difficult for our department, they are all afraid that there's no way to deliver the program, they all want to push the pot all over Song Zhi." Peach said.

"That's good." An Lina nodded with satisfaction and looked at Xiaotao, "Xiaotao, this time it's thanks to you, if I'm able to return to the director position, I'll surely promote you well."

Xiaotao shook her head, "Sister An this is all what I should do, you promoted me into M&R back then, and it was you who took care of me all these years before you were able to let me and my family have a mouth to feed on in Huacheng, so whatever I do for Sister An is willingly."

An Lina stared at her with deep eyes and did not say another word.

Back then, her promotion of Zhou Xiaotao was just a passing thing, and she was only looking for a scapegoat for doing bad things, but she never expected that this Zhou Xiaotao would be loyal to her, and almost do whatever she wanted.

Over the years, Zhou Xiaotao also did quite a lot of things for her, and every kind of do quite well, An Lina Zhou Xiaotao really have a few points impressed, also really did not expect to use it now by hand.

"En, you go back first, don't let outsiders see it." An Lina urged Xiaotao to go back.

As she looked at the direction Xiao Tao went back, the corner of her lips hooked into a cold smile as she belabored, "Song Zhi, I'd like to see what you'll do!"

General Manager AK, she had deliberately inquired about it, is a womanizer, Song Zhi such a posture to be good is to go to hook him, just obediently sent to the door.

Song Zhi no matter willing or not, if not to AK general manager's heart, will ruin the cooperation!

She has no way to stay in M & R in any case, will also abandon her, Yanyan can also logically to Huo Mou Shen side to do Mrs. Huo, everything is returned to the original.

Song Zhi, would still be the pathetic worm they stepped on under their feet!


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