Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 133


The lights are on at the beginning of the day.

The entire Huacheng was shrouded in mesmerizing dreams.

Song Zhi sat in her office and scanned through all of E-Star's information, reading through everyone's personality before stretching out a long lazy waist.

She had thought that she would have to work until late at night, but she turned on her computer only to realize that Huo Muchen had given her a big surprise!

All the programs, his husband had already helped her write last night!

So happy, so excited!

Ding ding ding!

Song Zhi suddenly hears her cell phone ringing and subconsciously looks down to see it.

It's Huo Mo Shen's!

She scratches it with her little finger and picks up, "Hey, hubby, aren't you still negotiating with AK?"

"Third sister-in-law, third sister-in-law, thanks to you, our contract is perfect." Lu Ziyan came over to Huo Muchen's ear on this side of the phone, smiling that smugly and brightly, his fox eyes teasingly flowing with a hint of treachery, "AK saw us find out their loopholes today, and was so angry that his hair stood on end."

Huo Mou Shen looks at the corners of Lu Zi Yan's mouth holding a fox-like smile, his gaze sinks, and with one hand he snatches back the cell phone, turning his back to him before muffling his voice: "Xiao Zhi."

"Mu Shen, aren't you attending AK and M&R's celebration banquet?"

"It hasn't started yet, so you and I will attend it together."

"The banquet has already started, right?" Song Zhi stood on the sixteenth floor balcony and looked out, looking down at his wristwatch, it was already almost six o'clock, most of M&R's employees had already gone to the banquet.

"No, waiting for you."

"I'm not prepared for anything right now, will it be embarrassing to go out with you?" Song Zhi was worried.

Huo Mushen's tone is light: "My wife looks beautiful in anything, no shame."

"I so want to attend with you, standing beside you is what I call not being ashamed." Song Zhi laughed.

"You open the door."

The man whispered.

Song Zhi will be convinced to open the door, to see wearing a man in a black straight suit, set off the slender figure, suit pants line straight, as his standing posture, compared to the past days of lazy casual more cold ascetic.

He stood in front of her, as if he were a towering monarch, and the unattainable flower of the high ridge, mesmerizing.

"When did you come back?" Song Zhi excitedly rushes towards Huo Mou Shen and rubs herself in his arms.

Huo Mushen's strong arm subconsciously grips her waist and rubs her fair cheeks without any trace of allergy, "Change into a dress and attend the M&R celebration banquet with me."

Behind her, Chu Huaibei also strained his red face to take the gift box over, "Ma'am."

Lu Zi Yan also leaned on the elevator door, "Third sister-in-law, today's M&R and AK's celebration banquet can be more than just our two families, there are also Huacheng City's dignitaries have come to come to celebrate the banquet, when the time comes, there will surely be a fight for beauty, you must dress up beautifully."

To say that Song Zhi looks similar to a demonic spirit is actually not an exaggeration.

Innocence with a touch of sultriness.

Song Zhi excitedly picked up the gift box and ran to the inner room to change into it, she nervously looked at herself in the mirror, her cheeks flushed like peach blossoms, her heart beating wildly, this is the first time she and Huo Mou Shen attended a banquet.

This is her first time attending a banquet with Huo Moushen. Except for the last press conference, she has never attended an event with Huo Moushen in the name of husband and wife.

When she was alive, Song Zhi didn't know what kind of people were around Huo Mou Shen every time he attended this kind of banquet.

Song Yanran, Su Xue Ning, or ......

She shook her head, no matter who she was in her last life, Huo Mou Shen was the man on a marriage license with her in her last life and in this life!

Song Zhi took a deep breath, straightened her soft ebony hair and pushed the door out.

White long skirt with gardenia lace ironed on the skin, outlining a delicate and enchanting figure. Song Zhi is not a choppy figure, nor is it a dried up bean sprout figure.

Even though she is thin, the places that should be there are there, and everything is just right on her.

Huo Mou Shen's gaze was shadowy, and the gold-framed glasses that he hadn't yet had time to remove revealed a demonic glow as well as a hint of indescribable complexity.

Lu Ziyan's eyes were also stunned as he said, ''Third sister-in-law, you are just too beautiful today. You should know that when third brother attended banquets in the past, he didn't have a dance partner by his side and was always alone, causing us to be alone as well.

If it wasn't for marrying you, we all thought that Third Brother didn't like women?"

After Song Zhi heard this, the bit of pain in her heart just now vanished.

Her heart was sweet and happy, looking at Lu Zi Yan, she sincerely said, "Thank you."


Huo Mu Shen's thin lips only spit out a monotone syllable, devoid of temperature.

He expressionlessly took Song Zhi's small hand and casually walked into the elevator with his suit pocket inserted.

Lu Ziyan and Chu Huaibei hurriedly put away their stunned gazes and headed out.

An elevator of people look at Huo Mushen, nervous and inexplicable.

Until the celebration banquet, the cold air pressure not only did not subside by half but instead pressed in like a mountainous momentum.



M&R and AK banquets, all the celebrities and dignitaries pushing cups and exchanging pleasantries with each other.

"Why hasn't the main character of today's banquet come yet?"

"AK's people have already arrived, as well as the Huo family this time, but Huo Dong came. How come Huo Shao hasn't come yet for such an important occasion of celebrating the listing?"

"Our people have already called the assistant, on their way, they'll be here soon."

M&R's employees are a bit anxious, while the celebrities gather in twos and threes, discussing gossip.

"Do you guys think Huo Shao will bring Song Zhi over, after all, M & R's cooperation this time is a sky-high profit, it's rumored to be rich as hell!"

"Song Ru is really lucky, on the strength of a doll's marriage she can marry the richest man in Huacheng, last time I saw Huo Shao's appearance from the report, it's simply too handsome, and that woman with a face full of red pockmarks is Song Ru isn't it, it's rumored that she doesn't want to marry Huo Shao, and is purposely being like this."

Another person looks up at Song Yanyan who is dressed to the nines, "Yanyan, you're her sister, did Song Ru say to you that she would be coming?"

Song Yanran grabbed her bag strap, the corner of her mouth hooked into a dignified and decent smile, "I'm not sure, I'm here today on behalf of the Tang City Group."

"Yanyan, you're simply too good when you compare yourself to Song Zhe." The person next to her chimed in, scoffing even more at Song Zhi, "I think Song Zhi set you up in the last incident."

The woman next to him also nodded immediately, "Yes, you see Tang City in the hands of Yanyan, but how scenic, Yanyan wait for you to do the position of deputy director do not forget to help our family company a hand."

Tang City is also a leading enterprise in Huacheng, plus they all know that Tang City and Tang family, M & R has a relationship, in case you can use this for the family to climb a layer of relations.

Suddenly someone asked, "Yanyan, do you think Song Ru will come?"

"She's a simple-minded, four-limbed person who still has the nerve to come, even if she can't help Huo Shao, she keeps dragging her feet!" The man just now was trying to please Song Yanran by badmouthing Song Zhi as hard as he could.

"She also doesn't know what identity she can use to come?"

Song Yanran's red lips hooked up in a smug arc, her eyebrows carrying the pleasure of being complimented.

Even if Song Zhi was more capable, so what, it wasn't like she didn't dare to tell the scandal to outsiders!

The Song family is her backer, and without it, Song Zhi still thinks she can stay in the Huo family for a long time.

An Lina had told her that today was Song Zhi's time to die, and as long as Song Zhi ruined the M&R and AK celebrations, Huo Dong wouldn't let her off the hook either!

She could then use Tang City to help M&R and logically get recognized by the Huo family.

Thinking of this, the corner of Song Yanran's lips hooked up in a stealing arc as she softly said, "Yes, I also wonder what identity Xiao Ru can come in?"


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