Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 134

As soon as the words fell, someone in the crowd made a stunning sound.

"Huo Shao has come."

Song Yanran couldn't help but turn her head, and her sight swept across the crowd to Huo Mushen's figure.

Immediately after, someone else said, "Mrs. Huo is here."

Song Zhu's face instantly fell, and he looked at the fact that he was still followed by Song Zhu on his side.

Everyone's eyes were focused on them, while the women let out sounds of amazement and jealousy, while the men without fail suspiciously salivated their eyes on Song Zhi.

In the upper class circle, everyone knows that the Song family has two daughters, but they all know that Song Yanran is beautiful, but only beautiful with delicate makeup, and now when they see Song Zhi walking on the side of Huo Muchen, with her head bowed down to cover her lips, their gazes are all attracted.


"So Song Zhi is so beautiful, even more beautiful than Song Yanran!"

"Yeah, I also always thought that Song family Song Yanyan was beautiful before, but now it's not a grade at all compared to Song Zhi."

"Why are you so right, Song Zhi is much more beautiful than Song Yanran."

In this kind of competition for beauty, it was the silent battlefield of the women.

For a vain person like Song Yanyan, someone who is more beautiful than her is a shame, moreover, the person who is more beautiful than her is still ...... Song Ru!

Song Yanran clenched her fists and walked up to meet the crowd's gaze to block their footsteps, hooking up a decent and generous smile, "Why are you guys just coming, everyone has been waiting for you for a long time."

The crowd took a look, Song Yanyan and M&R's relationship is really good ah.

Huo Mou Shen looks at the people blocking the way in front of him, sidesteps Song Yanran and impatiently says, "Get out of the way!"

"Huo Shao, father asked me to talk to you, he has been thinking about Xiao Ru a bit lately, he wants to have a family dinner for the last time, it's kind of a chat to show his apologies, I don't know when you guys will be able to come?" Song Yanran raised her stature high, causing the people around her to throw eyeballs at her.

See, she was the only one in Huacheng who could get Huo Mu Shen's privileges!

Song Zhe was nothing more than an accessory to the union.

"Sister, today is M&R and AK's celebration party, don't you think it's a bummer to talk about the Song family?" Song Ru said with cold eyes.

Song Yanran's shell teeth bit her lower lip, she didn't believe that Song Ru would slap Tang Cheng's face in front of so many people!

"Xiao Ru, today it's dad who specially asked me to come over to represent Tang city, you know Tang city has a lot of projects to come and personally operate recently, and I don't have the time to do it, so I'm taking this opportunity to say it." Song Yanran said.

Song Ru clenched her finger bones, her nails unconsciously gouged the back of Huo Mushan's hand, coldness built up in her eyes, she took a step forward but said, "That's right, after all, Tang City almost lost half of Tang City because of the last time when you and dad invested in a project without authorization, you're making up for that now right?"


Song Yanran's brows twisted and her eyes spewed out anger!

Song Zhu actually dared to ...... really dare to talk about the Song family scandal in public!

"This matter ......"

Song Yanran opened her mouth to explain but was interrupted by Song Zhi's cold voice: "Although I don't know about this matter, dad also said to me, but also understand a lot, the investment project is you and Aunt He together recommended to select."

The crowd began to make a whispering sound: "So Tang City's recent shortfall is because of what that mistress did!"

"Didn't they say that Song Yanyan is that He Meiping's daughter?"

"Yes, so now make a lot of projects are to make up for people chanting, after all, when people stepmother for many years, but also snatched away people's mother for many years."

The previous scandal that was nearly forgotten was once again raked over the coals!

Song Yanran's face was suffocated to redness then to pig liver purple.

She wanted to be in the limelight, but being talked about in front of everyone, she couldn't strain the original dignified smile on her face, and could only raise her head and clench her teeth, "This matter is indeed a deficit, but ......"

"That sister you now make money back no?" Song Ru tilted his head and asked, the budding demeanor through the pure and harmless.

"...... Not yet for the time being, but give me some more time, I will definitely be able to do well." Song Yanran gritted her teeth and assured, "Recently Tang City is developing the South District project, Tang City will only get better and better in my hands."

Song rhetoric smile, the smile does not reach the bottom of the eyes, but the heart is clearer than anyone else, the project in the southern district will lose money, almost let half of Tang City collapsed in their hands, at that time, He Meiping is still in Tang City as an assistant manager, use this to roll away a lot of money, but also want to sell Tang City!

Tangcheng can be retained also because Huo Mou Shen shot, and is Huo Mou Shen shot to fill a large amount of money after the start of the E-star project led to a large amount of money is not misappropriated, the project was delayed.

She now understands Huo Mou Shen's labor and heartache, M & R does not have Huo family resources and contacts, Huo Mou Shen for her and can not bow to the Huo family, can only work hard.

She is really a drag as Huo Dong said in his mouth!

Song Ru stares at Song Yanran's pupils, hiding poison in her smile, and slowly says: "Then sister, you hurry to fill the funding loophole, after all, Tang City has never lost money before in the hands of my mom, Tang Shi, so we can't let outsiders think that Tang City doesn't work ah."

The crowd gasped again.

When Tang shi was alive, how beautiful Tang city was, in the hands of Song Yuancheng, it was not as good as a year.

Song Yanran had been choked to the point of speechlessness.

But Song Zhu seemed to be very talkative today, "If my sister can't manage it well, I don't mind returning to my father at will and anywhere to help him manage Tang City together!"

M&R employees all know that a while ago Song Ru and An Lina made a bet to personally take away the director position from An Lina, and this time Mrs. Huo is going to personally get in Song Yanyan's face again?

Song Yanyan's brain also boomed.

She was panicked from the bottom of her heart and said: ''What if Song Zu really returns to Tang City? Will she take An Lina's position like she took hers last time?"

Song Yanran's teeth were hard, but she could only squeeze a smile from the corners of her lips, "I'll manage Tang City well, after all, this is what father personally ordered."

Song Ru smiled instead of being angry.

So what if Song Yuancheng personally ordered it? Even if the last shortfall project was covered up, even if he sent He Meiping away to put down the scandal, he still couldn't sit steadily on the seat of Tang City's chairman!

Tang City belonged to her mom, Tang Shi!

No one would ever want to take it away!

"Good, then I'll watch when my sister can lead Tang City to glory." Song Zhe shallowly hooked her lips, so angry that Song Yanran's face was green and white, she opened her lips, but half a word didn't come out of her throat.

Song Zhi was deliberately humiliating her, knowing that she was not that capable now, this deliberately let her promise, if she really can't do it, it is in front of the entire circle of high society in Hua City in disgrace.

Song Yanran stared at Song Zhi, the depths of her eyes chapped inch by inch, leaking out the slightest bit of anger, and did not respond for a long time.

Song Zhi coolly looked askance at Song Yanyan who was still silent, and softly asked, "Couldn't my sister's recent project be done?"

Song Yanran, you don't want to be in the limelight, I'll fulfill you!


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