Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 135

Song Yanyan felt the skeptical gazes of distrust cast around her and could only bite her teeth and say, "...... can."

"Then I'll wait."

After saying this, Song Ru hooked a fox-like smile out of the corner of her eye and tugged on Huo Muk Shen's arm to walk around her.

And Huo Mou Shen's lips reveal doting, allowing Song Ru to pull him away in an eye-protecting manner.

Many people secretly sigh, "So the president is afraid of his wife."

But the president is so anti-munchkin difference is simply ......MAN explosive, there are wood!

The crowd gathered their gazes on them, just before they could gather, they felt a pair of eyes as sharp as a cheetah in the dark night were sweeping towards them in a cold and ghostly manner.

They were scared and bowed their heads in unison.

It turned out that the president's gentleness was only for his wife.

Song Yanran looked at their backs as they left, and only after a long time did she return to her senses in a trance!

The pupils of her eyes glared, what had she promised.

She hadn't come to let Huo Muchen return to the Song family, how could she have been swindled in by Song Zhi.


The opening period of a small storm passed quickly, but it gave everyone a brand new understanding of Song Ru.

She wasn't stupid, and was just as shrewd and cunning as a fox.

The banquet started soon after.

Everyone listened to the host's speech and started talking to each other to socialize.

Huo Mou Shen just stood in place, looking down at Song Zhi's haughty eyes, his tone soft with a sternness in it, "In the future, less contact with Song Yanran, I don't want to see them."

He did not drive the Song family to extinction, not because his heart was soft.

And simply because the Song family still occupied Tang City.

He promised Song resignation that he would let him personally take back what belonged to him, but it didn't mean that the Song family could come and humiliate his people.

"En, I understand, after this time I get back my mom's villa and the things that belong to my mom, I'll separate my relationship with the Song family and no longer have contact with them." Song Zhe lowly said.

"En." Huo Mou Shen rubs her head with one hand, glances at the man at the head of AK's walk and raises his right eyebrow, "Mrs. Huo, behave yourself here, I'm going to go socialize."

Song Zhi nodded her head obediently, secretly stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips, saying in a low voice, "My husband is also the most handsome today."

Huo Mushen's brows soften, but only for a moment, so the onlookers can't get a glimpse.

Immediately afterward, his figure was surrounded by AK's people.

Song Zhi watched the man with stern brows and taut cheeks, casually picking up a glass of scarlet red wine from the tray and casually shaking it, listening to AK's people with his ear to the side, and then communicating with the negotiators in a fluent English and French without any obstacles.

When he raised his hand and threw his feet, he was all noble and graceful, so that people could not bear to take their eyes off.

Song Zhi went to the side of the table to pick up two pieces of cupcakes, and was about to fill her uneaten stomach.

Before she had time to swallow a bite, she heard a cold and stern rebuke from behind her, scaring her so much that she coughed out half a mouthful of cake directly to the edge of her mouth.

"Cough cough cough!"

"What a scandal!"

Song Zhi is caught off guard and turns her head to see Huo Xishen striding towards her.

There was also Ye Mei standing on his side, but Ye Mei didn't come with him, instead she rules out letting go of his arm and reluctantly retreating to her side to do other work.

"Cuddling with a man in public, do you still want to have a face? Mu Shen's face has been disgraced by you!" Huo Xishen coldly grunts.

"Huo Dong, how is me cuddling with my own husband in public shameless?" Song Zhi's complexion is slightly pause, her eyes glancing from time to time to Ye Mei who is staring at them closely not far away, lazily and in a low voice: "On the contrary, Huo Dong you are bringing not your mother but Ye Mei on such an important occasion today, and just now Ye Mei is holding your arm, why don't you tell me, comparing our two kinds, which is more disgraceful!"

Song Zhi respects Huo Xishen because he is Huo Mushan's father.

She had good manners, but she wasn't trying to put a hot face on a cold ass!

She wasn't stupid enough to send her face up to be stepped on by someone else and have to compensate with a smile!

Huo Xishen's calm and sophisticated tenacity in the mall is so easily picked apart by Song Zhi in a few words.

He glared at Song Zhi: "In the mall, you always have to bring people to the scene, Ye Mei is just an assistant beside me, what's there to misunderstand about?"

Song Zhi snickered secretly, then added: "Innocent? Huo Dong, mom also called me yesterday and said that you but slept in the study for several days, could it be that this is also all made up by me?"


Huo Xishen gets annoyed.

Song Zhi, however, casually brings a cup of warm water from the side: "Drink some water or calm down."

Huo Xishen glanced at it, but really took it, "Don't think that if you curry favor with me now, I'll agree with you!

Last time it was because Mu Shen and Mu Shen's mother were there, I didn't want to break both of their hearts, so I reluctantly agreed with you.

But Song Zhe you have to understand that a powerless invalid like you doesn't deserve to stand beside Huo Mou Shen at all!

He needs someone better!"

"Like Ye Mei?"

Song Zhe raised his eyebrows, his eyes were cold, and he disliked me nonchalantly, "In terms of looks I don't even lose to Ye Mae, nor do I lose in ability, and I'm even the daughter of the creator of Tang City, and my grandfather is even a member of the famous Tang family in Lian City, so where do you think I'm not as good as Ye Mae?

Or is it that you, as a father, like to see your own son living an unfortunate life and being dissatisfied with his marriage?"

For the first time, Huo Xishen realizes how good this dead girl Song Zhi's tongue is!

If Song Zhi had heard what Huo Xishen's inner world was saying, she would have smiled and said thank you, adding, "Thanks for the compliment, after all, if my minor is in law, my goal is to piss you off, so of course it's awesome."

"Of course I want my own son to be happily married, but definitely not with you!"

Huo Xishen raises his cup to drink, turning his cold face to Song Zhi.

As he's halfway through his drink, Song Zhi hums quietly, "Then I'll also tell you that Huo Mou Shen can only be with me, and I won't divorce in this life!

Huo Mushan also promised me that he would never allow me to divorce either!"

Song Zhu added, "I'm not doing this to please you, much less to have to gain your approval, but just want you to be less angry, in case you die of anger and can't see your own grandchildren what to do?"

"Cough cough cough ......"

Huo Xishen chokes on a mouthful of lukewarm water in his nose and throat, but again, because he's surrounded by people, he can only force himself to hold it back.

Song Zhi looks at Huo Xishen, who had just scared himself into coughing more than a few moments ago, and just says softly, "You drink slowly, see how you're in such a hurry?"

She casually pulls out a tissue and politely hands it to Huo Xishen.

Huo Xishen is impatient and directly knocks it away!

The back of Song Zhi's white hand is slapped red all of a sudden, the red marks cloth shockingly.

A wave of numbness and pain passes through, and Song Zhi coldly says, "You mustn't be angry, this is M&R and AK's celebration banquet, if you let outsiders see you in a sorry state, that would be a disgrace!"

"Song Zhi."

Huo Xishen grits his teeth, holding his old face, unable to send out any fire.


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