Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 136

"You mustn't be angry, what if you really die? I'm still worried about your body, if you collapse on M&R, people who don't know will still misunderstand my husband!"

Huo Xishen is enraged, suppressing the anger in his chest, his tone disgruntled: "Song Zhi, you're less likely to get a bargain!

Huo Mushen was late, was it because of you?

Is this kind of important occasion for you to deliberately come and fool around?"

Song Zhi could feel that intense dissatisfaction had turned into hatred.

It was true that Huo Xishen didn't like her, but to take a shot at her was another matter!

"Huo Dong, it's true that I was late because Mu Shen wanted to pick me up, so you blame me."

Huo Xishen sends out a thick cold hum from his nose: "Song Zhi, now that it's come to this, look at yourself, what have you done for Mu Shen and what stupid things have you done!

If you're late for an occasion like this, what if you leave a bad impression on AK? What are you going to take responsibility for!

This is the kind of upbringing you get from your Song family! If it wasn't for the fact that Tang Shi used ...... to set up a doll marriage back then, I would never have let Mu Shen marry you."

This was strength showing that he didn't like Song Zhi anymore.

Song Zhi was scolded and her beautiful mood was a little less beautiful.

"Huo Dong, it's true that I have no one to teach me properly since I was a child, I don't have any upbringing, why don't you come and teach me?" Song Zhi steps on his angry point and speaks, "Huo Dong's upbringing is to stuff all sorts of women around his own son, then I will definitely learn from you next time and send women around you!"

Huo Xishen tenses his jaw line, "Song Zhi, you dare to call me an eunuch nowadays because you have Huo Mou Shen to protect you, but Su Xue Ning has already come back, and her relationship with Mou Shen is much deeper than yours, so I don't think I need to tell you that you know that you'd better be able to have the last laugh!"

"Taking your good advice, I will definitely laugh until the end!"

Song Zhi looks coldly at Huo Xishen who walks towards the restroom, looks at the wasted cake in the center of the plate, and throws her fork away, completely uninterested in eating it.

She sits in the corner, bored and looking at the people in front of her.

An Lina in the shadows nervously watches Song Zhi sitting steadily still, a little anxious.

"Little Peach, didn't you say that Song Ru was already going to find General Manager AK, why isn't she moving yet?"

Xiaotao also shook her head, "Sister An, I did already have someone go and tell Song Zhi, I don't know why she hasn't moved yet?"

An Lina clenched her teeth and looked at the red wine bottle next to her, handing it to her, "You go over there and try to find a way to spill this glass of red wine on her gown to make her go to the restroom."

An Lina didn't forget what happened to Gu Qing Jia last time, she wouldn't drug her, it would leave evidence.

"Okay, Sister An."

Xiaotao walked towards Song Zhi with the red wine when she got the order.

"Director Song, I toast to you."

Song Zhi was lowering her head to think about things when there was an extra pair of black patent leather high heels in front of her, as well as an extra glass of red wine.

She slowly raised her head and looked at Zhou Xiaotao the corner of her mouth pulled up a far-fetched smile, stiffly raising her arm to her.

"I'm sorry, I don't drink lately, so there's no need to toast me."

Xiaotao furrowed her brows, furrowed her brows, and extended the red wine glass over again, "Director Song, you're new to the department, I've never had the chance to get to know you, I still need to say ...... to you."

Song Zhi's eyes saw the wine glass tilting just a little bit, the red wine pouring towards her along the transparent glass wall with a glossy finish, suddenly narrowing her eyes and jerking up at the last instant.

The direction of the red wine directly changed, all spilling onto Little Peach's gown.

Little Peach's brows tightened, but she didn't say anything to blame.

Song Zhe coldly laughed.

Zhou Xiaotao used to be An Lina's assistant, her ability was good, only her character was dead calm, she didn't talk a lot for people, she never made friends with people, and she was often bullied, not to mention coming to please her.

She did this to take it out on Annelina?

"Sorry for dirtying your clothes." Song Zhi's 'sincere' eyes couldn't find half a fault.

Xiaotao bit her lips tightly, "It's okay."

Song Zhi looked at her face stoic, not daring to give out a hint of aggression, but he didn't do anything, just said, "M&R should have spare clothes when they hold a banquet, I'll find a waiter to take you to change."

At these words, Xiaotao's eyes lit up, and her throat swallowed, "Can you trouble Director Song to take me, I ...... I'm not familiar with the people here, and I don't want to come into contact with strangers."

Listening to the poor excuse, Song Ru really nodded his head.


With that, she got up and led Xiao Tao towards the outside.

An Lina, who was hiding in the shadows and saw that she had succeeded, immediately pulled out and wrote a note, sneakily moving over to AK General Manager's side and throwing it into his pocket, followed by intentionally bumping her shoulder.

AK Mahon is being dazzled by the women around the banquet, thinking about the night a moment with which woman is good, the shoulder was suddenly bumped down, and saw the woman seemed to stuff something over, could not help but pull out to see.

I'm waiting for you in the hotel to change the spare clothes room, you can be sure to come Oh, Song rhetoric.

Song Zhi?

Ma Hong was puzzled for a moment and immediately knew which woman it was.

Thinking of the wintry look when she and Huo Mou Shen walked in, Ma Hong couldn't help but shiver a few times, and thinking of her snow-white skin and enchanting figure, he couldn't wait to hold that little demon in his arms right now!

"Let's just say that those women who are pure on the surface might be like that behind their backs! That Huo Mou Shen must also be a good-looking guy who can't satisfy his wife in bed."

Ma Hong said hello and headed out of the restaurant after he made a mental complaint.

He casually grabbed a waiter and asked for the hotel's spare clothes room, and walked straight to room 1708.

The door of the room was not closed, he quietly pushed open a doorway and saw a woman changing clothes, revealing a piece of white back, immediately transformed into a hungry wolf and pounced over.

"Baby, I'm coming!"


"Hush don't scream, I will definitely satisfy you in a while!" Ma Hong's speed of undressing is extremely fast, reaching out and hard tearing the clothes on Song Zhi's body, unzipping his pants pockets while covering her mouth, "It seems to be that Huo Mou Shen definitely didn't satisfy you!"

Xiao Tao was completely unprepared to be pressed by the man for underneath, her mouth was deadlocked, she didn't even have a chance to speak, she could only whimper and shout for help!

Song Zhi from the restroom to get the clothes back to see the door opened a crack, saw a man dead a woman pressed on the body, almost close to the last step.

Song Ru only clutched the doorknob, pursed his lips, and rushed straight in, forcefully tearing away Mahong's body and casually pulling on his clothes to cover Xiaotao's body.

"Who dares to hit Laozi!"

Ma Hong touched his ears and looked up to see Song Zhi's face that mesmerized Nana, revealing infatuation and confusion, "Song Zhi? Why are you here?"

Song Zhi pulled Xiaotao behind him and looked at Mahong with cold eyes, instantly feeling the sickening sensation of a toad crawling on the top of his foot.


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