Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 137

"I'd also like to ask what the general manager of AK is doing in the ladies' changing room compartment?" Song Zhi asked rhetorically.

Ma Hong looked at Song Zhi with a lustful look and walked towards her with the waistband of his pants, "You didn't ask me to come here, so what's the point of pretending to be innocent here!"

Song Zhi took a few steps back with her men, "I asked you to come? You also don't look at what you look like, I would ask you to come!

Did you grow up without looking in the mirror, who gave you the confidence!"

"Shit! It's your honor for me to sleep with you!" Ma Hong pulled out the note.

Song Zhe swept his eyes and said disdainfully, "My writing just can't be this ugly! I advise you better get out, or else make it all awkward!"

"Damn it, I have to sleep with you today!"

He viciously ripped off his shirt.

Xiao Tao was so scared that she hid straight behind Song Zhi, holding Song Zhi's arm tightly, watching her protect herself in front of herself, her heart was not in the right place.

Song Zhi had just told her to stay in the room, and when he saw her being bullied at the door, he obviously could have not come in to save her, but he still chose to come in at the critical moment!

Was she the one who had been doing it wrong?

Song Zhi also understands An Lina's calculations and laughs coldly, "You have to think about it, I'm Mrs. Huo! If you dare to touch me, do you think you'll still be able to walk out of Huacheng!"

Ma Hong has never been to Huacheng, and he doesn't know what kind of character Huo Muchen is, he just looks at Song Zhe's flowery little face, and can't help but swallow his saliva, his mouth getting drier and drier: "Fuck, there's no woman that Laozi can't sleep with!"

He lunged towards Song Zhi, twisted one of Song Zhi's arms, and was about to press it against the wall.

"Just in time, I haven't come to Huacheng to sleep with a woman, today I'll sleep with two at once!"

Ma Hong grabbed Xiaotao again with one hand and threw himself heavily towards the cabinet.

Song Zhi narrowed his eyes, braced himself against the wall with one hand, raised his foot, and viciously kicked him between his legs.

The force was so vicious that it almost wasted Ma Hong.

Ma Hong completely couldn't imagine that Song Ru would actually resist, twisting her arm almost to waste Song Ru.

"If I don't get you killed today, I'll write my name backwards!" Ma Hong covered the place where the pain was unbearable with one hand.

"Then I'll call you Hong Ma!"

Song Zhi clenched his teeth and kicked him hard again when he lost his concentration on kung fu.

A blow was struck!

This kick took out almost all of Song Zhi's aggression!

She vented all her anger on Mahong, and coldly looked at Mahong who could no longer be hardened.

Song Zhi swept a glance and then coldly helped Peach up, pulling over the clothes next to her.

Peach was about to bow her head and apologize when she saw that Mahong was about to pounce towards Song Zhi, and yelled in horror, "Watch out!"

She pushed Song Zhi away with one hand, and the stool on Mahong's body smashed directly onto Xiaotao, causing Xiaotao to twitch straight on the ground in pain.

Song Zhi's gaze shook, and with his backhand, he picked up another stool and smashed it directly on Mahong, "You dare to touch M&R's people on M&R's turf!"

A stool smashed down, Ma Hong lying on the ground straight grunt, even the strength to move are not.

Song Ru kicked hard a few more times, turned his head to look at Xiaotao, and squatted down to help the man put on his clothes.

"Don't cry, I'll help you get justice later." Song Zhi assured.

Xiaotao's heart was even more unsettled, nodding in shock.


Suddenly, there was a sizzling sound from outside the door.

Song Zhi got up nervously, gripped the door handle, and was about to twist it open and jump into her husband's arms when she heard people talking.

She rolled her eyes a few times.

A bunch of little bitches had arrived.

With her back pressed against the door panel, she listened to the fallout outside the door with an expressionless, dark face.

"We only saw Mrs. Huo bring someone over, followed by General Manager AK going in, and we don't know anything else."

"A man and a woman, what can two people do inside, what a disgrace!"

"I didn't expect Mrs. Huo to be an innocent on the surface, but slutty in her bones!"

"Come on, let's go take a look, maybe we can see the live version!"

The people who had just looked at Song Zhi in a bad light all stepped on one foot, and the entire corridor was filled with jealousy and calculations, and a sense of pleasure after revenge.

Huo Mou Shen walks in the front, listening to the inaudible chatter behind him, clenching his fists, popping veins, sweeping his gaze like a lynchpin before he grimaces and shouts, "Shut up!"

"Huaibei, go fetch the video, all the families that slandered Mrs. just now, all of them have stopped their cooperation with M&R." Huo Muchen slanted a glance, the corner of his lips hooking up an obscure and unknown arc, and the light of day overhead hitting the man's high nose, shearing off a shadow.


Chu Huaibei turned toward the monitoring room.

Those celebrities were dumbfounded.

Some rushed out as if they had lost their minds, but were stopped alive by the bodyguard beside Huo Mushan: "Huo Shao, did we say something wrong? You can't cut off our family business just because we said something, it's not fair to us!"

"Right, we didn't say anything wrong! Song Zhi hooking up with someone else is something we all witnessed with our own eyes!"

"We just don't deserve it for Huo Shao! Everyone here isn't better than Song Zhi, so why did Huo Shao marry her and not us!"

Lu Ziyan looks askance at the several shameless Qianjin, his heart calculating how much profit M&R will make in the next while.

Huo Mou Shen eyebrows flooded with ghostly coldness, ghostly in the crowd swept through, slowly retracted his gaze, long black eyelashes hanging cover, his deep black eyes in the emotions, then all hidden cover in his two thick screen.

"Want to know?"

He sneered.

"Yes, we want to know!"

"Song Zhi is in there cheating with someone else, if not, Huo Shao can do whatever he wants with us!"

They all think that they've already been offended anyway, so as long as they pull Song Zhi down, they'll have a chance to get close to Huo Mou Shen.

Huo Moushen's eyes are temperatureless, looking at them with a smile or not, one word at a time, words like knives: "How about my wife, it's not the turn of others to say one more word!"

"Who dares to say one more word, I guarantee she will see the sun of Huacheng for the last time!"

In an instant, the corridor was quiet, like a tightly woven net that strangled everyone's breath.

Song Zhi pressed against the door panel, her fist dead against her heart, holding down her wildly beating heart, her face couldn't stop burning and burning because of the excitement in her chest as she pressed down, her body bubbling with pink bubbles.

She couldn't help tugging up the corners of her lips at the thought of Huo Mou Shen, murmuring, "Huo Mou Shen ......"

Huo Moushen stands in the doorway, his thin two-piece lips cold and taut as he raises his eyebrows and orders, "Open the door."

As soon as the words fall, the door opens with a 'click'.

A delicate figure jumped directly into her arms, jumping onto the man in front of everyone.


The delicate and soft voice was as crisp as a lark.

The crowd froze.

Especially those few celebrities just now, they all felt a fiery pain in their cheeks, as if Song Zhi had directly slapped them twice!

She preemptively glanced towards the gloating AK head for a few moments, then immediately gathered her sight back to her own husband, "Hubby, the AK general manager didn't seem too honest, trying to make a move on the female employees under me, so I got mad at him and beat him up!"

She wasn't wrong in saying this!

Who made him unable to control his lower body and had to jump into the trap that Annelina had designed for her!


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