Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 138

Song Zhu's mind spun thoughts quickly with a sneer, "This is M&R's place, AK is such a bully!"

The nonchalant voice made Mahone's teeth itch to hear it.

He braced his bulky body and crawled to the door, his eyes scarlet as he glared at Song Zhi, "You're the one who seduced me and told me to come, so don't fall back on me here!"

A note was ripped out and lit up in front of the crowd.

The crowd gasped in shock.

Song Zhi obediently climbed down from Huo Mou Shen and scorned, "Don't you slander me, this is not my handwriting at all! The crime of slandering Mrs. Huo is not small."

Ma Hong wrinkled his eyebrows and was speechless.

But one person in the crowd suddenly rushed out and ran to Xiaotao's side: "Xiaotao, what's going on with you!"

"How did you get ......" An Lina purposely said halfway through the sentence, darkly referring to, "If you weren't brought here by Mrs. Huo, how did you end up here?"

Xiaotao's gaze froze for two seconds before she looked up at Anriana who was 'good' for her.

An Lina, however, treats it as if she can't see it and pours all the dirty water on Song Zhi: "Did Mrs. Huo let you come over or did you see something? Everyone is here, so speak quickly and no one will threaten you."

Xiaotao's lips quirked twice.

Ma Hong also immediately seizes the opportunity, then she continues, gritting her teeth, "Song Zhi you seduced me and relied on me not to leave, things were discovered and now you don't dare to admit it! If you hadn't sent me to the door for me to play, I wouldn't even be able to look at you!"

Song Ru 'snapped' and clapped her hands, and in the next second, she stepped on her high heels and kicked again in front of the crowd.


Accompanied by a miserable scream, Song Zhi only thought it wasn't enough to deflate, pulling up her voice to taunt: "Are you blind or do you have no eyes at all, you don't see how many times stronger my husband is than you!

I seduced you, do you have evidence!

A note, why don't you get someone to examine the handwriting and see who actually wrote it!"

Ma Hong clutched his arms in pain and roared breathlessly, "Then it's also you M&R people who seduced me!"

Song Ru raised his eyebrows and said nothing, coldly watching Mahong make a fool of himself.

If the note verified that it was written by An Lina, Song Ru thought that this tumor could be kicked out of M&R completely!

But it would disgrace M&R!

So angry so angry!

Huo Mou Shen looks at Song Ru with a knowing look in his eyes and orders in a low voice, "Huaibei, block off the entire building and find out who the note actually belongs to!"

"Once we find out, M&R is determined not to let it go!"

An Lina's heart trembled at the tip of her heart as she listened, her teeth itching with hatred as she belabored, "How could Song Ru ......"

She swept her afterglow just in time to meet Song Zhi's smiling eyes, clenched her fists, and suddenly came to a realization!

Song Zhi had long known that the person who wrote the note was her, had long known her plan, so everything was a ploy set up by her!

Song Zhi glares back provocatively.

She leaned her spine tightly in front of Huo Mou Shen's chest, arrogantly putting on a 'I have a husband who I'm afraid of' look!

"Xiaotao, why don't you tell us what's going on?"

Song Zhe asked, not forcing the issue.

She gently reminded, "You have to realize, Little Peach, that everyone is here! The person behind you is just trying to make you take the fall, if she really did it for your own good, it's not like she had to bring so many people here?"

Peach: "......"

An Lina was inexplicably panicked in her heart, she looked at the hesitant Little Peach and said with a few hints of gnashing of teeth, "Little Peach, you mustn't be threatened, if there's anything hard to tell you tell everyone, don't be threatened!"

Xiaotao looks up, finally clenches her teeth, and finally rolls a string of words from her throat, her voice choked and apologetic, "It's not Mrs. Huo! No one threatened me, it was me and Sister An who did it.

I thought that Mrs. Huo had taken Sister An's position, so I deliberately tried to make a fool out of Song Zhi with Sister An, sprinkling red wine on her clothes to make a fool out of her, and I didn't expect ......"

Before she could finish her sentence, she was wildly slapped by An Lina, her head was directly slapped to the side and blood spilled from the corner of her lips.

An Lina was completely unable to imagine that Xiao Tao had been turned: "What nonsense are you talking about! When did I design with you to frame Song Zhi!"

Xiaotao's cheeks burned with pain, she covered half of her cheeks, the corner of her mouth tugged, "Sister An, things have been exposed, let's just admit it.

Mrs. Huo is not as bad as you think, I was just almost ...... saved by Mrs. Huo!"

She sobbed lowly, her eyes looked at Song Zhi with apologies, and her wooden look had a crack, "Mrs. Huo is suitable for the director position, Sister An you ......"

"You shut up!"

An Lina roared, looking at Song Zhi with a face of indignation.

"After all this, An Lina you still refuse to admit that you set me up?" Song Zhi slowly hooked her lips, looking down at the wretched An Lina with contempt, "You used Xiao Tao to try to make me make a fool of myself at the banquet! In such an important occasion, me making a fool of myself means M&R making a fool of themselves, what do you want M&R to do! Or is it that you yourself have a problem with M&R?"

As soon as the words fell, the atmosphere instantly froze.

An Lina's lips whitened and bit down dead: "It's you! Song Ru, you and Zhou Xiaotao worked together to set me up! You just don't like me being in M&R, targeting me at every turn, hating for me to leave M&R! All of this is a scheme set up by you!"

"What am I setting you up for? Why don't you let people see which bit of you is worth framing!" Song Zhe asked rhetorically.

The crowd looked at An Lina wearing the clothes of a hotel cleaner and also immediately understood that all of this was just a means to frame Song Ru.

Song Zhi didn't mind stepping on An Lina's face a little more, "An Lina, you were willing to lose your last bet, but you're harboring a grudge, and M&R's rules don't allow work and personal matters to be mixed up!"

An Lina still wanted to say a few more words, but was pulled by Xiao Tao's wrist, "Sister An, don't be sophomoric! We were wrong about this matter, we misjudged Mrs. Huo."

"Piss off!

You wolf-hearted thing, thanks to me usually treating you so well, you actually set me up with Song Zhi!"

An Lina shook off her wrist in one fell swoop and said fiercely.

After a few seconds' pause, she suddenly gets up from the ground and rushes towards Song Zhi, roaring loudly, "Song Zhi, what are you capable of, you're just relying on that face to seduce Huo Shao!

If it wasn't for that face of yours, Yanyan should be Mrs. Huo, and you'd have to get out of the Huo family sooner or later!"

After saying that, she suddenly pulls out to knife from behind her back, biting cold light flashes in her eyes for a split second, her mouth cries out sinisterly, "I'm going to ruin this face of yours today, let's see what you're going to use to seduce Huo Shao!"

The dagger flew towards Song Zhi for a split second, Song Zhi's waist was rolled up by a long arm, and the whole person fell into the embrace unawares.

The man hugged her and took a big step backwards, his warm palms clasping her eyes.

Song Zhi was suddenly plunged into darkness, unable to hear anything.

All that could be heard by her ears was the sound of screams over and over again.

Until the screams were weaker than one, the surrounding gradually returned to calm ......


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