Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 139

Song Zhi's light eyelashes fluttered, and there were a few moments of curiosity about what would happen to Annelina.

Huo Mou Shen feels the eyelashes as a small fan gently sweeping her palm, tickling it.

He looked down at Song Zhi, his eyes deep and cold, slowly lifting the clasped palm a crack, slightly bending over, his thin lips pressed against the side of her ear, hot breath spitting out from his hot thin lips, "Want to see?"

Song Zhi nodded with a beautiful mood.

The corner of Huo Mushen's eyes flashed with a touch of doting, holding her shoulders to make her stand firm before withdrawing his palm.

In just a few seconds, Song Zhi sees the light again.

What enters is a horrified scene.

An Lina fell to the ground in a state of disarray, unable to utter even a single word, her body curling up and shaking a few times from time to time.

Lu Ziyan was wiping his hands with a paper towel next to him, his eyes swept over with grim contempt and disdain: "Just like you, you still want to hurt Mrs. Huo?"


The crowd all looked at the Huacheng Lu Duke in horror, completely looking at him as if he was a devil, and from time to time, they also surveyed Huo Mushan, who was protecting Song Zhi, who was looking at all of this with a cold face and absolutely no sympathy whatsoever.

It was horrible!

Lu Zi Yan saw through everyone's mind, the corner of his lips drew up an evil arc, and said in a gangly manner, "What are you all looking at, you haven't seen my old man beat up a woman!

Don't think that I don't beat women just because I pity them!

This is what happens when you mess with our M&R's!"

An Lina was panting and lying on the ground, her arms, shoulders and abdomen had been severely 'repaired' by Lu Ziyan, her bones hurt so much that she couldn't even lift herself up.

Huo Mu Shen a pair of long legs such as pine stone stood there, the body taut more straight, eyes sharp as a blade, grim opening: "Dismissed people M & R, never allowed to enter the M & R, dragged away."

Lu Zi Yan favored his eyes, disdainfully hooking up his lips, as if he had seen something dirty: "Drag the person away, according to M & R's means of follow-up treatment."

M&R rarely fired employees, but once fired by M&R it meant being shed by the entire business circle.

An Lina simply didn't know how to die and ran into Mrs. Huo's gun!

Just a moment ago, the proud and arrogant celebrities were all downcast, a small face with exquisite makeup was scared to spend their makeup, they saw what happened to Anlena, their necks were chilled, their bodies were so cold, their legs were trembling.

They felt that what happened to Annelina was what happened to them!

Before they could beg for mercy, the two black-clothed bodyguards were well-trained and rushed forward to drag the defeated Anneliese outside.

Annelina, who had been hanging her head low, suddenly and unwillingly rushed to look in one direction in the crowd, "Yanyan, save me ...... I don't want to be ...... oooh... ..."

The bodyguard directly covered her mouth.

For a while many people flung their furtive gazes at Song Yanyan.

Suddenly surrounded by people, Song Yanran's face blood color all faded away, cold sweat dampened the gown that was tightly attached to her spine, a pair of eyes darted about, not knowing what to do.

She cursed in her heart: ''Waste, An Lina this waste! To actually say her name at the critical moment!"

Song Zhi's delicate makeup was covered with cold as ice frost, and she gave a mocking cry, "Sister, Annelina is calling you?"

It was true that one was not afraid of god-like opponents, but afraid of pig-like teammates!

Song Yanran's heart was now completely broken to the extreme, right?

"Xiao Ru, outsiders can't see it, but you still can't see that this is someone with a heart stirring up trouble between our sisters, they just can't see us being good!" Song Yanran's fake smile was practiced like fire and pure emotion, within just a few seconds her face calmed down, squeezing out a few threads of redness, and explaining towards her in a generous manner.

Song Ru looked at her and laughed lightly, her smile not reaching the bottom of her eyes, "Oh, what sister said."

Song Yanran breathed a sigh of relief, hearing that Song Zhi no longer pressed the issue, she actually felt a few moments of gratitude!

Damn it, she was actually afraid of Song Zhi!

What did Song Zhe have to be afraid of!

Song Yanran's eyes flashed with chagrin, regaining the arrogance of the Song family's eldest lady, she held her head high: "Xiao Ru, although there was a bump between our sisters but just now, at a glance, she intentionally shouted out my name."

Song Ru smacked her lips in her heart, itching to immediately present Song Yanran with the trophy for best movie queen!

"I didn't blame my sister, sister you don't need to be so anxious to explain, save everyone because you're being 'here to stay'?" Song Ru casually said.

Song Yanran was dumbfounded, unable to refute, and could only retreat to the side with a pale face.

After settling An Lina, Song Zhi asked the bodyguard to call the hotel's standby doctor to carry Little Peach away for medical attention.

As she was on her way out, Song Zhi carefully wiped the blood from the corner of her lips and said softly, "Wait, I'll avenge you!"

Behind them, the M&R staff had pink bubbles in their eyes and little stars!

Holy shit!


Mrs. President's posture of standing up for someone is handsome!

They didn't want to be protected either!

Huo Mou Shen furrowed his brows, his tall and straight body blocking the crowd's gaze, his eyes clearly writing, "My wife is mine, if you look again, I'll gouge your eyes out!"

The crowd splendidly bowed their heads.

Song Zhi raised her head again, as the saying goes, "It's good to lean on a big tree to get a cool ride!"

Her goal was to hold on to her husband's golden thigh and walk up to the peak of her life!

Song Zhi sweetly turned around, very happy to have solved a tumor!


"En, wife."

Sour sour sour.

Everyone present was lemon fine!

Huo Mou Shen naturally held her small hand, no longer just cold and sluggish, surprisingly gentle voice: "Scared or not?"

"No, it's just that my hand hurts a little, you don't even know how thick Mahong's cheeks are, pumping my hand hurts!"

AK: "......"

Crowd: "......?!"

Mahong falls to the ground and directly gasps when he hears such words!

Huo Mou Shen's slender fingertips tenderly rubbed her small hand, rubbing it delicately, "But it's just that you didn't see you for a while, and you let people bully you, I'll take you back to get your medicine."

The crowd smacked their lips, I'm afraid the one being bullied is the half-dead Mahong on the ground!

Big brother doesn't even need to open his eyes when he favors his wife!

Because big brother only has his wife in his eyes!

Song Ru ignores and nods hard, a little birdie following Huo Mu Shen around, her little eyes shining brightly.

"Good boy, next time this kind of person doesn't need to do it personally, it will be dirty." The man assiduously seduces, his voice carrying compulsion, "I'll give you a dozen bodyguards, whoever dares to mess with Mrs. Huo, let them do it!"

A dozen?

Song Zhi was so happy that she was about to go up to the sky!

She imagines that as soon as she leaves the house, there are a dozen black-suited bodyguards, surrounding her in the center, then she's probably going to go to heaven!

"Thank you hubby~"

Song Zhi's voice was low and soft, making one's bones crunchy to hear.

Huo Mu Shen's muscles are all taut, his strong arms only want to pick up Song Zhi and run straight upstairs to hold her down!

Let her seduce him in front of everyone!

"You're welcome."

Huo Mushen wraps his arms around Song Zhe, his footsteps are a bit hurried, and when he turns around to leave, he's stopped in his tracks by AK's people.

"Mr. Huo."


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