Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 140

"Get out of the way!"

The man was impatient at being disturbed and directly threw two words!

The person in charge of AK gulps, glances at Mahon on the ground who has been kicked by Song Zhi to the point where he only has one breath left, frowns, his voice full of dissatisfaction, "Mr. Huo, this matter also needs to give our AK an explanation! Your M&R's female employee ...... didn't know how to behave and seduced our AK's general manager."

This is clearly denigrating M&R!

Huo Mou Shen exudes a cold breath, his pupils brimming with a silky snap of treacherous light, his voice devoid of temperature: "Then what do you want?"

The handsome man's face is gloomy, and he stares at the person in charge, directly cutting off the crowd's breath.

The person in charge felt his voice was like cold water scooped up from hell, being poured from head to toe, his aura immediately shortened, even the questioning began to tremble, "Treatment for Manager Ma, and ...... due to your credibility, AK has to reconsider the issue of profit sharing. "

Silence for a few seconds.

The air exuded a bizarrely stifled atmosphere.

Huo Moushen just stood there, his brows languid, his slender fingertips gently pinching her waist polyps, "How do you guys want to consider the profit issue?"

The person in charge looked at Huo Mou Shen, a few greedy eyes, "Of course it is a five percent percentage point setback, and we ......"

He paused, seemingly thinking of something, and lionized him, "And we're going to take away the talent from the last time M&R designed the E-Star project."

Song Zhu frowned her pretty eyebrows, still want to take her away?

Just as she was about to step forward, Huo Mou Shen's long arm tightened a touch of strength, wrapping tightly around her small waist to soothe her disgruntled and anxious heart.

"Mr. Huo, we AK open M & R overseas market, the requirement is that M & R can not have gossip, affecting our development in Huacheng, now look ...... again M & R is not as good as imagined reputation, M & R is in breach of contract."

The person in charge said triumphantly.

Huo Mou Shen pupils like a spilled ink stone, voice cool, "You want to take away the designer?"


The person in charge emphasizes again, completely failing to notice Huo Moushen's gloomy face.

"Then it looks like you want to take away my wife?"


They didn't expect to take away Mrs. Huo!

He wasn't blind, he could see how much Huo Mou Shen treasured Song Zhi, just as if he was protecting his eyeballs.

Someone on the side kindly reminded, "AK's people can't be stupid, right. the logo is designed by Mrs. Huo herself, actually grabbing someone else's wife from Huo's hands, isn't this going to send her to her death?"

I'll be damned!

Why didn't you guys tell me earlier?

The person in charge hears the 'kind reminder' and draws in a breath of cold air, "Huo Shao, you're mistaken, we're not trying to take Mrs. Huo."


Huo Mushen laughs coldly, a sly, creepy smile.

"Huo Shao." The person in charge's aura is about to be slapped to the eighteenth layer of hell, cold sweat seeping out of the corners of his forehead, his voice slightly choked, "We only need three percent of the profits to be enough."

The corner of Huo Mo Shen's lips hooked up in a smile that seemed like a smirk, the subtle movement causing his entire being to fall into the shadows.

"Huo Shao, you have to know that there are more than just M&R in Huacheng who want to do smart projects with AK, there's also the Yan family who's been entrenched for years, we chose M&R because of M&R's influence in Huacheng, but today's events must give us an explanation!"

The person in charge said.

"Give you what explanation!"

Song Ru just didn't want to see their faces!

M&R was her husband's!

No one could touch it!

She had known that AK's people were no good, or else in her previous life, she wouldn't have let Huo Mou Shen work all night and all day.

She clenches her fists and asks back in a cold voice, "Who told you that our M&R employee seduced your AK people?"

The person in charge jawed, "That note, it wasn't written by your M & R's female employee!"

"What evidence do you have to prove that?" Song Zhe lied without changing her face.

Even if she knew the truth of the matter, she didn't mind telling a few more lies, "Your AK's manager Ma made a move on our female employee on our M&R's turf, and M&R wanted to let you go, so that we can all make peace and make money, but who knows that you guys don't know what's good for you, and you're aggressive!"

"Mrs. Huo, don't try to cover up the facts!"

"What facts am I covering up? If you don't believe me, just go look at the CCTV, did my employee drive or pull him?" Song Zhi questioned in a cold voice.

"Mrs. Huo, that note is the best evidence, don't you dare try to deny it!"

"I think it's you who are trying to frame us!" Song Zhi crossed over the shoulder of the AK manager and saw the bodyguard who came back from checking the note, and her voice had an unquestionable forcefulness, "Do you think our M&R will have a female employee who writes such a note!"

The bodyguard just came back completely confused, but hearing Mrs. Huo's tone, he intuitively said, "No. I just checked it! Huo Shao, I just checked the handwriting and didn't find a font that corresponds to M&R, this note is not from M&R!"

"How is that possible!"

The person in charge questioned sheepishly.

It was so hard for them to find a breakthrough for M&R, and they wanted AK to make more profit, so how could they let this opportunity go so easily!

"I think it's you AK people who can't control yourselves to provoke us!" Song Zhi coldly questioned, leaning on her husband, the bottom line is even more full of opening, "As far as I know, Ma Hong was originally a colorful person, he saw the color, but also wanted to move against me! I haven't even sued him for attempted j-rape, and you guys want to hit me back?"

The person in charge was dumbfounded by Song Zhi's barrage of words, and only felt that this woman was so difficult to deal with.

Seeing that he was being questioned, his face was green and white, and he couldn't take his anger out, his heart was bursting with pain, and he pursued the attack, "Now that M&R is going to prosecute AK for this offense, I believe that AK's reputation overseas will be in tatters as well!

As far as I know, in overseas not only AK a do this project, LE is also doing, you see M & R long-lasting performance, through the M & R to open up the market, to achieve a win-win situation, but you do not forget M & R without you can, you do not have M & R ...... not!"

The person in charge was poked and prodded.

They did think that M & R did not know how the overseas market is the situation, did not think that Song resigned to all point broken, everything is torn face, immediately does not look good.

Song Ru also did not want to destroy the E-star project cooperation, after all, this is Huo Mou Shen to pay exponentially more effort.

She just snuggled in Huo Mou Shen's arms, pouting and aggrieved, and rolled up her sleeves to reveal the heavy bruises on her fair arms, the last bruises are still not good, and just now was Mahon grabbed his arm several times, obviously even more serious, and it was shocking to see.

Huo Mu Shen's eyes are completely shady to the extreme, his voice is also cold to the extreme, and he lowly roars, "How did you get it!"

Song Zhi, as if changing face, hardened and squeezed out two tears from the corner of his eyes, "Ma Hong pinched, he pushed me when I saved him! Hubby, I had thought that the two families were cooperating, and even if I had any grievances, I could only suffer, but M&R's people are really bullying too much!"

In an instant, the temperature plummeted and the air was suffocated to the extreme.

The corners of Huo Mu Shen's thin lips pursed into a straight line, taut.

He closes his eyes, then opens them again, abruptly erupting with ten thousand daggers, obliquely hooking his lips, "It seems that AK doesn't want to work together, M&R will withdraw their funding, all the content will be withdrawn back!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

Two figures came from different directions, one from AK and one from Huo Xishen!

Song Zhi was also startled!

Her small hand scratched Huo Mushan's palm and looked at him pitifully, as if she had been a little milk cat pleasing her master.



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