Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 91

Zhu Yongfeng was already furious!

  He had lived most of his life and had never been so insulted!

  At his own son's funeral, the murderer had come to offer condolences with two large red wreaths!

  This was clearly rubbing his Zhu family's face on the ground!

  "How dare you!" Zhu Yongfeng was so furious that his body trembled tremendously, "I'll make sure you're buried with my son!!!"

  Han Baoren looked at Zhu Yongfeng, whose whiskers were all agape, and stepped out of the crowd, addressing Ning Tianlang:

  "Kid, I don't care what kind of grudge you have against the Zhu Family, but this is a funeral, so I'd advise you not to disturb the deceased."

  Ning Tianlang glanced at him, "Old Monster Han of the Seven Old Monsters? This matter has nothing to do with you. I also advise you not to wade into this mess!"

  After saying that, he ignored Han Bao Ren's face that had turned iron blue, flicked up three incense sticks from the incense case, and single-handedly inserted them into the incense burner in front of the coffin.

  "Zhu Yingyi, you died a miserable death in this life. Remember, in your next life, reincarnate in the home of someone who has no sins, so that you won't die young!"


  Hearing his words of worship, Zhu Yongfeng directly suffocated his chest and a mouthful of blood spurted out furiously!

  He was unexpectedly spat out blood in anger!


  Zhu Yingjie hurriedly assisted the staggering Zhu Yongfeng and looked at Ning Tianlang with eyes full of hatred:

  "You single-handedly took incense and spoke out of turn! It is a great disrespect to the deceased!"

  The guests next to him also spoke out in condemnation:

  "Yes, this is the Third Young Master's funeral, why is this person so rude?"

  "The deceased is the greatest, even if there is a great grudge, he, a junior, shouldn't be so rampant!"

  In the midst of the discussion, a man in a black suit crossed the crowd and pointed at Ning Tianlang's nose and cursed:

  "Little brat, do you hear me! You've already incurred the wrath of the crowd! If you don't want to die, hurry the fuck up and kneel down and kowtow to the Zhu Family Master to make amends!"

  His name was Wu Shanglong, he was the deputy director of one of the subsidiaries of the Zhu Clan.

  At this moment, when he saw that someone was acting wild in front of his master, he immediately barked and rushed out.

  He patted his chest and said to Zhu Yongfeng and Zhu Yingjie, "Family master and eldest young man, you two don't worry, I'll handle this person!"

  With that, he took another step forward and stood less than two arm's length away from Ning Tian Lang, cursing, "You little yakuza born of a mother but not raised by a mother, you actually dared to spill your guts at Zhu San Shao's funeral, you're simply lawless! If you don't kowtow and apologize to the Zhu Family Master, believe it or not, your entire family will not be allowed to die!"

  In an instant!

  Ning Tianlang's eyes suddenly turned ice-cold!

  As if sealed with a layer of piercing frost!

  "You say what you just said, say it again!"

  In this short sentence, killing intent surged!!!

  Wu Shanglong was frightened by his eyes and trembled, but he still forced his neck and colorfully said:

  "What's the matter, are you deaf? You listen well to me! If you don't want your family to be broken, then fucking hurry up and kowtow and apologize to the family master and young master!"

  "Heh heh heh ......"

  Ning Tianlang suddenly laughed out coldly.

  Looking at Ning Tianlang's devil-like icy smile, Wu Shanglong got goosebumps all over his body!

  He subconsciously took two steps back and said in a dry voice, "What are you ...... laughing at?"

  "I'm laughing at you for saying it late." There wasn't a trace of emotion on Ning Tianlang's face, and the way he looked at Wu Shanglong was like he was looking at a dead man...

  "This threat of yours has no effect on me! I, long ago, had my family broken up!"

  Wu Shanglong was slightly stunned and immediately snorted, "Crap, I thought you were such a bullish character! Dare I say that you are really a fucking orphan! I'll tell you, if you ......"

  His words were just in the middle of his sentence when he stopped violently!


  Wu Shanglong gulped hard and his face was instantly bloodless!

  At this moment!

  A qsz92 semi-automatic pistol, is dead on top of his forehead!

  The cold muzzle of the gun, as if from the valley of hell, so that his body hairs are standing up!

  In an instant, the entire condolence hall was silent!

  Those who were still speaking out to condemn Ning Tianlang just now all shut their mouths in horror!

  Wu Shanglong's two pale lips kept trembling, "This ...... this is ......"

  "This is a gun, never seen one before?" Ning Tianlang's cold and piercing voice came out ghostly.

  "As long as I pull the trigger, your head will instantly explode like a watermelon!"


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