Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 92

Wu Shanglong s two short legs were like having their bones taken away, and they were soft and shaking.

  "Big, big brother, you ...... don t shoot, let s have a good talk ......"

  "Speak properly?" Ning Tianlang's eyes are cold, "You want to talk to me properly now, isn't it a little too late?!"

  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...... I apologize to you ......"

  Wu Shanglong was stiff, not daring to move a muscle!

  Ning Tianlang pointed the muzzle of his gun at his forehead, "Kneel down!"

  A roar!

  The sound shook the sky and the earth!


  Wu Shanglong's legs went limp and he fell straight to his knees!

  Kneeling towards Ning Tianlang was like pounding garlic!

  "I'm wrong ...... I'll kowtow to you ...... I beg you to spare me ......"

  Seeing this scene, everyone in the surroundings were silenced, not even daring to utter more than a single breath!

  Zhu Yongfeng's face was already ugly to the extreme: "Surname Ning! How dare you openly hold a gun at my son's funeral! It's simply too unbridled!"

  "Indiscreet?" Ning Tianlang shook his neck twice and smiled coldly, "I haven't even killed anyone yet, can I be considered wanton?!"

  "You still want to kill people?" Zhu Yingjie shouted loudly and explosively, "Don't think that just because you have Wang Sanheng as your backer that you can ignore the law! You really dare to kill someone!"

  Upon hearing this, Wu Shanglong was about to cry.

  This is not a fucking look at the funeral is not afraid of funeral big?

  Dare I say that the person under the gun right now is not him, Zhu Yingjie!

  Ning Tianlang looked at Wu Shanglong condescendingly, "Your master asked me to try to kill you."

  "No ...... don't ah ......" Wu Shanglong was scared out of his wits, "I really know I'm wrong, you mustn't shoot ......"

  Ning Tianlang shook his head, "Unfortunately, the moment you cursed my entire family not to die, your fate was already sealed!"

  "I was wrong! I was really wrong!!!"

  Wu Shanglong only felt that the sky was collapsing as if the ground was falling, and both of his eyes went black!

  He was going crazy with regret!

  Regretting why he had just verbally abused the other party?


  He vigorously slapped himself.

  "It's all because of this shitty mouth of mine! Blame it on this foul mouth of mine!"

  It was only at this moment that he truly realized what it meant for trouble to come out of his mouth!

  "Regret?" Ning Tian Lang looked at him coldly, "I have a regret pill you want to take?"

  "To ......"

  Wu Shanglong had just uttered a single word when he snapped his mouth shut! He suddenly reacted. There was another layer of meaning in Ning Tianlang's words!

  "DAP Type 92 9mm pistol rounds, take one and you can go straight to your next life and start over!"

  Accompanied by a voice that was cold to the bone, Ning Tianlang's finger, which was placed on the trigger, moved slightly!

  At this instant--

  Wu Shanglong's pupils violently shrunk to the size of a pinpoint, and his face twisted together in horror, "Don't ......"

  Zhu Yongfeng and Zhu Yingjie's eyes rounded at the same time as they hissed violently, "How dare you!!!"

  Han Bao Ren's face changed drastically as he touched his hand to his back waist!


  None of this stopped the flow of time!


  A gunshot rang out!

  Wu Shanglong leaned back with a loud bang and fell to the ground!

  His eyes were wide open, filled with despair and panic!

  At the same time!


  A thunderclap outside the window resounded!

  "Wow wow wow wow ......"

  Heavy rain poured down, stirring up a smoky haze.

  Various sounds gathered, composing a symphonic eulogy!

  Under the reflection of the lightning, Ning Tianlang's angular face was like a messenger of the Nine Specters, sending shivers down one's spine!

  Wu Shanglong died!

  His skull exploded and he was killed with a single shot!

  All the surrounding guests were scared out of their wits!

  Shivering, they huddled together like a group of frightened lambs!

  "You ...... you actually dare to kill ......"

  Zhu Yongfeng's face was gray and pale, trembling as he pointed at Ning Tianlang, his feet stumbling!

  If it wasn't for Zhu Yingjie supporting him, he wouldn't even be able to stand!

  "Deceitful ...... Deceitful ......" He looked toward Han Bao Ren and hissed, "Boss Han! I'm relying on you today!"

  At this time, Han Bao Ren was holding an old style pistol tightly in both hands, his face extremely tense!

  He swallowed his saliva and yelled at Ning Tian Lang, "I have a gun too! If you dare to move again, believe it or not, I'll shoot you!"

  With that, he waved his hand to the side and bellowed, "Brothers! Surround him for me!"

  With a command, twenty or so strong men with hideous muscles instantly surged out from the side, standing not far from Ning Tianlang, vaguely forming an encircling situation!

  For a moment, the originally quiet and solemn condolence hall was suddenly in a state of dry turmoil!

  Sword drawn!


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