Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 93

Under the gloomy sky, the sound of Buddhist scriptures was incessant.

  Next to the coffin in the hall, there were two brightly colored red rose wreaths.

  The original sorrowful and solemn condolence hall was filled with ruthless fighters who did not match the atmosphere at all.

  Such a weird scene was like a nightmare!

  Ning Tianlang smiled coldly and said disdainfully to Han Bao Ren:

  "Boss Han, do you think this trash gun you saved from the black market can shoot faster than my pistol? Or do you think you can beat me with these twenty or so reckless people?"

  Han Bao Ren's face changed again and again, three times more gloomy than the sky outside the window!

  Ning Tianlang's gun was the latest military pistol!

  It definitely wasn't comparable to this piece of broken brass in his hand!

  "Kid! Even if this gun of mine is rotten, it's still not something your flesh and blood can resist! If you don't want to die, surrender immediately!"

  "Heh heh heh ......"

  Ning Tianlang directly laughed out loud.

  "I can accurately shatter your heavenly aura within 0.01 seconds! Are you sure you can kill me before then?!"

  Comparing the speed and accuracy of shooting with the Kunlun War God?

  It was simply asking for death!!!

  "You ......"

  Sticky sweat was clutched in Han Boren's hands that were holding the gun.

  Both arms were also trembling slightly as if they were filled with lead.

  "You don't dare to shoot!"

  Ning Tianlang's voice was indifferent and ice-cold, directly poking through Han Baoren's false momentum!

  He had been in the military for ten years, what kind of people hadn't he seen on the battlefield?

  There were women and children who seemed harmless, but in the next second they could make a suicidal impact strapped with explosives!

  There were recruits and reckless men who looked vicious and scary, but they were shivering with their guns held up and just didn't dare to pull the trigger!

  Han Baoren belongs to the latter!

  He has killed people with his fists, with a knife ...... and with various methods!

  But has never fired a gun!

  After all, in the Daxia Empire this territory, using fists to kill people and using a gun to kill people's nature is completely different!

  Han Baoren also did not dare to touch this mold!

  The reason he carried this antique gun with him was to hold up a bluff!

  "Tick, tick, tick ......"

  The entire condolence hall was terribly quiet!

  Only the clock hanging on the wall made the tiny sound of the hands moving.

  A minute passed, and Han Bao Ren was still holding his gun like a statue, confronting Ning Tian Lang from a distance.

  The finger placed on the trigger didn't dare to move the slightest bit at all!

  "I don't have time to accompany you here!" Ning Tianlang's icy voice broke the terrifying silence.

  He swept his eyes over the people present, "Since Boss Han won't shoot, then I, Ning, will have to ask everyone present! What did you all just say? The dead are the greatest?"

  Wherever his eyes looked, all of them lowered their heads!

  No one dared to meet his murderous eyes!

  "Zhu Yingyi, the third youngest member of the Zhu Family! This coffin he's lying in, at the very least, it must be over six figures, right?!"

  Ning Tianlang shouted angrily!

  Then, pointing to the luxurious and high-grade decoration of the condolence hall, "And then look at where this sacrifice of his is located! It's the highest-end Enci Hall in Qing'an City!"


  His voice was filled with grief!

  "But there are still people who don't even have a thin coffin! Lying alone at the foot of the mountain for seventeen whole years!"

  "Blown by the wind and drenched by the rain! No one to pay their respects!"

  "Now you're talking to me about the deceased?"

  Filled with grief and anger, he violently raised his leg and kicked at Wu Shanglong's corpse at his feet!


  In the gazes of everyone who were horrified to the core, Wu Shanglong's corpse was kicked into mid-air by him and flew directly towards Zhu Yingyi's coffin at a rapid pace!


  A loud sound boomed out, filling the seat with horror!

  Wu Shanglong's corpse slammed hard onto Zhu Yingyi's coffin!

  That highly customized and luxurious coffin shattered inch by inch as if it was made of papier-mâché!

  Pieces of yellow sandalwood debris crumbled and splattered as if they had been blasted by explosives!


  The coffin scattered in all directions!

  Revealing Zhu Yingyi's peaceful remains with his eyes closed.

  No, no longer peaceful!

  Struck by an external force, he fell from the coffin to the ground!

  His clothes were disheveled and his limbs were twisted!


  Everyone sucked in a breath of cool air!

  Breaking the coffin during a condolence ceremony, startling the souls of the dead!

  This kind of action was simply shocking!

  The guests backed away, all eager to retreat to the door so as to avoid this obscure scene!

  However, Ning Tianlang stood there, standing tall!

  Not a single person dared to make a slight move in front of him!


  Zhu Yongfeng's eyes were wide with rage, and his body trembled tremendously!

  There was a blackout in front of his eyes, and he almost wanted to faint!

  "Boss Han!" Zhu Yingjie hissed as he supported Zhu Yongfeng, "Kill him! Kill him!!!"


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