Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 94

Han Boren had been stunned!

  It was only when he suddenly heard Zhu Yingjie's loud shout that he managed to snap out of his shock!

  Looking at the shattered coffins, a thought appeared in his mind like a flash of lightning...

  Just now, Zhu Yingjie clearly mentioned that Ning Tianlang was related to Wang Sanheng!

  When he thought of this, Han Bao Ren's heart was shocked!

  That Wang Sanheng is Song Jinshan, Song Military Counselor's favorable general!

  Can't it be that ...... this kid in front of him is Song Jinshan's inner circle?

  Other than that, there is no way to explain why he is a young junior, why he dares to act so arrogant and domineering!

  Han Baoren's eyes flickered uncertainly as he tested Ning Tianlang:

  "Kid, I heard that you follow Wang Sanheng? So you're one of Master Song's men?"

  He and Zhu Yongfeng were somewhat friendly.

  But the relationship was far from good enough for him to offend Song Jinshan for the sake of the Zhu family!

  What's more, Ning Tianlang's decisive and ruthless methods really made his heart tremble!

  If he didn't have to, he definitely wasn't willing to provoke such a terrifying enemy!

  "Military Commander Song's men?" Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, "You can ask Song Jinshan if he dares to recognize me as his subordinate!"

  The moment these words came out, everyone present was shaken to their core!

  Between the words, it was surprising that he didn't put Army Master Song in his eyes in the slightest!

  This was also too rampant!!!

  Han Bao Ren, on the other hand, was slightly stunned.

  In his heart, he said, could it be that he had guessed wrong?

  Right at this moment, his gaze landed on top of that latest model military pistol.

  He suddenly winced in agitation!

  Could ...... it be that the other party is actually Cao Fourth Master's beloved?

  After all, a precious firearm like this, even Song Jinshan might not be able to get it!

  Thinking about this, the cold sweat on Han Bao Ren's forehead instantly flowed down!

  It took them seven old monsters merging together to be on par with Fourth Master Cao, he didn't have the guts to dare to cross Fourth Master Cao!

  Han Bao Ren slowly lowered his arm, put the pistol back on his waist, and waved his hand towards his men, "All of you, stand down."

  Zhu Yingjie was dumbfounded, his voice hoarse, "Boss Han, what do you mean by this ......"

  "I only came here today to offer condolences to Zhu San Shao, I don't want to get involved in other things. Since I've already offered incense and worship, I won't stay long."

  Han Bao Ren only said this, then greeted his men and said, "Let's go!"

  Regardless of whether Ning Tianlang was one of Fourth Master Cao's men or not, he wasn't going to continue wading through this mess.

  It was better to mess with people like Ning Tianlang less!

  As he passed by Ning Tianlang's side, Han Bao Ren clasped his fists, "Brother, if we have the chance to meet again next time, I'll personally set up a banquet to make amends to you!" After saying that, he directly left the place with his men in quick steps as if they were fleeing!

  "Han ......"

  Looking at Han Baoren's back as he fled in fear, Zhu Yingjie's face turned pale!

  The guests were even more shocked as they stared at each other!

  The Underground Fist King, Old Monster Han, was actually scared to the point of running away with his head in his hands!

  What kind of god is this young man named Ning?

  Everyone's hearts were in a state of shock!

  On the other hand, Ning Tianlang suddenly felt disheartened.

  He frowned and swept his eyes over the two corpses on the ground, and said in a cold voice to Zhu Yongfeng's father and son:

  "These two, let's just count them as a point of interest that I collected in advance.

  When I find out the evidence of your Zhu family's crimes, then I will liquidate them with interest!"

  "Heh heh heh ......," Zhu Yongfeng Yin stallion coldly laughed with a spiteful face and said.

  "Wanting to ascertain the evidence of my Zhu Family's crimes is simply a dream! Surname Ning, you wait! I'll make you pay a hundred times a thousand times the painful price for today's events!"

  Ning Tianlang didn't bother to take care of him anymore, leaving a mess behind him, striding away in style ......

  Among the guests, there was a middle-aged man halfway through his fifties, looking at Ning Tianlang's back in thought.

  "This son is extraordinary, if he can be recruited under his command, he will surely accomplish something great!"

  This man was none other than the chairman of the Fangzheng Xuan Yuan Group, Fang Zhengye!

  Beside him stood a young man in his early twenties, his youngest son, Fang Haoxiang.

  Hearing his father's evaluation of Ning Tian Lang, Fang Haoxiang snorted:

  "Dad, aren't you overestimating him? I see him as nothing more than a reckless jianghu man, he doesn't have any great abilities at all!"

  Fang Zhengye sighed and didn't say anything else, but his heart was filled with regret -

  His eldest son, Fang Haohan, had been kicked in the door by someone, and was now lying unconscious in bed like a vegetable.

  And this youngest son, on the other hand, is a bucket that can't hold up the wall.

  "Alas ......"

  He sighed again and decided to find an opportunity to get in touch with Ning Tianlang to see if he could take the other party under his wing ......

  Meanwhile, the chairman of the Shengge International Modeling Agency, who was hiding in the crowd, hurriedly sent a text message to Shi Hongyu-

  "The banquet after the ritual is canceled! Take An Yiqiu and leave quickly!"

  In a nanny car on the parking lot of En Ci Tang, Shi Hongyu looked at her phone and frowned, "What the hell is this? How come it's suddenly canceled?!"

  Upon hearing this, An Yiqiu's eyes lit up, "What's canceled? Is it because I don't have to serve that what's-his-name Chairman Fang anymore?"

  Shi Hongyu gave her a blank look and cursed, "You dead girl don't have a rich life at all! Even a cooked duck can fly!"

  "Really!" An Yiqiu didn't care about Shi Hongyu's insults and said excitedly, "What exactly happened?"


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