Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 95

"How do I know what happened?" Shi Hongyu rolled his eyes and said, "It's fucking weird! A funeral can still be canceled? I really don't know what the Zhu Family is up to!"

  She threw her cell phone to the side and said grumpily, "I don't know if it's because that Zhu San Shao has come back to life! Otherwise, how could anyone cancel a funeral halfway through?!"

  Her words just fell.


  The screen of her cell phone suddenly lit up, and a news notification popped up-

  "Surprise! Mystery manages to cause havoc at the Zhu family's funeral! Killing and destroying the coffin! Appalling!"

  There was no impermeable wall in the world!

  I don't know which person leaked the information to the news media!

  He even took pictures of the scene!

  Only the person who took the picture was probably too nervous, and the picture was shaking and blurred.

  One could only see Ning Tianlang's tall figure standing tall, but could not see his specific appearance at all.

  Shi Hongyu stared in amazement, ''Damn! So it's someone who smashed the Zhu Family's venue!"

  Upon hearing this, An Yiqiu also hurriedly took out her cell phone to check.

  When she saw the imposing figure in the photo, she couldn't help but be slightly stunned.

  It was ...... him!

  That heroic handsome man who had relieved her from the situation at Xiang Gong Gong!

  In an instant, An Yiqiu's pair of watery pupils were filled with adoration and worship!

  Although it was not intentional, he did save himself once again today!

  Looking at her flushed face, Shi Hongyu coldly said, "What are you thinking about? Thinking of spring?"

  "No ...... not ...... " An Yiqiu hurriedly waved her hand, explaining, "It's just that I suddenly remembered that I still owe someone a meal! "

  The last time she hadn't had the time to invite Ning Tian Lang for dinner, she was taken away by Xiang Chen in a daze.

  After that, she had been mentally drained due to her aftermath, and had neglected this matter.

  At this time, when she saw the figure on the photo, her heart began to throb again ......

  Shi Hongyu glared at her and warned her:

  "Remember this for me, other than business couples arranged by the company, you absolutely cannot fall in love privately! These are all written in the contract! If you dare to fall in love and get photographed by the paparazzi, you'll be waiting to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages!"

  Upon hearing this, the smile on An Yiqiu's face gradually froze and she nodded lowly, "I know, I won't fall in love privately."

  "Good to know!" Shi Hongyu glanced at her watch and said, while starting the car.

  "Since the matter of serving Chairman Fang is out of the question, let's go ahead and shoot the magazine cover of the Men's Group!"

  On this side, An Yiqiu's nanny car had just left, and on the other side, Ning Tianlang arrived at the parking lot. He once again rubbed shoulders with fifth sister ......

  Ning Tianlang sat back in the car, his eyes slightly closed, carefully reviewing everything that had just happened-

  From Zhu Yongfeng's words, he could tell that he was bound to be involved in the fire tragedy back then!

  Moreover, he was definitely not the only murderer!

  Behind the Zhu family, there existed an even stronger force manipulating everything!

  Ning Tianlang slowly opened his eyes, and a flash of stern cold light instantly flashed by!

  The first order of business now was to find out the evidence of the Zhu Family's crimes!

  After that, the real culprits hidden in the darkness would be dug out by the roots!

  Just as he was considering what to do next, his cell phone suddenly rang.

  It was Gu Ningyu.

  Her voice was faintly crying, "Hey, Tian Lang, I want to meet with you, okay?"

  "What's wrong?" Ning Tian Lang was stunned, "What happened?"

  "I want to ask you to do me a favor ......"

  "Yes, let's meet and talk."

  Hearing that Gu Ningyu's mood was not right, he directly agreed in one gulp.

  Driving to the agreed upon cafe, Ning Tian Lang saw Gu Ningyu sitting in the corner as soon as he entered.

  Her beautiful face was lightly painted with everyday makeup, as if she was a school goddess.

  On her body, she was wearing a cool little halter, revealing a bottomless "career line".......

  That both pure and seductive appearance, let all the men in the cafe all looked dumbfounded!

  Every one of them stretched their necks and drooled with their mouths wide open, looking like dumbfounded piggish men.

  Ning Tianlang sat his butt next to Gu Ningyu in full view of everyone.

  This move instantly caused all the men to become angry.

  "What's that kid doing? Why is he so thick-skinned?!"

  "Exactly! I'm so handsome I didn't even dare to go up and hit on him! Who gave him the courage!"

  "Oh, just watch! Beautiful women like this are all goddesses with high eyes! This kid must have a hot face and a cold ass!"

  The crowd spoke out in mockery, all thinking that Ning Tianlang was just a smelly hanger-on who didn't have the guts to go over and hit on him.


  The next second!

  Everyone's eyes widened incredulously!

  Only to see, Gu Ningyu's eyes reddened and she directly jumped into Ning Tianlang's arms!

  The entire upper body was tightly attached to his chest, not a single gap left ......


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