Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 96

"This ......"

  The men in the café were so surprised their eyes dropped out!

  "What's going on here? Doesn't the goddess only love tycoons and handsome men?"

  "Grass! If I had known this, I would have gone and hit on her first!"

  The crowd was all indignant, cursing Ning Tianlang for being so lucky!

  Ignoring the gazes of envy and jealousy from the others, Ning Tianlang said in a deep voice, "What's wrong? Did Shangguan Qing trouble you again?"

  After saying that, he himself shook his head, "It can't be, with Shangguan Hong watching over him, even if he borrowed a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to do anything to you again!"

  "It's not him ......"

  Gu Ningyu slowly sat up straight and tugged the front of the small halter upwards, blocking the vaguely exposed bottoming garment.

  Just this one small action instantly caused several men around her to watch with nosebleeds ......

  She wiped her tears and said in a low voice, "Shangguan Qing has already come to my home to break off the engagement ......"

  "What's that about?" Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, "Did your family bully you?"

  He had already guessed seven or eight points.

  The Gu family, like the Wen family, was a second-rate small family.

  To be able to fall for one of the Shangguan family's commoner sons was already a great honor!

  Even the future of the entire family was tied to Shangguan Qing!

  Today, when young master Shangguan suddenly came to the door to break the engagement, it must have been a bolt from the blue for the Gu family elders!

  One could only imagine how the Gu family, who had suddenly lost their spiritual support, would target Gu Ningyu!

  Gu Ningyu nodded, "My parents scolded me for being a waste of space, growing a good skin for nothing, but not even being able to tie down a man ......"

  As she spoke, her eyes reddened again, "My dad said that tomorrow is the annual second-rate family gathering in Qing'an City, and he still wants to raise his eyebrows in front of all the family heads ......"

  "He told me to either strip naked and beg Shangguan Qing to come back to him, or get him back a son-in-law who is even better than Shangguan Qing."

  Gu Ningyu took a deep breath, a pair of affectionate eyes looked at Ning Tianlang and whispered:

  "Then ...... I'll just say that I've found a boyfriend, much more excellent than Shangguan Qing!"

  Hearing this, Ning Tian Lang was slightly stunned, he suddenly understood what favor Gu Ningyu wanted to let him do.

  "You ...... want me to be this son-in-law?"

  Gu Ningyu blushed slightly, "It's just to put on a play pretending to be a couple ...... to plug my parents' mouths ......"

  "Eh......" Ning Tianlang lost his smile, "Your dad told you to find someone even better than Shangguan Qing, are you sure I meet the requirements?"

  Gu Ningyu nodded heavily, "I'm sure! I know you are ten thousand times better than Shangguan Qing!" After finishing her sentence, her ten green onion like fingers stirred together tightly and carefully said, "You ...... you wouldn't be unwilling to pretend to be a couple with me, right?"

  Ning Tian Lang scratched his head, "I'm not unwilling, if you've decided, I can certainly do you this favor."

  Gu Ningyu's beauty was like poison, no man could resist it.

  Ning Tian Lang was a normal man, so naturally he was no exception.

  Taking a step back, Gu Ningyu was also his big sister's bosom friend, so he definitely wouldn't turn down the other party in all senses of the word.

  "Great!" Gu Ningyu was overjoyed, pulling Ning Tianlang's arm and said, "I will definitely repay you for this favor!"

  "Repay how? With your body?"

  Ning Tian Lang casually teased, but he didn't expect Gu Ningyu to directly nod her head, "Yes!"

  "Hahaha ...... I'm joking with you ......"

  Ning Tianlang wiped a cold sweat from his head.

  Although Gu Ningyu was tempting, but he was not a time for childish love now that his great revenge had not yet been avenged and he was shouldering the heavy responsibility of weeding out the traitors!

  Perhaps, wait until the day when his parents' revenge is avenged and the thieves and bandits are cleared out, then he will choose to find a woman to get married and have children ......

  "I, I was also joking ...... haha, hahaha ......"

  Gu Ningyu's expression stiffened as she fake laughed twice, the loss in her beautiful eyes couldn't be concealed.

  "Then let's go home now, my father wants to see you in advance ......"

  "Now?" Ning Tian Lang was surprised, "So soon?"

  Although it was an act, he was still a bit uncomfortable at the thought of meeting his "father-in-law".

  "Tomorrow is the gathering of the second-rate family, my dad is worried that I'll just find someone to perfume him and make him lose face, so he asked me to bring my boyfriend home in advance for him to scrutinize once again ......"

  Looking at Gu Ningyu's big, watery eyes, Ning Tianlang sighed, "That's just it, it just so happens that I have nothing to do today, so I'll go with you."

  "Great! Thank you!"

  Gu Ningyu was instantly beaming with joy, hugging Ning Tianlang's face and kissing him.

  This kiss, in turn, aroused the bearish anger of the surrounding men.

  One by one, they glared at Ning Tian Lang, enviously spitting blood!

  Gu Ningyu sat up Ning Tianlang's arm and excitedly exclaimed, "Let's go! Come home with me!"


  "Pfft! Pfft!"

  There was a sound of squirting water from all around.

  Those men choked and turned blue, incredulously saying, "This ...... this is brought home? Also fast, right?!"


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