Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 97

The Gu Family Villa was located in a medium-sized villa area in Qing'an City.

  The location and price were on par with the Wen Family Villa.

  As soon as Gu Ningyu and Ning Tianlang entered the courtyard, they saw a man dressed like a leopard.

  The man came forward, looked Ning Tian Lang up and down, and said to Gu Ningyu, "Sister, is this that boyfriend of yours?"

  Gu Ningyu introduced, "Tian Lang, this is my brother, Gu Tianyu."

  Only then did she say to Gu Tianyu, "That's right, he's my boyfriend! Is dad in the study? Let's go see him now!"

  "Mom and Dad are in the parlor, come on, let's go there together."

  As he spoke, he kept glancing disdainfully at Ning Tian Lang.

  That contemptuous look was like looking at a puddle of stinking dog shit.

  In the Gu family's parlor, besides Gu Ningyu's father, Gu Xingguo, and her mother, Feng Yunhui, there was also a man dressed in an extravagant designer label.

  He was Gu Tianyu's close friend, Du Zhou.

  Although Du Zhou's family wasn't considered a first-class family, it was more than a step ahead of the Gu family.

  He had long coveted Gu Ningyu's beauty for a long time, but the Gu family was so intent on climbing up to Shangguan Qing that they didn't take him seriously.

  As soon as Shangguan Qing withdrew from the marriage this morning, Gu Tianyu hurriedly notified his good friend.

  Without saying a word, Du Zhou came directly with gifts to propose marriage.

  And Gu Xingguo, who originally couldn't look at him, also had a one hundred and eighty-degree turn in his attitude -

  Tomorrow was the gathering of the second-rate families, and even if this Du Zhou couldn't even compare to Shangguan Qing's toes, he was at least a young master of a family.

  Having such a person to back up the scene would be able to block the mouths of the other families!

  They were chatting happily when Gu Ningyu walked in with Ning Tianlang.

  Gu Tianyu gave a wink to his best friend and then said in a conspiratorial manner, "Dad, mom, my sister has brought her boyfriend back."

  At these words, Du Zhou's face immediately changed.

  He originally thought that after Shangguan Qing withdrew from the marriage, him marrying Gu Ningyu was the nail in the coffin!

  However, he did not expect that another Cheng Bite Jin was suddenly killed!

  Feng Yunhui was very satisfied with the tall and handsome Du Zhou, so as soon as she saw the plainly dressed Ning Tianlang, she immediately gave him a downward spiral with her triangular eyes:

  "My daughter is one of the top five beauties in Qing'an City! Not just anyone can be my Gu family's son-in-law!"

  Although Gu Xingguo's eyes were also disdainful, they were much more subtle than Feng Yunhui. He reached out and pointed to the chair opposite Du Zhou and said faintly, "Sit down and talk."

  Ning Tian Lang was not polite and directly took his seat steadily, his back straight.

  Du Zhou bristled, "You don't know how to thank the elders for giving you a seat, you don't have any manners at all!"

  "Make a self-introduction." Gu Xingguo said in a deep voice, "You are my daughter's boyfriend, I should always get to know you a little bit."

  "My name is Ning Tian Lang."

  After saying these words, Ning Tianlang then looked at Gu Xingguo as if he was steady as a mountain, signaling that he had finished his introduction.

  A silence fell in the parlor ......

  After a long time, Gu Xingguo cleared his throat and asked, "Besides your name, you always have to say a little bit about your job and family, right?"

  "No job, no family."

  Ning Tianlang answered very dryly.

  "Pfft!" Du Zhou directly snorted out a laugh, "No wonder you don't dare to say it, how dare you be a hobo!"

  Gu Tianyu also followed with a cold rebuke, "I say sister, your brother I am at least a platoon commander in the Qing'an military region, how can you find a boyfriend who is such a piece of trash?!"

  "Ever since the moment he walked in the door I could tell that he's a piece of shit!" Feng Yunhui rolled her eyes, "Someone like him isn't even worthy of lifting Shao Du's shoes! Why should he marry my daughter?"

  Gu Xingguo's face was also ugly, "I can understand not having a job, but what about not having a family? Are your parents divorced?"

  "No, they're both dead." Ning Tianlang didn't have a single expression on his face, "They were killed when I was very young."

  As his words fell, the atmosphere instantly froze!

  After half a minute, Feng Yunhui slapped the table like crazy, "No way! I'm against it! What kind of family is he? What good family can have their entire family slaughtered?!"

  "Mom!" As soon as she heard Feng Yunhui's words, Gu Ningyu was so angry that her face turned red, "How are you talking!"

  After saying that, she hurriedly held Ning Tianlang's hand and apologized mournfully, "I'm sorry, Tianlang, my mom didn't mean that, I'm really sorry ......"

  Ning Tian Lang had come to do her a favor, and now she had to endure this kind of indignity instead, which caused a twinge of guilt in her heart.

  "It's okay, I'm used to it." Ning Tianlang said in an indifferent tone, "Today, for your sake, I can not bother with them in general."

  "Hehehe, you kid is quite capable of pretending!" Gu Tianyu snorted disdainfully, "Even if you want to count, do you have that ability you?!"

  Du Zhou also chimed in, "That's right, you powerless stinking hanger-on! If we scold you, you have to suffer! You still don't care about us? Pretenders!"


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