Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 98

Gu Ningyu's pretty face was icy cold as she angrily rebuked, ''Du Zhou! This is our family's matter, what does it have to do with you? You are not welcome in our family!"

  "Ningyu, don't be so desperate!" Du Zhou had a lewd and cheap smile on his face, "I'm here today to propose marriage to you!"

  Feng Yunhui hurriedly chimed in, "Ningyu, do you know that after Young Master Shangguan withdrew from the marriage, all the gossip outside could drown you!

  If you don't find a good husband, your father and I will lose face!"

  "Didn't I already come back with a boyfriend?!"

  Gu Ningyu was so angry that her chest was heaving together, and in her heart, she was sad that she had just gotten out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's den ......

  "I don't recognize him as your boyfriend!" Feng Yunhui clutched her shoulders with a snarky face, "Our Gu family can't afford to lose this person!"

  Saying this, she glanced at Gu Xingguo, signaling him to say a few words as well.

  Gu Xingguo murmured and said to Ning Tianlang, "As you can see, although our Gu family isn't a first-class family, we do have some reputation in Qing'an City.

  Speak for yourself, what are your strengths and standouts that would make us willingly give our daughter to you?"

  Ning Tianlang was slightly stunned, the only thing he excelled in seemed to be that he had never lost a hundred battles in the line of duty.

  But today was just helping Gu Ningyu put on a show, so he couldn't just identify himself and say that he was the commander-in-chief of the twelve military regions of the Grand Xia Empire!

  After a brief thought, he suddenly had a flash of light and said to Gu Xingguo and the others:

  "You all know that everything Ning Yu suffered yesterday was all because of a woman named Tan Qiaoqiao, right?"

  Feng Yunhui nodded, she hated that Tan Qiaoqiao with a passion!

  She thought that the reason why Shangguan Qing withdrew from the marriage was because she listened to that woman's rumors!

  Ning Tian Lang smiled faintly, "I've already had someone clean her up."

  As soon as the words left his mouth, Du Zhou immediately laughed out loud:

  "Hahahahaha...... you're fucking laughing me to death! But it's just packing up a woman, how dare you have the nerve to say it?"

  Gu Tianyu also laughed his ass off, "So the most outstanding thing about you is cleaning up a woman! You're a fucking absolute waste!"

  In the face of their mockery, Ning Tianlang only smiled faintly.

  He pointed at Gu Tianyu's cell phone on the desktop and said, "You haven't read today's news headlines, have you?"

  "News headlines? You mean the one about Zhu San Shao's funeral being ruined? We all know about it!" Gu Tianyu said inexplicably, "What does this have to do with you?"

  Ning Tianlang hooked up the corner of his mouth, "I'm not referring to this incident, take a look at that latest news again."

  "What latest news ......"

  The crowd all muttered while picking up their cell phones.

  The next second! Everyone's entire face suddenly changed!

  One of the top news stories with the most attention at this moment-

  "The woman was brutally abused and maltreated in life! The body was dumped in a dozen trash cans all over the city! After the forensic medical examination, it was found that the woman's identity was a former salesperson of the Auto Mall!"

  Even the heat of the Zhu family's funeral had been squeezed into second place!

  "This ...... this ......"

  Looking at this news, Du Zhou's face turned white!

  Feng Yunhui was even so scared that she directly threw her cell phone onto the table and said in horror, "This Tan Qiaoqiao ...... was killed by you?!"

  "I didn't kill it." Ning Tianlang shook his head, "I had someone kill it!"

  "Hiss ......"

  The moment these words came out, everyone all sucked in a breath of cool air.

  No one had expected that this man, who looked so clean-cut and harmless, would be so ruthless in his methods!

  There was a long silence before Gu Tianyu slammed the table and spoke out:

  "Surname Ning, do you know that I'm the platoon commander of the Qing'an Military Region? You openly admitted that you abetted others to commit a crime, I have the right to arrest you in my military capacity!"

  As soon as they heard Gu Tianyu's words, everyone else turned back to their senses.

  Du Zhou swallowed hard and said in a fox-like manner, "That's right! Tianyu you hurry up and call someone to shoot this murderer!"

  He was frightened and scared in his heart!

  He hoped that Gu Tianyu would hurry up and bring Ning Tianlang to justice!

  Otherwise, having such a horrible love rival staring at him every day would be too damn much for anyone to bear!

  "Platoon Commander of the Qingan Military Region?" Ning Tianlang tapped his finger on the table.

  "Don't you understand what I mean? The reason why I brought up the matter of Tan Qiaoqiao is to tell you that I have no other advantage, just a lot of friends!"

  "What do you mean?" Gu Tianyu frowned tightly, "Could it be that besides knowing the murderer who killed and dumped the body, you also know people from our Qing'an Military Region?"

  Ning Tianlang shook his head slightly, "I don't recognize them."

  Du Zhou was just about to make a mocking remark when Ning Tianlang continued, "The city's military region? The level is too low! The ones I know are from the West Phoenix Province General Military Region!"

  "Hahahahaha ......"

  Gu Tianyu froze for a second, and directly tears came out of his eyes as he laughed!

  He covered his stomach and laughed maniacally, "Just by virtue of you, you're also worthy of knowing people from the provincial military region? Hahaha, you're not talking about the cook class cutting duns of the messenger soldier, right?!"

  The moment these words came out, Du Zhou and Feng Yunhui both burst into laughter!

  Even Gu Xingguo had a disdainful mocking smile on his face.

  "You don't believe me?" Ning Tianlang crossed his legs and said indifferently.

  "I only need to make one phone call, and I can immediately dismiss you from the military!"


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