Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 99

"Dismiss me from the military?" Gu Tianyu wiped the tears of laughter from the corners of his eyes and taunted, saying.

  "You're too capable of bragging! If I didn't know that you're a hobo, I'd fucking believe it!"

  "Do you want to try?" Ning Tianlang's tone was bland, "It won't take more than a few minutes for your disciplinary action to come down."

  Gu Tianyu was just about to say something when Du Zhou incited the fire, "Tianyu, let this kid call! Damn it, I'll see how much more he can blow this bull!"

  After saying that, he looked at Gu Ningyu again:

  "Ningyu, wipe your eyes and see clearly! This little punk is just a trash who only talks! He can't be trusted at all! You won't be happy with him!"

  Gu Ningyu pulled the corner of Ning Tianlang's coat under the table, "You're not kidding, right?"

  Although she knew that Ning Tianlang was rich and had some power in the jianghu, she had never heard that he had connections in the military!

  She was worried that Ning Tianlang was putting up with the heat of the moment and talking big in front of his own family.

  "Don't worry." Ning Tianlang smiled faintly, "I never make such useless jokes."

  "Heh heh heh ......," Gu Tianyu sneered a few times.

  "I haven't violated any discipline or laws, so even if the king of heaven comes today, no one can fire me!"

  "You call now! If you can't expel me from the military, I'll have to escort you back to the case today!"

  Ning Tianlang glanced at him coldly, took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, pulled out one and lit it, and said indifferently, "That's what you said."

  As he spoke, he dialed the phone.

  Just at this moment!

  Gu Tianyu saw the cigarette case that Ning Tianlang took out!


  Gu Tianyu shouted, his voice breaking!

  There was no logo on the packaging of that white cigarette box, and it looked as if it had been glued on with white paper itself.

  However, he was well aware that this was no ordinary cigarette!

  Rather, it was a real military district special!

  When he was cleaning for the chief, he had the honor of seeing it once in the chief's trash can!

  It left an extremely deep impression on him!

  "Gulp ......"

  Gu Tianyu swallowed hard and said with a dry voice, "You ...... you this cigarette is ......"

  Ning Tianlang spat out a mouthful of smoke rings, "It's that friend of mine from the military district who sent it to me. What? Do you want to taste it too?"

  "No no no ......"

  Gu Tianyu waved his hands repeatedly, his complexion was extreme.

  At this time, Du Zhou said with very little eye contact, "Tianyu, what are you still wasting words with this kid! Let him make the call! See how he ends up after bragging!"

  "Alright!" Gu Tianyu shouted coldly, "Today is a discussion about my sister's affairs, what does it have to do with me!"

  He was drumming straight in his heart, not daring to gamble on that one percent chance at all! Ning Tianlang held the cell phone that had already dialed out and said with a smile, "Gu Platoon Commander is softening up?"

  Gu Tianyu's face turned blue and hesitated for a long time before gritting his teeth and saying, "I'm too lazy to make unnecessary arguments with people like you!"

  Although he didn't say it explicitly, the implication was that he had already conceded!

  "Tianyu you ......" Du Zhou had a surprised look on his face, "You wouldn't be bluffed by this kid, right? He's just a ......"

  Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang's phone connected.

  "Hello? Di Xiong, check if there's a platoon leader named Gu Tianyu in the Qing'an Sub-District under the West Phoenix Military Region."

  "Yes, give him a big demerit!"

  "Reason? Disrespect to the chief!"

  After saying that, he hung up the phone.

  Ning Tianlang smiled as he looked at Gu Tianyu, "Since you've already gone soft, then I'll give Ningyu face and not expel you from the military, just give you a big demerit."

  Hearing this, Du Zhou and Feng Yunhui's faces both showed a disdainful look.

  Even Gu Tianyu was a bit mornen.

  This sounded too much like bragging!

  Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit cold, Du Zhou hurriedly curried favor with Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui:

  "Auntie, to show my sincerity, I have brought the bride price! Please don't dislike it!"

  Saying this, he took out a brocade box from the briefcase he was carrying and respectfully handed it to Gu Xingguo:

  "This is an ancient jade passed down from my great-grandfather's grandfather's generation, roughly estimated to be worth around eight million dollars."

  "Eight million?!"

  Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui's eyes were about to fall out!

  The entire fortune of their Gu family was only about twenty million dollars!

  This Du Zhou had directly taken out one third of the Gu Family in one shot!

  At that moment, Feng Yunhui couldn't stop smiling!

  Looking at that situation, if it wasn't for the fact that Du Zhou wanted to marry Gu Ningyu, she herself would have wanted to marry the other party!

  Gu Xing Guo leaned forward slightly and said with a smile on his face, ''Aiya! Mr. Du! This bride price of yours is too expensive!"

  He couldn't tell you how comfortable he was in his heart right now!

  With this ancient jade worth eight million dollars, he would be able to straighten his back when the second-rate family gathering was held tomorrow!

  Du Zhou proudly swept his eyes at Ning Tian Lang and arrogantly said, "This is nothing precious! For Ning Yu, I can give everything!"

  "Aiya, my good son-in-law!" Feng Yunhui lost both her eyes in laughter, "This is my good son-in-law!"

  Saying that, she contemptuously slanted a glance at Ning Tian Lang and sneered:

  "Some people can't come up with anything, and still want to fall in love with my daughter with empty gloves? It's simply a fool's dream!"

  Ning Tian Lang coldly smiled, "Isn't it just an eight million dollar broken jade? I, Ning, am embarrassed to even take it out!"


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