Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 100

"Eight million dollars of broken jade?!" Du Zhou rounded his eyes angrily, "This is the family heirloom of my Du family! How dare you say it's a broken jade?!"

  Feng Yunhui hurriedly pacified Du Zhou, "Mr. Du, you can't be general with this little yakuza! How would he know what a family heirloom is as an orphan!"

  "Hahahahaha...... "Du Zhou arrogantly laughed, "Yeah, what's the point of me explaining myself to a poor loser like him!"

  A trace of coldness crossed Ning Tian Lang's light brown pupils, his voice icy cold:

  "If I casually take out one thing, it will be worth more than this broken ancient jade of yours!"

  With these words, the entire parlor fell silent!

  Only after a few seconds did Du Zhou snicker and mocked: "You're fucking dreaming? With you? Can you bring out something more valuable than this ancient jade?"

  In his opinion, Ning Tian Lang was just a criminal who mixed with the society, there was no way he could take out a treasure that could rival his family's ancient jade!

  Feng Yunhui sneered, "Kid, not to mention, if you send something that doesn't exceed eight million dollars, I will directly make the decision to marry Ning Yu to Mr. Du!"

  "That's right." Gu Xingguo nodded, "If you want to be with my Gu family's daughter, you have to show some sincerity!"

  "Hahaha, I think this kid is just pretending!"

  Du Zhou leaned on the back of his chair proudly with a winning look, "If he can bring out something more valuable than this ancient jade, I'll fucking call him dad!"

  Gu Tianyu hadn't said anything, but his face was also filled with a look of watching the show.

  "Tian Lang ...... forget it ......"

  Gu Ningyu carefully called out to him, already resigning herself to her fate between words.

  Ning Tian Lang was rich, but the two of them were just acting after all.

  There was no way she would let the other party take out that much money for her parents.

  Ning Tian Lang patted her hand as a sign of comfort.

  And then turned to Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui, "If what I take out is worth more than that broken jade, you can no longer force Ning Yu to marry anyone she doesn't like!"

  "That's natural!" Gu Xingguo nodded and said.

  "If you can come up with a bride price that's substantial enough, you'll naturally be Ningyu's boyfriend in name only! We also want to see our daughter happy!"

  Hearing Gu Xingguo's words, Du Zhou's heart was a bit unsettled and hurriedly said, "Kid, you can stop bragging! I don't believe you can bring a gift before you know it!"

  Ning Tian Lang smiled faintly, "Have you forgotten what I just said? I, Ning, have nothing else but many friends!"

  After saying that, he no longer paid attention to Du Zhou's clamor and directly called Zhuang Yucheng. "Send five invitations for the bidding conference to the Gu family, immediately!"

  Hearing the word "invitation", Gu Xingguo's heart stirred!

  A thought that made it difficult for him to breathe slowly surfaced in his mind!

  He said in a trembling voice, "What invitation did you just say ......?"

  "The invitation to the Kunlun Group's bidding conference." Ning Tianlang's face was bland, "Haven't you guys heard of it?"

  As the words fell, the seat was filled with shock!

  "An invitation from the Kunlun Group? You're giving us an invitation from the Kunlun Group?!!!"

  Gu Xingguo's two eyes bulged out in excitement!

  He gripped the desktop tightly with both hands, his old face purple-red with excitement, as if his veins were exploding underneath his skin!

  An invitation from the Kunlun Group was something that only the topmost families and forces in Xifeng Province had the chance to get!

  Their Gu family, a second-rate family, wouldn't be able to get one, even if they were to spend everything they had!

  And at this moment, Ning Tianlang even opened his mouth with five, it was simply appalling!!!!

  Looking at Gu Xingguo's agitated and unable to stop himself, Du Zhou said with an ugly face:

  "Uncle, don't be fooled by this kid! There are only a dozen or so families in the entire city of Qing'an that have gotten invitations, so why would he ask for five by a single phone call from an orphan?"

  Hearing this, Gu Xingguo also violently calmed down.

  Yes, so many heads of big families had only gotten two or three!

  How could Ning Tian Lang, a young man in his early twenties, have so much energy?

  Feng Yunhui squeezed his triangular eyes and said sarcastically, "It's still Duke Du who has a point, I think this brat is just talking big!"

  "Whether I'm lying or not, isn't it enough to wait for a while to see if Kunlun Group has sent an invitation?"

  Ning Tianlang glanced at his watch, "Based on the distance traveled, it's estimated that he'll be there within five minutes."

  "Che!" Du Zhou snorted coldly.

  "Hell knows if you've joined forces with some fraudulent gang to send fake invitations to the Gu family! I think those friends of yours are either murderers or fraudsters!"

  Feng Yunhui followed suit, "That's right! None of us have seen what a real invitation looks like! What if you get a few fake ones to trick us!"

  "Alright!" Gu Xingguo droned in a deep voice, "I'll judge for myself when the invitations are delivered later!"

  Du Zhou closed his mouth resentfully and glared indignantly at Ning Tian Lang.

  In his heart, he said, "I'll see how you can blow round this bull!


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