Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 1

Everything happened so fast that on December 21, 2012, the Mayan prophecy was fulfilled. Out of nowhere, hordes of zombies suddenly appeared, and after only 3 months, more than 99% of the human race had been turned into zombies, and the remaining human beings were fleeing around, almost in despair. But at this moment, a race that was once spurned by humans suddenly rose up and protected the remaining humans from the zombie attacks, protecting them as if they were treasures. Because this race also feeds on humans, but they don't want much, just blood ......

After the Dark Rì descended, the vampires were initially very happy that the humans they once hated were finally going to perish. But as time went by they gradually realized a very serious problem. If humans die out, then vampires will also cease to exist. The desire for blood makes the vampires take up arms against the zombies to protect all the remaining humans.

In order to protect the remaining humans, the 13 clans of vampires gradually began to ally themselves and set up a zhèng fǔ with a protected area. However, they only live in a very small area to survive and that's it. The vampires and the humans made a covenant that the vampires would provide the humans with protection and the necessities of life, for which the humans would have to pay a price, and donating blood became the duty of every citizen.

.............................. .............................. ..............................

Today there are 3 human sanctuaries, the 'Camarilla Sanctuary' on the American continent, which is the most powerful one. It is made up of 7 of the 13 clans of vampires living here at the same time, they are Clan Bruhl, Clan Gungro, Clan Mokavi, Clan Nofile, Clan Totondo, Clan Rimmer, and Clan Vanjo. Their contract was known as the Secret Alliance.

Clan Bruhl is excellent at fighting, and their mighty combat prowess is held up as heroic by the other clans. Dedicated to the pursuit of perfection of body and mind, but belligerent personalities are also feared by the other clans. They are also the absolute dominators of the Secret Alliance, large in number, extremely strong in battle, and the best in sense of the pursuit of power and yùwant to make the other six clans look very weak in comparison to them.

The Gungrave clan is a clan that seeks nature and harmony, and among vampires they are known as vegetarian staple feeders. Generally speaking, they never feed on human blood, preferring to live on animal blood. Therefore, they are also known as the ranger among vampires. Their favorite weapons are naturally bows and arrows and crossbows. Although their combat power is not as good as that of the Brooke Clan, no vampire will overlook their speed and accuracy in shooting arrows. In the Secret Alliance, Clan Gungrove is designated as scouts, as they have the best eyesight, by night, and can see clearly whether a copper plate a few hundred meters away is front or back.

The Mokavi clan are elegant berserkers, cursed blood doomed them to have some problems with their jīng. Sometimes graceful like nobles, but when fighting they would attack even their own people. They are also one of the clans least treated by other vampires, and you can't even tell what they're talking about when you talk to them. Sometimes they're having a good conversation and suddenly punch you in the face, then they forget to talk again. Clan Mokavi people also know that they have this habit, so after making a mistake, they pretend to have amnesia, it is a clan that people are disgusted but feel a little cute.

The Nophile clan was the most terrifying yet amiable clan, their curse made them completely lose their human form after being transformed, becoming extremely terrifying like a giant humanoid bat. Before the Dark Rì their numbers were already precarious, but years of evolution have made them very amiable, and their need for human blood is the least among the 13 races. They are very friendly to humans and have a very introverted xìng style, but their fearsome appearance keeps all humans away from them.

The Totondo Clan was an excellent group of artists, not much of a fighter, but they were very attentive. In the covenant they acted as a logistical force. Providing all the necessities of the humans and making their lives as happy and prosperous as possible. This was also a very important job, as it was necessary for the survival of the humans. As long as they were willing to stay here, then both vampires and humans could be saved from the path to extinction.

The Merduaner clan was the only clan in the Secret Alliance that was good at magic, and they were human sorcerers in the early days, so the magic they used was basically elemental magic, and they were also the most effective fighting force against the zombies. Although vampires also fear flames, but the walkers are even more irresistible to this. The number of zombies that were burned to death by the Merduaner clan with magic in every battle was the highest. However, because of the long term exercise of jīng, the Merduaner Clan's close combat power was very weak, and they hid at the end of every battle.

The Vandro clan was an excellent cavalry unit, and they were also nobles among vampires. Although there is no such thing as nobility anymore, the Vandro clan cannot abandon the temperament in their blood. Their devotion to their faith has led humans to define them as the incarnation of the old crusaders. Of course, they are also the vampires second only to the Bruch clan in the Secret Alliance.

Humans and vampires coexisted peacefully in Camarilla, and though there were ten times as many humans as vampires, no human was willing to rebel against them. If it weren't for the vampires their own race would have died out. So in Kamalila humans were all very grateful for what the vampires did for them. Everyone gave their blood willingly. About once every two months, each time it was 800, which was considered the limit for ordinary people.

But most of the food provided by the vampires was very nutritious, especially for blood production. So the amount of blood production humans have now is amazing, and with one vampire for every 10 people, it's not much of a strain for humans at all. So in Kamalila, both humans and vampires shared the land, and life was considered relatively happy.

Next is Sabat, located in Asia and Europe, which is instead a human hell. It consists of 4 vampire clans, they are Clan Le Sombra, Clan Tzimisch, Clan Sertet, and Clan Asamet. They are all the most evil clans among the vampires and have no human xìng to speak of. Their alliance is known as the Demon Feast Alliance, and if it weren't for the attack of the zombies they wouldn't be as far away as they are now. Although they are also fighting the zombies and protecting the humans, their ways are much rougher and they don't treat the humans as allies at all, but rather as slaves. It's extremely hard for the humans to survive there, but after all, it's the only way to live.

The Le Sombra clan is very aggressive, not only do they want to wipe out all the zombies, but they also want to wipe out the other clans. They not only want to destroy all the zombies, but they have also thought of destroying other clans, so that the human beings will be subjugated to themselves. In the Magic Banquet Alliance, the Le Sombra clan is the toughest clan, their strength and endurance is the highest, and they are able to keep fighting for a week without eating or sleeping. But they would also turn into dry corpses after a week. Ordinary vampires can only fight for a few hours at most, even the strong Bruch clan can only last for three days, after that, they will have no strength. A week is the limit of vampires, if vampires don't drink human blood within a week, they will be dried up and turn into dry corpses.

The Tsimshian clan is a group of warriors with magic, and their self-healing ability is the strongest among vampires. They know some simple attack magic, but are not jīng. However, they also have strong melee combat abilities at the same time, so they are also a very tough race. Moreover, the Tsimshian clan is also the most elegant clan among the vampires, their desire for knowledge even exceeds their desire for blood, and most of their members are highly educated. But this does not offset their cruelty, to them humans are just small creatures, sometimes not even food.

Every member of Clan Sertet is a pervert, they seek the moral degradation of both humans and vampires, they see themselves as servants of darkness, the embodiment of *** voluntarily carrying sin and sinking. But at the same time they are also the promoters of blood magic, and although they are poor in melee combat, their magic is extremely bloody and cruel. As a price, their need for blood is also the greatest, there must be enough blood to maintain the power of magic.

The Asamet clan are professional killers of vampires, and their clan has a terrible habit of feeding on other vampires. They believe that this enhances their power. They are especially keen on older vampires, which is why they have become professional killers. The targets of their assassinations are usually other vampires, and after killing them, they suck them dry, which is a trademark among members of the Asamet clan. Even their own clan members will not let go, but whenever there is an opportunity, they will find a way to suck the blood of their fellow clan members.

The biggest difference between the Secret Alliance and the Demon Blood Alliance lies in their beliefs, and while there is also a big difference in the way they treat humans, none of this is the main reason for the split. The Secret Alliance believed that Cain was their ancestor, so the god they believed in was Cain. The Demon Blood Alliance, on the other hand, worshiped Satan as their god. They believed that it was Satan's power that created them. The difference in beliefs made the two sides hate each other so much that when they met, they had to fight to the death.

In the center of the Pacific Ocean there is another country, Cappadocia, also known as the Land of the Sea. It was a neutral country formed by two clans. It does not participate in the struggle between the Secret Alliance and the Magic Blood Alliance. The humans living there were the most zì yóu, they needed to work in exchange for food, but no vampire would oppress them. Although life was a little bit hard, the powerful vampire mages gave them the conditions to survive. In this city located in the zhōng yāng of the Pacific Ocean was the only city that would not be attacked by zombies at all, because none of the zombies could swim. Even if they came from underwater, I'm afraid it would take decades if they didn't get lost. That's why it was also the most desired place for humans. However, because it wasn't very large, it was impossible to accept too many humans to move in, but there were more humans who did business here.

This Land of the Sea was founded by two powerful clans, they were the Giovanni Clan and the Reverno Clan. They are both excellent magicians, in order to protect the human race these two clans all the magicians are concentrated together to Kauai island forced to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and in the island set up a boundary, but this boundary is only to prevent storms and tsunamis attack, other attacks can not be prevented.

The members of the Giovanni clan are all excellent necromancers, skilled in dark magic and summoning magic. Although their magic is very evil, they don't need much human blood. And because they themselves were necromancers, they were also the closest to death. Gradually the Giovanni clan had a worship of life and made a vow never to harm any human's xìng life, so they began to protect humans.

The Reyvono clan is a different kind of vampire, they don't fear the sunlight and don't suck human blood, but they also have strong power and eternal life. They have the beautiful appearance of a jīng spirit, and have allied themselves with nature to acquire jīng spirit magic. They can control all the gifts given by nature. However, they have lost the ability of vampires to sleep for a long time and self-healing ability, which is exactly the same as the legendary jīng spirit. At the same time, they were kind-hearted, so they allied with the Giovanni clan and used the power of both sides to build this city in the sea.

The Giovanni Clan and Revlono were only allied, but there was no covenant. Either side could leave at any time, but they believed that the other would not do so. Because this was the only paradise in the world today. Humans basically didn't need anything to live here peacefully, and had become good friends with the vampires. There had even started to be humans and vampires biting hands as a greeting.

And these three places weren't the only habitats for humans, there were some humans who didn't want to ally with vampires who began to move from cities to mountains, from continents to oceans, and from flatlands to mountains. The more treacherous the area, the safer it is, as the zombies are not very mobile.

The once high and mighty humans now have to live in small areas in order to live in peace, and the humans who were once able to control everything now have to rely on the foreigners to protect themselves. But in any case, all this resistance is too weak for the nearly 6 billion zombie army.

Gradually both humans and vampires began their next evolution at the same time, the captive humans became more and more powerful in their blood production, while the vampires' fighting strength was further improved because of the nourishment of human blood. But unfortunately, evolution does not only happen to humans and vampires. At the same time zombies are also evolving, most of the zombie mobility began to improve, but there is a very small part of the zombie has even evolved the ability to think. The cells of the original dead zombies began to resurrect, and gradually the best of the zombies came out, and they were able to control and organize the low-level zombies. For vampires and humans this is absolutely fatal, but they have no idea about it.



My wife is a vampire.


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