Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 2

Within a dark old castle, countless people wearing black sè cloaks crossed their arms and mouthed words around the giant cross in the center. The surroundings were covered by a dark force that was extremely cold, but not a single person trembled because of it. There wasn't even a trace of moisture in their breath. Not a single trace of emotion could be seen on the cold and miserable faces.

"Honorable third-generation vampire, Lord 'Bloody Mary', matriarch of the Thothite Clan, we hereby pray for your favor to awaken from your slumber, and use your mighty power to make this world rock. Let those traitors who have allied themselves with the humans get the punishment they deserve. To this end, I, as a 4th generation vampire, an elder of the Theretian clan, and a disciple taught by you yourself, Caltex will offer you the 'Sage's Stone' with a sacrifice of 100 people to celebrate your rebirth."

Kaltes took out a small wooden box, and after tedious decryption, a bright red gemstone the size of an egg hen was pulled out from it. Holding this ruby in both hands, Caltex walked through a huge magic formation to the center of the hall under a giant cross and placed the ruby in the palm of his hand, praying for Bloody Mary's acceptance.

At the same time, a group of people in black cloaks herded a hundred naked people into the hall, men and women, old and young, all of them with chains on their hands and feet, frozen in such freezing conditions. There was a whitish, watery air in their breath. They were humans, only humans would react like this. And those in blacksè cloaks they used to be humans, but now they were just a part of the Blood Clan, they were all members of the Theretian Clan.

The ruby in Kaltex's hand slowly rose, having broken free from the grip of gravity, and slowly floated upwards, finally coming to rest in the very center of the giant cross. Immediately afterward, the ruby was like an egg about to break its shell, slowly cracking. The cracks slowly widened and were peeled off little by little. Shedding the outer layer of the wafer, inside was some blood-red liquid, suspended in the air, writhing.

These blood red liquid slowly moved in the direction of the giant crucifix, and Caltex shouted excitedly, ''The Clan Chief has accepted it, the Clan Chief has accepted it. We, Clan Thutet, will soon awaken a third generation vampire, everyone prepare for the ceremony."

All the Thurtet Clan members present immediately used their sharp teeth to bite through the artery of their right hand and dripped their own blood into the giant magic array below the cross. Little by little, the magic array glowed with bright red sè blood light, and this ancient lobby was as if it had been infused with a death-like vitality, becoming more and more bizarre and yīn cold.

''Ping ~~'' The glass on the upper floor of the lobby suddenly shattered, and everyone looked up, under the blood red sè moonlight, a silhouette would carry a blood red sè huge scythe moonlight split in half. Vampire eyes can see everything at night, this is a human being, can clearly see the sound of his heartbeat, can clearly smell the sweet smell emitted from his body. One could see the beating of that crimson sè heart, heart the traces of blood flowing from his body.

"Bold human dares to disturb our sacred ritual, finish him off."

A vampire didn't think much at all, directly his body didn't move and flew directly in front of the silhouette, eerily smiling at the silhouette, revealing his sharp teeth and sharp claws. Only to see a red sè flash, immediately after the human shadow grabbed this vampire head, his body seemed to lose all power heavily fell to the ground. Because the speed of this knife was too fast, the sacrificed vampire barely felt anything.

The huge blood red scythe appeared even more demonic under the moonlight, seemingly breathing as if one sheet, seemingly blood as if writhing back and forth. The corpses that fell to the ground did not have a trace of blood, as if they had been drained. Even the head that was carried in the figure's hand did not have a single drop of blood falling from the heights at all. The body of the blood red scythe had like countless tiny veins sprouting out of it, but it shrunk back as it left the other person's body.

All the vampires were dumbfounded, they couldn't believe that a human could slash a vampire to death with a single slash, it was absolutely impossible. Humans were weak and useless, they were just food. A vampire would need at least ten trained humans to be able to kill him in a fight, and that's with being outnumbered. This was not a human, absolutely not.

Celtus stared at the blood-red sized giant scythe in surprise, and suddenly his pupils shrunk, "'Constantine'? Driven a human to dare to use the blood race's holy weapon."

"Am I late?" The silhouette looked downwards, the giant cross was zhōng yāng a cloud of blood suspended in the zhōng yāng was still slowly approaching the cross, but at a very slow speed.

The silhouette smiled, "Great, if it was any later that monster would have resurrected."

The silhouette charged straight towards the giant cross, starting at the top of the cross and slashing all the way down with 'Constantine' in hand. Just as he slashed right in the middle, suddenly a dryad-like hand reached out and grabbed the tip of 'Constantine's' blade. Immediately after that, the entire cross instantly shattered, and a dry corpse stood up in the air, carrying the bloody scythe. The other human struggled to slash downward, but was unable to do so.

The corpse slowly opened its eyes and took a close look at the bloody scythe. Suddenly, he stared angrily at the human across from him, short hair, long thin face, wearing clothes similar to a priest. He was a human, he was definitely a human, as a third-generation vampire for that matter, no matter how weak he or she was, there was no way he or she would not be able to recognize the opposite side as a human.

The two exposed fangs were wide open, and the crimson eyes could almost speak of her anger. However, the already thoroughly air-dried throat was unable to make any sound.

The dry corpse immediately opened her mouth and sucked the 'Sage's Stone' into her stomach, and immediately after that, her entire body gained strength, and her body little by little began to plump up, but at a slow pace, but she could now speak.

"'Constantine'? Are you Judas? Tell me, how did you turn back into a human?"

"I was born human."

Suddenly a kick was sent towards the dryad's face, followed by the other foot coming up and adding a hard twist to the dryad's neck. A sound like dead wood being snapped was heard, and the dry corpse's head was turned directly behind it. Immediately, the human kicked the dryad hard in the chest, lifting his own 'Constantine' and flipping backwards, before landing on the ground with balance.

Caltex stared at the scene in amazement, watching the dryad land helplessly on the ground like a lump of plastic. Kaltes rushed towards the dryad with his arms outstretched, screaming, "Matriarch, Matriarch are you alright."

Carters picked up Bloody Mary's body, not sure if this should be considered a front or a back, and immediately handed his still bleeding wrist to Bloody Mary's mouth, hoping she would suck on it.

"Finish him off, he's got 'Constantine' in his hand everyone together."


My wife is a vampire.


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