Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 3

Countless vampires all snapped out of their panic and immediately rushed towards the opposite human. The human on the opposite side took a deep breath, carrying 'Constantine' in his right hand and striking the ground hard with his left hand.

"Surge Spikes."

Countless mountain-shaped spikes appeared on the ground, charging straight upwards, and the vampires who couldn't escape in time were directly penetrated through their bodies. But this was only a temporary stop to their actions, the vampire's life force wasn't so fragile, just running through their bodies with rocks wasn't enough to kill them. The fast vampires had already grown a pair of crimson blood wings from their backs and flew into the air.

The members of the Thothite clan were all excellent blood magicians, and all the magic they used had to be done with blood, but it was powerful and had a vast range. This situation was also the last thing the humans wanted to see, the Blood Clan was indeed much more powerful than the humans, or at least most of them.

Across the way, the sky was filled with blood-winged vampires, each one sprouting small, blood-made demonic horns, as well as demonic tails, and fingernails that grew longer with the action of the blood. They were excellent blood magicians, but their melee combat abilities were also absolutely formidable. Opponents with both magic and martial arts were the most difficult to deal with, vampires were born to be melee combat masters, they possessed great strength, unrivaled speed, fast recovery, and jīng reflexes. By encountering this kind of vampire that could use magic, this was one of the toughest problems for humans.

There were almost hundreds of vampires here, support wouldn't even come, they were already being held back by the death of the zombie hordes and werewolves. Taking a step forward to stop the ritual all by himself, did he succeed? It did stop the ritual, but Bloody Mary still sucked the Sage's Stone into her. One's self also broke her neck, which was like dead wood, with her foot. I don't know if I managed to kill Bloody Mary, but the fact was almost right in front of my eyes, the third generation of vampires were the strongest existence, they had power beyond that of a god, there was absolutely no way that they could be taken down by themselves so easily.

"Roar ~~~~."

A roar shook all the vampires away, and the rotting corpse threw Celtus' already drained body aside. Bloody Mary was resurrected, completely resurrected. Her body still reeked of disgusting rot, but muscle and blood vessels had begun to grow outward from her body. Her body also began to become more and more normal, and the speed of her recovery was not something that could be compared to the vampires she had seen so far. Watching her come back to life bit by bit, the human on the opposite side of the room couldn't do a thing about it.

Bloody Mary directly reached out to the opposite side, grabbed a vampire's neck, and without asking any questions at all, directly bit into the inside of the neck, followed by sucking the vampire dry in an instant. All the humans, all the vampires tried to escape, the third generation vampire who had been dusted off for an unknown number of years suddenly awakened, she had gone completely insane. The blood-craving yù controlled her, almost completely devoid of any sanity, and there was only blood in her eyes.

But at this moment, anyone who wanted to escape from this place was unable to move. The matriarch of the Sertate Clan, Bloody Mary, who was the founder of blood magic, could control any blood. As long as there was blood flowing in the body, there was no escaping Bloody Mary's magic. Of course she could do more than that, and that was just the most basic ability. But just this most basic ability was enough to subjugate the hundreds of vampires and a hundred humans present, as the blood in their bodies was completely out of their control, dragging their bodies along and unable to escape.

The only one who could move was the human on the opposite side of the room, as the 'Constantine' in his hand was protecting its master from the control of this magic. But at this moment this human hesitated, a third generation vampire completely resurrected, what would this world become? Now the human race was on the verge of extinction, if it lost the protection of 'Kamalila' again, there would be no place for the human race to survive. But the legendary third-generation vampire 'Bloody Mary' was too strong, was one's own mere human really capable of killing her?

Bloody Mary didn't pay any attention to the human on the opposite side, biting the closest creature by her side on her own, no matter if it was a vampire or a human, as long as there was a supply of blood there was no way to escape Bloody Mary's two fangs. They were torn through the throat, sucking all the blood right out of it, leaving only one drop to keep the vampire alive enough. But losing almost all mobility and consciousness.

The last drop of blood was the strongest curse, one that even a third generation vampire couldn't break. Whether human or vampire, they all possess this most powerful curse. If the last drop of blood of any human or vampire is sucked out of the body, the sucker will sink and will be turned into a stone statue to sleep forever.

Bloody Mary kept sucking the blood around her, and the human across from her finally made up her mind. No matter what, the only weapon that could deal with a third generation vampire right now was this 'Constantine' in his hand, and there was almost no way for other weapons to pierce her body or even cut through her skin. Bloody Mary herself did not know how strong she would be, but her thirst for blood was enough to wipe out all humans now.

And any third-generation vampire was a butcher, and the carnage they had created was countless. She must never be allowed to come back to life completely, and it was necessary to make a clean break with her here. Regardless of the outcome, if the chance to kill Bloody Mary was given up now, it would cut off the chance for all humans to continue living.

"Bloody Mary, go back to your coffin." The humans on the opposite side frantically rushed towards Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary was still enjoying the taste of blood, and paid no attention to the human at all. The moment 'Constantine' slashed down from above her head, Bloody Mary suddenly raised her arm to stall 'Constantine's' attack.

Blood slowly dripped down from Bloody Mary's wrist, dripping onto the top of Bloody Mary's head, the rotting top of her head gradually began to be newborn, and none of that dripping blood was wasted. What surprised the human was that 'Constantine' didn't unleash 'Blood Eating'. This was Constantine's ability, all it took was a small piece of work and Constantine would immediately drain all the blood from that person, even vampires. But why did it not work on Bloody Mary?

Bloody Mary slowly reached forward with her right hand, the human across from her tried to escape but her body could no longer move. Constantine seemed to have betrayed himself, sure enough vampire stuff wasn't to be trusted. Actually it wasn't really a betrayal, this was after all a blood holy weapon, how could it go against a third generation vampire? That would be called betrayal.

Humans have no way out anymore, the third generation vampire Bloody Mary completely resurrected, the human race is about to sink and become extinct ......


My wife is a vampire.


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