Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 4

Bloody Mary's right hand reached out to the human's chest, and that rotten right hand unexpectedly drilled right in, and the human felt that a rotten and dirty hand was gripping his heart tightly. Immediately after that, he felt a paralysis in his heart, and the whole human lost his strength and fell to the ground. The 'Constantine' in his hand was also lowered, but the human was still staring at Bloody Mary with his eyes wide open.

Bloody Mary took 'Constantine' in her hand and followed the cut mark from earlier to make a deep cut on her left hand, immediately after that, she put 'Constantine' down and used her fingers to reach into the cut at her wrist, pulling out a large handful of blood vessels from it, which were like a small, greedy snake with an open mouth waving its fangs.

Bloody Mary grew these veins longer and longer, like threads. After these veins were stretched long enough, they even moved on their own, rushing straight towards a human or a vampire, biting their necks and frantically sucking blood.

The human no longer had the strength to look on, his breathing became more and more difficult, and his consciousness became more and more blurred ..................

"Hell? Am I in hell?"

"Hell? I haven't been there yet. Is there really a hell in this world? I'm an atheist, and I don't believe there's a hell in this world anyway."

A sultry black-haired woman appeared in front of herself, wrapped in only a blacksè cloak, wearing nothing else. Moreover, she didn't care about other people's eyes, dashingly sitting beside herself, her body was barely covered, and her breasts and thighs and even ...... could be clearly seen

"Human, what is your name?"

"Côte d'Ivoire, and who are you?" Côte d'Ivoire's whole body was weak, and she could barely lift her hands. Consciousness was also blurry, unable to get up anything at all.

The black-haired woman laughed demonically, "You've cut me twice with 'Constantine' and you don't even know who I am? I am the third generation vampire, Bloody Mary, as you call me. But you prefer people to just call me Mary."

"Bloody Mary?" Côte d'Ivoire tried to stand up with all his strength, but his powerless hands couldn't support the bulky body. It was unthinkable that Bloody Mary had really come back to life, and for good. She was now sitting beside herself, what did she want to do?

Côte d'Ivoire looked at his neighborhood, it was an old cemetery, and the broken and rotting limbs of those zombies could be seen everywhere. But what surprised Côte d'Ivoire most ...... was that it was now daytime, how could a vampire not be afraid of sunlight?

Bloody Mary took out a bottle and dragged up Côte d'Ivoire's body with her hands, holding his head and putting the bottle to his mouth, "Drink some water, you have been unconscious for two days, I think you must be very thirsty."

Indeed, Côte d'Ivoire's throat was on the verge of drying out from the fire, and every breath felt like a knife cutting down hard. He didn't reject Bloody Mary's kindness either, and slowly swallowed the water inside his stomach. But Côte d'Ivoire was surprised why Bloody Mary hadn't killed herself and even gave herself water to drink. The three generations of vampires were all butchers, they would not have any humanitarian jīng spirit, by which Bloody Mary, in order to get eternal green chūn, killed thousands of virgins and soaked her body with their virgin blood.

Vampires are immortal, and these are all good things that Bloody Mary did before she became a vampire. There was no telling how many more hurtful things she had done out after she became a vampire, but there was no way to prove it. What Côte d'Ivoire did know was simple, but where there were three generations of vampires, there were no good things. And because of that, that's why they were sealed.

There were many legends about third generation vampires being sealed, there were a total of 13 clans, there were 13 third generation vampires, each one of them was a resounding butcher in history, and no one would feel unfamiliar just by saying their names. Bloody Mary was one of them, but what Côte d'Ivoire didn't understand was why she didn't kill me.

The third generation vampires were stronger than the first and second generations, and they possessed powers that surpassed those of the gods. Any third generation vampire possessed the ability to fight against God. And every one of them is incredibly cruel, so they were sealed away by the gods. A thousand years ago, in a war of demon slaying, the 2nd generation vampires united with the power of the gods to seal all the 3rd generation vampires without humans even realizing it. The second generation vampires also lost their power and were completely annihilated by the third generation vampires.

So to this day, there are no second generation vampires at all, and the oldest vampire is the 3rd generation. Although everyone believes that there is a first generation vampire 'Cain' in this world, no one has ever seen him.

Cain was the first child of Adam and Eve, the first true human, and likewise the first 'sinner' in this world. He was punished by God for the murder of his own brother Abel and became the first vampire. Cain carries the most primal, purest 'sin' in the entire world, and humans are unable to kill him.

Cain disappeared from this world after producing 6 second generation vampires. These 6 second generation vampires were equally powerful, but the 13 third generation vampires they spawned were so powerful that they feared themselves. The third generation vampires became proud and arrogant due to their power and began to rebel against the God Race. Even the Divine Race suffered extinction as a result, but they were eventually sealed.

Now that one of the three generations of vampires had been resurrected, what would become of this world that had already suffered incomparable destruction? Côte d'Ivoire no longer dared to imagine. His weak body no longer had any strength to lift 'Constantine', and after drinking some water, he gradually fell asleep.

Côte d'Ivoire kept waking up and passing out. I don't know how long this time lasted, and my body gradually returned to normal. The only thing she remembered from these rìs was Mary feeding water and food to her mouth, she didn't want to die. The reason was probably obvious, she needed fresh blood.

A weakened Côte d'Ivoire woke up again, his body had recovered a lot. In front of his eyes appeared Bloody Mary who was still wearing a blacksè cloak and was otherwise almost naked. She was roasting three wild rabbits around a bonfire. It was already impossible to see how the hares were killed, but from the bloodstains at the corners of Bloody Mary's mouth, it could be imagined that these hares had all been drained of her blood. With such a large bag of blood right next to her, how could Bloody Mary run off and suck the blood from the hares?

The 'Constantine' was placed right beside herself, which was quite surprising to Côte d'Ivoire, it was unthinkable that Bloody Mary would be so careless as to place her weapon beside her enemy. Although Côte d'Ivoire knew very well that this weak body of his was afraid that he couldn't even control 'Constantine', let alone kill Bloody Mary, a third generation vampire. But even if there was only a one in a million chance, one must try.

Côte d'Ivoire reached out and grabbed the handle of 'Constantine's' knife, and before he could exert any force, he heard Bloody Mary on the opposite side of the room gently smile and say, "I advise you not to do this, you are a smart person, and you know very well that this won't do you any good. As a human, you're tough, but you're just a human after all."


My wife is a vampire.


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