Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 6

Côte d'Ivoire shook his head: ''I don't know, I was still very young when all this happened, I hardly remember this at all. I heard it from someone else, only 3 months later, the human race fell completely, because the number of zombies is too big, the human race can't control it, the zhèng fǔ immediately fell, the army can't play any role. Because it was so sudden and the humans were so vulnerable, the world immediately turned into a zombie's. You are one of the strongest vampires. You are one of the strongest vampires, do you have the ability to make these zombies disappear completely?"

Mary suddenly laughed, "Don't think too highly of me, even God can't do it I'm afraid. If God can do it, then why doesn't he let the zombies disappear? If Shang dì dū can't do it, what is a vampire like me? Unless ...... this is all God's yīn plot, the zombies are one of God's means of exterminating the world."

"Don't joke with me ...... "Côte d'Ivoire suddenly grabbed 'Constantine' followed by a turn to slash at Mary's neck. The blade of 'Constantine' accurately cut Mary's neck, so fast that even Mary didn't react. But ...... the blade only touched the skin, not even cutting through the skin, like the feeling of a sponge smashing into steel.

Mary stretched out her index finger and gently pushed 'Constantine' away, shaking her head while regretfully saying: ''You really don't die ah, are you satisfied now? Even though you had 'Constantine' in your hand, even though you struck with all your might against my weak point, there was absolutely no way you could have harmed me. The reason why I didn't dodge or gear up is because I wanted you to understand this fact, you are just a human, while I possess power beyond that of a god. You are powerless to defeat me, ever."

Côte d'Ivoire gripped the handle of 'Constantine's' blade tightly and froze for a long time before putting 'Constantine' down. Opening his hand, he saw that the tiger's mouth was completely cracked and blood kept pouring out of it.

"Wow~ It's such a waste. You're not using it anyway, so give it to me." Mary immediately lifted Côte d'Ivoire's hand and slowly licked the blood on it with her tongue and lips. It felt strange, after being licked by Mary, the pain of the wound immediately disappeared, and the wound immediately bonded together as if it had an autonomous consciousness. It was as if it was not injured at all.

"There's no need to be surprised, vampire saliva has this effect, just a little lick and any wound will immediately recover. I am one of the strongest vampires, my power is not something you, a mortal, can understand. Now you take me to the 'Kamalila Reserve', I don't want to stay in a place like this for long. It's too quiet, I want to go somewhere with lots of people, I like to talk to people."

Côte d'Ivoire didn't know what kind of idea Bloody Mary was having, did she want to go to the 'Kamalila Reserve' and kill all the humans in it? A third generation vampire could surely do that. That was one of the last purgatory for humans, no way could Mary go to that place.

"I'm sorry, I can't find my way back either. When I came out of Kamalila, there were seven vampire warriors in my entourage, and they led me all the way. It's also the first time I've ever left Kamalila, and I don't even know where Kamalila is, much less where I am now."

Mary grimaced and hooked a finger at Côte d'Ivoire, whose body was immediately dragged up. Mary threw over a blacksè cloak and smiled demurely, "Then I'll take you back, I can find the three protected areas where humans now live from the memory of the blood. For me this is simple, as I can get the knowledge and power of someone's life while tasting their blood. The closest one to here is the Sabat Reserve,"

Mary closed her eyes and searched for the whereabouts of the Sabat Reserve from her blood, and a small smile immediately appeared at the corners of her mouth, "It's right there, inside Russia, along the shores of Lake Baikal. Since zombies can't cross the water, it can be said to be a heavenly place, and only a small team of people is needed to guard the entire reserve. Just a simple high wall needs to be built to make those the most treacherous fortresses. With Lake Baikal at your back, water and food, it's perfect. If it were me, I'd choose that as a hideout, too. Come on, let's go to Sabat and then Kamalila."

Côte d'Ivoire reluctantly stood up, his upper body completely devoid of any clothes at this point, though his pants were still on. But he didn't realize that a bloodsè mark appeared on his back, like an ancient rune. Côte d'Ivoire didn't know what it was, or what this bloodsè mark did, or even that it existed, or how it had appeared.

"Can you walk? We've got a long way to go."

"Shouldn't be a problem with a full stomach." Côte d'Ivoire put the blacksè cloak on and picked up the 'Constantine' at his side to add to his back. For an ordinary human, Côte d'Ivoire was already one of the strongest combatants, he could just use the keel behind his back to easily jam the 'Constantine' that even vampires and even werewolves couldn't hold. Sheathing the keel of his back of course the scythe.

Mary pointed her finger at Côte d'Ivoire and said in a very depressed manner, "The more you look at it, the more you look like Judas, because that's how he also held 'Constantine'. But you're going to be taller than him, and certainly a bit more handsome. Go away little virgin."

Côte d'Ivoire's face reddened at that moment, that Marie knew about this ...... Côte d'Ivoire had become a 'Saint' within the 'Kamalila Reserve'. The guardians of mankind and the only army mankind possessed, the 'Holy Crusaders'. The 'Holy Crusade' was founded by the Church of Humanity and is directly under the jurisdiction of the Church. However, after becoming a Saint, one is not allowed to marry until they are 30 years old. The current Côte d'Ivoire was less than 18 years old, so if he wanted to get married he would have to wait another 12 years.

Of course the Saints would get married immediately after retiring from the military because of their powerful abilities, and they would have to give birth to more and more powerful children for the humans. So that the fighting power of humans can maintain a balance with the vampires. This is really hard though, because the normal vampire's ability is so powerful that it is almost impossible for humans to defeat vampires. But the church believed that with perseverance, humans could one day stand on a level with vampires.

Walking from the direction of this old cemetery slowly rìsing, Mary's cloak only had straps tied around her neck, and when blown by the wind, the cloak immediately swayed from side to side. That marvelous figure made Côte d'Ivoire behind her feel like a torture. Almost 18 years old, his own life was training, training, training. Almost no formal contact with women. Suddenly seeing such a beautiful woman, and always naked in front of himself, it felt a bit strange. Of course the strongest feeling was 'hot', there was an unknown temperature rising upwards within his body, making himself quite uncomfortable.


My wife is a vampire.


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