Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 7

"You know what? We're located in Lewisburg, Ireland, we're going to cross Ireland to get to Berlin and then find a boat there to cross the English Channel, it's a long way to go, I hope you're careful not to get bitten by a walker.

It was the first time Cote d'Ivoire had ever been out of Camarilla, and even after Mary had done the explaining, she still didn't know what it was herself. But the walker's limbs and arms could be clearly seen all the way, so I guess this was Mary's doing. She was indeed strong, but like a madman, and had no idea what she was trying to do.

"Mary ...... can I call you?"

"Sure, I like that name. Do you want to ask something?"

Côte d'Ivoire sank back and asked curiously, "I don't think it would have been possible for you to come back to life if I had shown up earlier and stopped the ceremony from starting."

"Perhaps. But I came to my senses after the 'Sage's Stone' appeared in the magic formation. It wouldn't have been possible for you, a human, to stop it at that point. Unless an opponent of my strength stepped in. But even so, there were vampires and humans everywhere at the time, and I was able to collect enough blood to revive me. Though mine temporarily fell, in the end it was a battle between strengths."

The seven fourth generation vampire elders of Kamalila had sent a squad of eight to stop the resurrection of Bloody Mary, the matriarch of the 'Magic Feast Alliance', the Theretian clan. It was not until now that Côte d'Ivoire realized that, not to mention a squad of 8 people, even if all the humans and vampires in the entire Camarilla were sent out, there was no way to stop Bloody Mary's resurrection. She was ready to come back to this world.

"Can I ask another question? What is the best way to kill a third generation vampire?"

Mary smiled and replied, "There are actually many ways, but none of them are beyond your reach. The most effective way is the 'last drop of blood' curse. Sucking the last blood from the entire body of a third generation vampire and then sucking the last drop of blood into your own body, this will make the third generation vampire completely turn into a cloud of dust. We tried it once, and this method does work."

"Tried it once? Could it be that you had once killed another third generation vampire?"

"Apparently, that's what happened. There are 14 third generation vampires, not 13 as you know. But we dislike the number 14, 13 is what we believe in. So we decided to take out one of them. Cappadocia was the victim. He also had the same power as us, but not strong enough to fight the other 13 vampires of the same class. We ended up draining all the blood from him, then called in a regular human to suck the last drop out of him. Solving the vampire's curse on him. That human turned into smoke along with Cappadocia and disappeared into the world."

Sure enough, it was something that couldn't be done on its own. I don't know what else Mary was hiding, but it was obvious that she didn't want to kill herself. Côte d'Ivoire was also quite curious about this question. But Côte d'Ivoire didn't ask anymore, because the question might be simple or complicated. Anyway, Côte d'Ivoire was going to follow her all the way, and would always find a way to kill her. Of course, one of the most likely things to do was ...... the 'Sage's Stone'.

The power of the 'Sage's Stone' could awaken Bloody Mary from her slumber, so thinking with the opposite theory, it should also be able to make her sleep again from her awakening. The legendary 'Sage's Stone' was the crystallization of the power that God used to support this world. As long as this world existed, there would be 'Sage's Stone' appearing. Although he didn't know when the next 'Sage's Stone' would appear, Côte d'Ivoire believed that one day he would find one and use its power to seal Bloody Mary once again. By following her side now, he might be able to find a way to kill her.

"Strange, who the hell killed all the walkers here? It's not just zombies, but also animal corpses, and most importantly I smell another smell that shouldn't be in this world."

Côte d'Ivoire had actually seen these zombies and animal corpses a long time ago, and had thought that it could have been Mary's doing, but upon closer examination, he knew that it couldn't be. How could a high and mighty third-generation vampire like Mary have such a rude way of crushing zombies and animals into pulp? And there were huge fist marks and foot money all around. Like a giant, but not like this, because these fist and foot prints were too dense, and likewise too big, if it was really a giant, then it was at least 20 meters tall, and I'm afraid it was more than that.

"A flavor that doesn't belong to this world?" Côte d'Ivoire asked curiously, "What do you mean by that?"

"It's not hard to explain, only an ancient monster has awakened. He is waiting for his master, let's go, this matter has nothing to do with us, as long as that thing doesn't come to mess with me, I won't kill him, I don't want to offend the sky and the earth because of this." Mary laughed contemptuously, as if an ancient monster awakening wasn't a big deal at all. This was something that was simply unimaginable within Côte d'Ivoire's cognizance. What kind of ancient monster could it be?

Côte d'Ivoire immediately approached Mary as he had already seen those footprints, and although he didn't know if Mary was telling the truth, it was certain that there was one such monster nearby. And this monster should have left already, right, at least some time ago there was no strange thing encountered at all, and there was no loud noise heard recently. It could be that these footprints were left a long time ago.

In the history of mankind, something like this almost never really appeared. But ever since the 'Dark Rì' descended, all sorts of strange creatures have appeared in this world. Humanity's barrier was getting weaker and weaker. At one time, these creatures had been living in hiding in a place where humans couldn't find them, perhaps because they were afraid of humans. Now that humans had gone extinct on a large scale, the remaining mourning corpses were actually easy to take care of if they weren't too numerous, so the strange creatures all began to revive.

At the very beginning was the unicorn, the purest of creatures possessing silver-white sized blood and a beautiful appearance not dissimilar to that of a steed. There was a horn on its forehead in various forms. There were only two colors, black and white, but while some unicorns also had wings, others only had the body of a horse. Unicorns with wings are very rare, and the black color is also very rare. Unicorns have a very high IQ and are easy to control, but it usually only recognizes one master, and even if that master dies and it finds another master, the unicorn will still remember him forever.

Unicorns have always been protected by the Vanjo clan for fear that humans would learn of their existence and thus completely destroy this fine breed that is about to go extinct. Since the vampires had gained control of the humans, the unicorns had zì yóu too. Now the number is rising in a straight line, their running speed is very fast, the charging force is very strong, and can continue to run for several days, so they are not afraid of zombies at all even in the wild can also be very good to live.


My wife is a vampire.


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