Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 8

Immediately followed by werewolves, the situation of wolves is very similar to humans, they are also creatures that have been captured by vampires, the same way there are wild werewolves, they are a group of uncompromising terrorists. In fact, all werewolves are terrorists, but when the werewolves are just transformed, they are completely in a state of insanity, and they will only follow the orders of a powerful force. But slowly the madness will be weakened, they will slowly learn how to change back to a human and recover their sanity and human xìng. so in the vampire society, as soon as a werewolf regains his sanity, he will be executed immediately, and then he will be allowed to transform into another human, so that this just transformed werewolf will continue to protect himself. But werewolves are not qualified to enter the reserve at all, because werewolves and zombies are the same, as long as the bite of a human, the human will be transformed, the only safe is the vampire, the transformation of the vampire need both parties in the voluntary situation.

Then all kinds of monsters and freaks came out, and the vampires shared their ancient knowledge, and the humans began to train in the most basic fighting skills with the lowest level of magic. The Merduaner clan were human wizards before they were converted, and their ancient knowledge taught some gifted humans the ability to use magic. But the humans used only some very low level and very simple magic.

Côte d'Ivoire was already considered to be very gifted, he had learned all the low level magic taught by the vampires, but they were too low level, just simple control and simple morphing for the elements. They were the most basic and low level magic, no matter how high the talent of others was, vampires would never let humans have too much power, because vampires also feared humans at the same time. Humans have been letting vampires live in the yīn shadow for thousands of years, and vampires are afraid of what humans can do. So it is absolutely impossible to give humans too much power.

Humans had also started to make vampires fearful because of the amazing strength they had exerted in extreme situations, and the powerful fighting strength of the 'Holy Crusaders'. Geniuses like Côte d'Ivoire were also becoming more and more common, and by the fact that humans could reproduce, the offspring would also inherit their parents' talents, which was one of the most depressing things for vampires.

Of course this was a good thing for the vampires, they would choose good humans and transform them into powerful vampires if they wanted to. In fact most of the humans wanted that as well. Vampires were very high status and could live forever. Aside from not being able to walk in the sunlight and having to drink blood, being a vampire is far better than being a fragile human.

Such was the case with the awkwardly neutral race of humans that there were four end points for humans. The first is death, the second is being transformed into a vampire by accepting a vampire's gift. The third is to be bitten by a werewolf and turned into a strong werewolf, but only after the most agonizing years of madness. The last path is also the one that humans least want to take, after being bitten by a zombie, transformed into a walking corpse.

Among these paths, the most unwanted one is of course transforming into a zombie, followed by death, although being a werewolf is also dangerous and cowardly, one can gain far more strength and speed than a human, and there is not much difference in life from a human. Aside from a few years of madness, being a werewolf is actually the most willing choice a human can make. But werewolves, like humans, age slowly, but live far longer and are much younger. Vampires are definitely the best choice, but vampires are very strict in selecting their offspring, and not just any human qualifies to be a vampire.

Vampire selection must first follow handsome, physically tall men, and beautiful, lovely women. This was still only the most prerequisite condition, one's xìng character and ability had to be tested as well, a series of tests continued, and those who were qualified to become vampires almost always stayed in the 'Holy Crusaders'. Their pious trust would never allow them to become a foreigner. However, there were some who chose to be transformed voluntarily after retiring in order to obtain permanent green chūn and greater power.

Nowadays, other than Bloody Mary, the most powerful vampires are the four generations of elders, and every saint is transformed by the elders themselves, allowing them to become the most powerful five generations of vampires other than themselves. That is, to become a Blood, they must be loyal to the Blood, and the Elders believe in them. Because the moment they become a vampire, they are no longer human, and they will no longer think about the interests of humans. Because their pursuits are already completely different from those of humans.

Of course this was only the entanglement between humans and vampires, for a vampire like Mary who was so powerful that she could already fight against God, there was no longer any need to consider such issues at all. Now that Mary was the most powerful vampire in the world today, she could easily rule the entire world. After all, there weren't many humans left in this world, and it was too easy to rule them.

However, Mary's interest in those zombies was quite strong, it was unthinkable that human beings could even transform into other species. The zombies were indeed quite attractive, their IQ was so low that they had no fear at all. The sheer number of them was also a very troublesome thing. Even if one attacked with the most powerful blood magic, I'm afraid that even if one fought continuously for a thousand years, there was no way to kill all 6 billion. This number was simply amazing, humans could even reproduce to this extent, if this was the number, I'm afraid that even God would die at their hands.

This catastrophe has come at the right time, if it continues to reproduce, it is estimated that there is no room for other species to survive. It's no wonder this is happening, this is nature punishing mankind ......

"Côte d'Ivoire, you don't need to get so close. Are you still worried that I don't have the means to protect you? Or are you simply trying to take advantage?"

"I wouldn't dare to take advantage of a third generation vampire, I'm just simply scared. It's fine to deal with zombies, but a giant would be too scary. I've never seen a giant in my life, can they really grow to be tens of meters tall?"

Mary nodded, "The tallest one I've seen is probably over 200 meters. But the one that left footprints this time wasn't a giant, it was just a monster that looked like a human. Don't worry about it, it's just a poor little guy. Better worry about the zombies in front of you."

Mary stared at the front of this wild area, a few walkers stood up inside the low weeds. It was just a small scene, a few useless zombies, slow moving and with little intelligence, inside a zombie's head, all they knew how to do was rush up and bite with their teeth, eating what parts of themselves they could until that tiny stomach couldn't take it anymore.


My wife is a vampire.


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