Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 9

The human stomach is only the size of a fist, no matter how much it is packed it can't actually hold much. The amount of food a zombie could eat was actually very limited, but what killed them the most was the quantity, and the intense poison they carried. This kind of poison was ineffective against vampires, but against humans there was no way to lift the curse.

Côte d'Ivoire immediately pulled out the 'Constantine' behind his back and carefully counted, there were only 5 zombies. Rushing up and slashing one by one, he chopped off 5 heads down in a few seconds.

"The stance is comparable to a Bruch clan vampire warrior now, and you can use magic. If I transform you into a 4th generation vampire, you must be very strong. But I feel like that would be a waste of your talent. Would you be interested in becoming a third generation vampire? You would also gain power beyond that of a god."

"A third generation vampire? How is that possible, second generation vampires don't exist in this world anymore."

Mary laughed badly and walked to Côte d'Ivoire's side with her hands clasped, explaining, "It's true that second-generation vampires no longer exist in this world, but the first-generation vampire, Cain, isn't dead, so as long as you find Cain, use his blood to transform a second-generation vampire, and use the second-generation vampire to transform you into a third-generation. That way you can become the 14th third generation vampire. You will definitely be the strongest third generation vampire. So far, I haven't seen a human as strong as you."

Côte d'Ivoire didn't have a problem with Marie's statement either, having already proved countless times that she could already fight fourth generation vampires with her human body. The patriarchs of the seven clans within the Kamalila Reserve were all fourth generation vampires, and they were all tough. But all the clan heads would fear Côte d'Ivoire just because of his super strength. Whether it was strength, speed, or reflexes, he could rival them, and he could even use simple magic.

But ...... Côte d'Ivoire still couldn't defeat the four generations of vampires if he didn't have 'Constantine' in his hand, and even with 'Constantine' he might not be their match. But at least it is possible to fight against each other, which also gives humans hope for victory. There were still ways for humans to fight vampires.

"Do you really believe in this legend? As far as I know, no one in this world has seen Cain before."

"Indeed no. The only people who have seen Cain are second generation vampires, but they were all killed."

Côte d'Ivoire nodded and laughed, "If my guess is correct, one of the reasons you killed the second generation vampires was probably because they were unwilling to tell you the whereabouts of Cain. You want to become the most powerful vampires, you have to stop Cain from producing the next second generation vampire, so you want to kill Cain."

"Smart, I like smart men. By the way, how long have we been walking? It's only been this far, I'm afraid it's going to be years at this rate. Is there a farm or something nearby, we'd be faster if we made a wagon."

"A wagon?" Côte d'Ivoire really admired Mary's imagination, cars and airplanes were very common means of transportation in this age, and she was still thinking about carriages. However, for a vampire who had been sleeping for a thousand years, even if she drank someone else's blood and got the memories, it was impossible for her to understand everything that was going on.

For a vampire with this ability it was still a puzzle, and it was thought that it wasn't a case of completely getting someone's memories for the rest of their life. Otherwise her brain would have crashed because of it, right? It probably felt like watching some fast forward movie, just images flashing past inside her head.

"Mary, could you fly up to the sky and observe to see if there are any abandoned cities nearby. You should be able to find some gasoline and transportation inside the city."

"Then take care of yourself." A pair of blood wings stretched out directly behind Mary's back, and the size of her blood wings was not something that could be compared to the Thothite Clan she saw before. A pair of blood wings were more than ten meters long after unfolding, styled like tattered bat wings, and with barbs and spikes all around, it looked like it could be used for more than just flying, and its attacking power was definitely not small.

After Mary took off into the air, the whole person instantly disappeared, only to see a blood light flashing across the sky. How strong are the three generations of vampires ...... they really are. This is still just one of the ones that just awakened, she definitely possesses the ability that is enough to exterminate the world, fortunately, the current Bloody Mary doesn't have such thoughts. If all three generations of vampires awakened, then this world would only be destroyed this way.

"It's ****ing awesome, and it's not afraid of sunlight, and it can be used without sucking blood. If I have the chance, I also want to turn into a third generation vampire and try it out. At least then I'll have the ability to fight against them."

Côte d'Ivoire stepped forward, it was an endless grassland, and from the path under his feet you could actually tell that it used to be farmland. It had been deserted after the Dark Rì, I guess. I don't know how many years it's been, it's fortunate that the temperature in Ireland isn't too high, otherwise how lush would these weeds have become?

Côte d'Ivoire's feelings were actually quite complicated, not knowing what to do. The mission had failed and the third generation of vampires had resurrected, this was a fact that could not be denied. There was no one who could stop Bloody Mary anymore, she was too strong. Her attitude directly determines the life and death of this world. But if she could bring back her memories from when she was human and let her know that this world was still worth protecting, maybe she would turn into a good vampire.

Other than that there really wasn't anything Ivory Coast could do, and of course the main thing right now was to go find Mary a dress and pants first. She all day in front of their own ** body running around ...... again how Côte d'Ivoire is also a man, and is a youth chūn period boy, always like this which can stand ah?

But after this idea, Côte d'Ivoire also feel pity. Because Mary looks really beautiful, black sè long hair, such as amber eyes, beautiful face, jīng clever features, and her mouth. Mary is indeed a rare beauty, by which in the case of seeing only zombies every day, it is even more beautiful.

Côte d'Ivoire couldn't help but say, ''If she wasn't a third generation vampire, I should really consider marrying her as my wife after retirement. But third generation vampires are too strong, I'm really afraid that if I have a disagreement with something in the future she'll bite me to death."

"I will consider this offer, but you can rest assured that even if it bites you to death, I have a way to bring you back to life."

Suddenly hearing Mary's voice startled Côte d'Ivoire, Bloody Mary had actually run to her side without even noticing. It was like a ghost, no sound could be heard at all.


My wife is a vampire.


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