Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 10

Watching Côte d'Ivoire stunned, Marie suddenly smiled flirtatiously, "Little virgin, do you want your big sister to give you some warmth? How about I teach you how to be a man?"

"Forget it, I'm not interested. " Côte d'Ivoire immediately took a step back, "Bloody Mary I can't beat you, but if you try to do anything to me I'll fight back desperately."

"Hmph~ I've never heard of a woman forcing herself to do anything to a man."

"Hmm~ Before the Darkness Rì descended, things like that happened often. Not just one woman, but even many women forced themselves on a man. In the end, it caused the man to break down and run away, and finally report it to the Jǐng."

Mary stared at Côte d'Ivoire with an indescribable expression, "This world is too chaotic now, isn't it. I slept for a whole thousand years right ...... Then it should be 2588 AD now right?"

Côte d'Ivoire immediately explained, "Actually, it's not so exaggerated, it's now the year 2025 in the park. You've only been asleep for about five hundred years. If you died in 1588, then you should have only slept for about five hundred years. The time when the Dark Rì descended was December 21, 2012, and it was from that day that the zombies began to appear."

"It's only been thirteen years, it's amazing that humanity has fallen to such a state. The zombies are weak, but they are the ones who should be the strongest, right? We vampires have worked hard for so many thousands of years without pushing the humans to this point, and instead, we are being pushed by the humans to yīn darkness for survival." Mary waved her hand, "It doesn't matter, this has nothing to do with me anyway. There's a town just a few kilometers ahead, I went to check it out and there wasn't much in the way of zombies."

"That would be the static category. There are actually different varieties of zombies, and there isn't really much difference, but there are some differences in the way they behave. There are some zombies that don't want to move and just lie in place, but as soon as a living thing passes by, they will immediately awaken and chase after it. Once they can't chase it, they will lie still again, just like a dead zombie."

There were actually other zombie varieties, normal zombies were usually always in the awakened state, they chased after any living person, humans or animals they ate, even vampires or werewolves. Because they are active, they are also the easiest to fall into their traps. As long as they were surrounded even the most powerful humans would be torn to pieces. Their numbers were so staggering that there was no way a human could be a match for the zombie horde. Even vampires would feel shocked by the sheer number of each other.

Then there were the most terrifying walkers, the smallest troop of walkers would be over ten thousand in number. Or even a hundred thousand, a million, or ten million. The places where such a troop of walkers traveled would only be left in ruins, nothing. Even the mighty Kamalila Reserve could not let stop them. Because the numbers were too huge, no matter how high the walls were, they could step on the corpses of their companions, and even if their speed was slow, even if their combat power was low, their numbers would always be one of the biggest troubles.

Dealing with ordinary remote zombies could be solved with combat, but the walker troops only had their intellect to deal with them. Outside of the Kamalila Reserve, there was a very impressive human organization, there were only a few dozen of them, maybe slightly more, but this unit's mission was to observe the walker troops. If they come into the vicinity of Kamalila, or if the direction is towards Kamalila, the people in this group will throw fresh animal carcasses, fresh blood, fire their guns, make noise, so that the group of walkers will follow their own rhythm, so that the walkers will change their target to themselves, and change their direction. In order to keep Kamalila safe.

Inside the walker team, there will be a leading walker, as long as the leading walker changes direction, all the walkers behind will follow and change direction. This also meant that as long as the leader died, these walkers would run around. Then they will form some smaller walker units, but if some other walker units pass by, the two will converge and change to become even bigger. The second scenario allows the target to get bigger and smaller in number, and by changing the direction of just one walker, Kamalila's safety is assured.

So this troop wants the troop of walkers to get bigger and bigger, which also makes it safer. Because small groups of walkers could be deadly at times, Kamalila could only bully the lowest level walkers.

"You can handle whatever it is, even if you can't I can help. Remember not to get bitten though, yo."

Mary led Côte d'Ivoire towards the town to the southeast, and Côte d'Ivoire had no intention of continuing to stick so close to Mary's body. And certainly had no intention of letting Mary save her life one more time so that she would owe Mary another favor. As a 'Saint' one could never owe a favor to a vampire, and neither would one form an alliance with any vampire. Even if it was just a mutual rescue relationship it was absolutely fine.

The reason why saints were worshipped by humans was because of their devout trust and unchangeable rules. Ivory Coast took two steps back and said nothing. Because he had so little contact with women, Côte d'Ivoire still had no idea how to talk to women.

"Côte d'Ivoire, what is this thing you say about gasoline and cars? How much faster than a horse? It can't be right, I think the fastest and longest lasting horse after the unicorn, not home what can pull a car other than a horse?"

"This world is developing very fast, it's no longer the era of horse-drawn carriages. Now everyone rides in cars. It's a carriage, but it doesn't have to be pulled by a horse anymore, it's the car itself that will move."

Mary looked at Côte d'Ivoire in surprise, "Humans have brought cars to life?"

"That's about it, the car doesn't need to sleep, just give him some water." Actually, Côte d'Ivoire wanted to say gasoline, but Mary would be in trouble if she asked about gasoline again. But what could you find inside a small town? Gasoline was so volatile xìng that it wouldn't take long for the whole barrel to run out. As this series of things went on explaining, it would probably be dark, and it wouldn't be possible to reach that nearby town, let alone the surrounding towns.

"It's simply amazing that you can work with just water. In the past, I needed to take care of the horse, and just taking care of the horse required a lot of steps. I can't imagine that there are such convenient pets as cars now, don't all humans kinda like cars. At least I think everyone should have one of these cars."

"That's impossible, we simply don't have that much gasoline for everyone to use cars. And there are no refineries anymore, so cars are pretty much scrap. But every city will have two of the most important supply stations, and that's food and gasoline."

Côte d'Ivoire was very respectful of Mary's abilities, but there was no way to keep the world alive without having to find a way to take her out. How about creating a car crash? If the impact was big enough ............ In fact, Côte d'Ivoire didn't want to think about it any more, going so far as to be prepared to murder the third generation of vampires with a seemingly accidental car crash. If it really worked, a third generation vampire would be far less scary than one might think.


My wife is a vampire.


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