Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 11

The desolate grassland was nothing but short grass so green that it was black. From time to time, there would be zombies that smelled humans suddenly awakening. But there was no way that this little number could pose a threat, even an ordinary human could easily be taken care of with a knife in his hand.

This is a hammer deal, only need to attack the head of the zombie can make it completely dead. But the zombie was the same way, all it needed was a bite, and the human would either choose to die or fall. But as long as there were teammates around, none of them would allow such a thing as transformation to happen.

But there was one thing that was strange, as long as they were transformed into a vampire or a werewolf, they wouldn't be infected by the zombie's virus after being bitten. But losing a piece of flesh was also something very painful. Yet they could resist the zombie's virus, only humans, who were the most vulnerable and changeable.

Soon a human settlement was seen in the distance, it looked like it was just a small town, not many houses. Mary was quite curious about everything here since she was from a few hundred years ago.

"Is this the current style of architecture? It's completely different from the houses we used to live in. It feels ...... strange how it's all piled up with stones. I think it should be a bit more comfortable with a wooden structure."

"What kind of place did you live in before? What did you usually do?" Côte d'Ivoire was also quite curious about Bloody Mary's life, as a third-generation vampire, what kind of life did she really lead before she was transformed into a vampire.

Mary skimmed her lips and replied, "I used to live in a very luxurious and beautiful palace, serving me with so many servants that I don't even remember their names. At that time, I wanted to work hard to develop the economy and military of the Frontier Capital Dynasty, and of course, I had to consolidate the power of the king. However, there was some trouble. My father, Henry VIII, abolished the Catholic Church and founded the Anglican Church in order to consolidate the power of the king. But my sister abandoned the Anglican Church again and restored Catholicism. Eventually I succeeded to the throne at the age of 25 and restored the Anglican Church again.

Because my abandonment of Catholicism upset someone, that person converted me into a vampire. I couldn't have imagined that that person would be a second generation vampire, and after transforming me, I became what I am now. It's been going on for a long time, even I don't remember how long it lasted."

"You're actually a Queen?"

"That's for sure, I was destined to become a Queen after I was born, so I studied a lot and jīngled the languages of six countries before I was twenty-five. But I was born with some psychic ability, some psychic ability that ordinary people can't understand. As a result, I was locked up in the Tower of London until the heirs to the throne were all dead, and only then did I come out of the Tower to inherit the throne. Under my leadership, England became the most powerful nation in Europe. I didn't have an heir, though, and I didn't marry myself off for 70 years of my life."

"I'm sorry, I'm not good at history, so I don't know much about what happened in the past ...... "Côte d'Ivoire can't do anything about it, all day long is just training and there's no time to read at all, it's just that I can't imagine that the legendary Bloody Mary was actually a virgin. Besides, there is no need to understand history at all now, because it is now a part of history, the darkest part. There was no telling how long it would take for humanity to come back to life. So far, it was still teetering on the edge of life and death.

Côte d'Ivoire still remained skeptical about the story Marie was telling, not understanding what was going on. Although there would be some discrepancies in her identity, there was absolutely no way that it could be that much of a discrepancy. The Fronto Dynasty was 400 years ago in England, was Bloody Mary really just a 400 year old blood sucking ghost? This is absolutely impossible. So Côte d'Ivoire had very strong doubts about Bloody Mary's identity.

But Côte d'Ivoire saw hope in Mary, who didn't seem to be as bad as the legend. Although a third-generation vampire, Mary was charming and had a good heart. She was also once a queen, where humans could live and breed and eventually defeat the powerful zombies if Mary was willing to protect them.

Indeed Mary was a hope, and although she was always thought to be evil, Mary was quite kind to herself. She killed a lot of people when she was first resurrected, but at that time, she should have been confused nerves, and the impulse to devour blood controlled her instincts.She also saved herself after she regained her senses. Maybe ...... maybe she is a good person is not necessarily said.

With Mary to this town, there are constantly zombies awakened, but as long as the number is not too many, Mary are not even need to make a move. Côte d'Ivoire to solve these small role sè is already very enough. Côte d'Ivoire immediately began to look around, all the homes, all the stores, all the supermarkets, collected everything that he thought was useful. Finally dragging a cart full of them back to Mary's side.

"Put this on, it's the clothes I found for you, you should like them. I found a lot of gasoline, now just go find a cart."

"What's this?" Mary picked up a bar of soap immediately removing the outside bag and then took a bite into the soap.

"Ahhhh... it's awful. Is that what you humans eat?"

"Genius, that stuff isn't edible. It's for bathing." Côte d'Ivoire really admired this third-generation vampire for not even having seen soap before. Of course the thing called soap hadn't been invented before, but one should at least know that such things were used for bathing.

"Bathing?" Mary stared at Côte d'Ivoire in surprise, and likewise Côte d'Ivoire stared at Mary in surprise.

"I don't suppose you've even heard of bathing. Cleaning your body with water ......"

Mary thought for a long time, then nodded, "Isn't it only when atoning for sins and wanting to wash away the sins on your body that you would use a wash to clean your body? If it's only used to cleanse the body ...... I wash it about once every 3 years."

"No wonder you never married in your life, you don't even bathe. How bad would that body stink?"

"It doesn't matter, we use perfume." The way Marie said it as a matter of course, Ivory Coast couldn't believe it. Didn't anyone in ancient times need to bathe?

But it was true in Marie's time, medieval Europe usually didn't bathe. Bathing was even recognized as a form of medical treatment. Because of Catholicism, they believed that cleansing the body with water was a sign of washing away sins, so they didn't want to bathe themselves, which would be like identifying themselves as sinful.

That's why women in medieval Europe were in the habit of catching lice on their own bodies, and lice became synonymous with yùwant. But the stench on their bodies had to be dealt with somehow, so they had a very high demand for perfumes and scented powders. But such bad habits also allowed the plague to run rampant in medieval Europe. Of course it wasn't that they didn't bathe at all, they just did it very sparingly, once a year was already considered very frequent. There were also people who did not want to bathe even once in their lives. This situation has continued until the 18th century, bathing behavior slowly began to be common.

;- My wife is a vampire.

My wife is a vampire.


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