Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 14

Mary said regretfully, "Like I said, I'm not really much different from a human now. You wouldn't understand this kind of thing, I have made great sacrifices in order for my body to have access to sunlight, to be able to feed on something other than blood, and to be able to let my body experience pain and pleasure. So did the other three generations of vampires. But after I awakened, I felt it was all worth it. Without such sacrifices, how could I have felt warmth and pleasure, and certainly not the itch."

"So, in that case, you three generations of vampires were not allowed to touch the sunlight when you first started, just like all the others?"

Mary nodded, "That's for sure, after being turned into a vampire, all our senses are gone. There was nothing that could give us satisfaction other than sucking blood. Because the power is too strong, we suck blood like crazy. The body can't feel cold or hot, and inside we can't feel happy or angry, love or hate. So we began to sleep, because we no longer have any attachment to this world, if we continue, it will only make our heart completely lost, we want to experience the feeling of once being a human, want to taste the delicious taste other than blood ...... Of course, we also want to see ourselves. Because vampires don't have shadows, we don't know what we look like, and gradually we even forget ourselves, only imagining inside our heads. It's actually pretty miserable to be a vampire."

"I can see that, but you have the ability to not die, eternal green chūn, and great power. It's all powerful that humans can't fight against."

"I'd rather trade everything I have for the pleasure I get when I eat a piece of chicken. But there's no need for that now, I have such power that I regained all the sensations of being a human. A hot bath is simply too comfortable. I felt really good to have another person bathing for me. Thank you for those sleeping rìs."

Côte d'Ivoire still couldn't believe that everything Mary said was true, and seeing Mary closing her eyes and enjoying herself, Côte d'Ivoire immediately gently traced the center of Mary's foot with her finger.

"Ah~~ that tickles, what are you doing?"

Côte d'Ivoire skimmed her lips and replied, "I'm doing a little test to see if you've really regained your human senses. The test was successful, you really weren't lying. Since you have regained your human senses, what are you going to do now? Why are you going to Sabat? Is there anything you want or someone you want to see in it?"

"Yes, I'm looking for a holy artifact. It is of the same class as your 'Constantine'. 'Longinus', which is a lance, is hidden in Sabat right now. With 'Longinus' in my possession, I can use it to kill the other three generations of vampires. That way I would be the most powerful existence in the world, and only then could I rest easy. Since none of the other third generation vampires had awakened, I was going to finish them off before they did. It will be easier that way, and if they completely awaken, everyone will be on the same starting line, I won't be able to kill them, and they won't be able to kill me."

"'Longinus', does it really exist? Legend has it that it was the weapon that killed God. It is stained with God's precious blood, and it possesses a very strong power."

"It's obviously true, so I'm ready to ......"

Before Mary could finish, Côte d'Ivoire tapped Mary's foot, "Change one, you continue."

"Later, I'm not in the mood right now." Mary switched feet and Côte d'Ivoire immediately began cleaning Mary's feet for her. But the cleaning only ended as far as the thighs. For beyond that was a forbidden place, a forbidden place that could not be touched. One possessed the creed of the 'Saints', and one must never do anything that would renege on one's oath. Before retiring at the age of 30 absolutely can not have sex with any woman ...... But if further, Côte d'Ivoire is really afraid that I will not be able to hold back. And it is estimated that Mary she is on purpose, although she does not know what her intention is, but this intention must be very evil.

After cleaning her feet, Marie leaned her body forward and sat in front of Côte d'Ivoire, waiting for him to clean her body for her, and on the front. Côte d'Ivoire was also biting his lip and holding on for dear life, although he kept control internally, though his body had already reacted. I should say that the physical reaction hadn't subsided since seeing Marie. But after all, humans are not beasts, humans have very strong control, by which are humans with faith.

Slowly working his way down from his shoulders and cleaning Mary's chest, Côte d'Ivoire tried his best not to think about messy things to stabilize himself. But it was really hard for Côte d'Ivoire, even so he gritted his teeth and held on. It wasn't that anything happened to Côte d'Ivoire if he couldn't hold on. What Côte d'Ivoire was holding on to was his pure heart, not to be defeated by any temptation.

Suddenly, Marie pressed Côte d'Ivoire's hand and rubbed it back and forth on her chest.

"Yes, that's how hard it has to be for comfort. It's so hard for me to be able to enjoy human sensations, you should be working hard for me. I need to experience human sensations so I can know how to live in peace with humans."

Feeling comfortable doing this, with an indescribable pleasure inside, Marie pressed her hand against Côte d'Ivoire, rubbing it harder and harder. It was hardly a shower anymore, Marie's goal never changed, it was her breasts, but because of her strength, Côte d'Ivoire couldn't even try to give her hand back, even though her hand was covered in soapy bubbles, it should be very slippery. But for some reason, the hand just wouldn't retract.

It was pressed by Mary for a long time, and then Mary switched to the other side of the chest and started to continue rubbing it again. For Mary, a vampire who had lived for so long, this was a really weird feeling, hardly knowing why it was happening, but her own body just gave off wonderful sensations without her realizing it, making it impossible for Mary to stop herself.

"Enough with the washing." Côte d'Ivoire moved his hand hard down to wash the small of Mary's back. Both of them had to be calmed down a little...

"There, all washed. Rinse with water and put your clothes on."

"No, you said to wash every place." Mary stood up in the middle of the tub, then started her legs a little, "There are still places you didn't wash. You said to keep your body clean."

Côte d'Ivoire was on the verge of tears, "Can I take that back? You can pretend I didn't say it."

"How can that be, I must learn how humans live, you can't do it halfway. If I can't live a normal life with humans and have a conflict with someone and then kill them. You shouldn't want to see that happen."


My wife is a vampire.


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