Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 15

Ivory Coast couldn't argue with that one, a third-generation vampire's request couldn't really be argued with on its own. So picking up the soap he rubbed it on his own hands and then stroked it across towards the small of Mary's back. This was followed by her ass, and after all of it was smeared with soap, Côte d'Ivoire began to clean it.

"Ahh~~......" Mary's thighs suddenly tightened and she almost fell over. Fortunately, there was a handle next to hold, otherwise just now would really fall inside the bathtub. This kind of feeling ...... this kind of feeling ...... that has never been experienced before.

"What's wrong with you?" Côte d'Ivoire had an unusually calm expression and stared at Mary curiously.

Mary just shook her head, "Nothing, you continue."

Mary gritted her teeth, red-faced until Côte d'Ivoire cleaned it, and then used water to clean the soap bubbles, the water and fingers touching the top of the feeling is completely different, as if it is Côte d'Ivoire's fingers have a special magic, will be their own soul hollowed out as if. The kind of feeling just now ...... If Côte d'Ivoire cut off his head with Constantine at that instant, I am afraid that he will really succeed. Although the head was cut off one would not die, one could immediately snatch the head back and put it back on the body. If one would hang if one's head was cut off, then one would not be qualified to fight against God at all.

Mary also knew that the most effective and feasible method within the methods to kill a third generation vampire so far was to drain his blood, which would make the vampire immediately go up in smoke. Other than that, the only thing Mary could think of was 'Longinus'. If the blood of Jesus couldn't make the third-generation vampire hang, then there was really no way out. Although it was almost impossible for other third generation vampires to come back to life, it was still important to prepare the necessary things just in case. At least if he had a weapon in hand, he wouldn't need to worry about another third generation vampire who had just been revived and didn't even have a weapon. One's chances of victory would also be much higher. Then there was this human beside her ......

Mary was very interested in this human, as a human was actually able to use a blood holy weapon like 'Constantine'. Moreover, his strength could even fight against high-level vampires, it was hard to imagine how he had trained himself to be so strong. Has humanity already begun its next step of evolution? At the time of the extinction of the human race, only the toughest branch survived, would these humans surpass the vampires if they continued to reproduce? Or even three generations of vampires?

Humans are indeed a magical creature, gods and devils are strong, but in the end, they are still only going to heaven and hell, humans will always control everything here, vampires are also strong, but only hide in the yīn shadows. Werewolves are strong, but can only hide under the shelter of vampires. In this world, humans were actually considered to be the weakest race, but humans were strengthened after every holocaust, and they were the ones who could control in this world in various ways.

Although she didn't understand exactly why this was happening, Mary felt like she wanted to research it. Witness how humanity had become stronger, how humanity had faced this challenge. Perhaps this was the cruelest test for humanity, and if humanity made it through this time, history would be rewritten forever. If humanity didn't make it through, history would also be rewritten, and there would be no more humanity in the future.

Mary also felt that it was quite interesting to wake up at this time, unexpectedly stumbled upon this kind of human catastrophe, which was much more fun than the previous time of war. Although you could suck as much blood as you wanted when you were fighting, it was less fun no matter what. With the feeling of being human, you can't let all the other humans die, otherwise you won't be able to experience more.

After Côte d'Ivoire washed Mary's entire body with water, Mary comfortably enjoyed it. I couldn't imagine that bathing was such a comfortable thing to do, it felt so much more refreshing for the whole person.

"It makes me want to wash too, so get dressed and get out. It's my turn to shower now."

Marie nodded and left the bathroom after putting on the clothes Côte d'Ivoire had prepared for him. Côte d'Ivoire had actually prepared clothes for himself, after all, this was a very cold place. But there was no time to wear them, so it was good to warm up while it lasted. Côte d'Ivoire took his pants off and walked to the bathroom and washed them, then filled them with water and soaked in them. It was also a rare feeling, I never thought I'd find a house that used light energy today, and the power supply system wasn't destroyed yet either.

In fact, most of the human ruins were not destroyed, it was just that there were no more humans here. After a comfortable shower, Côte d'Ivoire wore a full suit he had just gotten from the clothing store, as well as an outer trench coat. Since he was surrounded by an ancient man, he had to dress slightly more tastefully. Moreover, in Camarilla, there was no choice at all, the only choice was to wear men's clothes or women's clothes. Like suits had long been seen in movies, but never worn. Obviously nice tasteful clothes were almost always worn by vampires, they all had plenty of nice clothes, but the humans lived a pitiful life. Côte d'Ivoire wanted to try wearing such clothes too.

The shirt, suit, and pants didn't even have a tie, but Côte d'Ivoire still felt pretty good. The whole thing was much warmer with the windbreaker jacket on the outside. It didn't really do much, it was just to satisfy the fact that Côte d'Ivoire had been living under the control of a vampire, not a very good life. So wanting to experience it, in fact Côte d'Ivoire wondered to herself if she would voluntarily be turned into a vampire when she retired.

After walking out of the bathroom Mary had been guarding the doorway, Côte d'Ivoire asked curiously, ''You're still afraid I'll run away? Surprisingly, she has been guarding the doorway."

"It's not that I'm afraid you'll run away, I just want to see if you bathe yourself the same way you bathed for me just now."

"And the result?"

"Pretty much the same."

Côte d'Ivoire thought for a moment, "That's not right, the door was closed, how did you know how I looked in the shower?"

"It's not just a door, I can easily see through it. If I want to, I can see through even a hundred meter wall, not to mention a door."

"How is that possible?"

Mary thought for a moment and replied, "My ability is most of all blood magic, but I was born with a very strong ability. I can control all the blood, as well as all my own blood vessels. Like my capillaries are so tiny that they can pass through any enclosed area, and the capillaries allow me to see everything it touches, like my optic nerve. I also had the ability I had initially, so I could see and hear a lot of things that others thought I didn't know. Because I was so young, everyone else looked at me like I was a monster and locked me inside the Tower of London until I was 25."

"So you're saying ...... you were just spying on me in the shower?"

Mary nodded, "Nice body and ......"

Mary bit her lip and stared at Côte d'Ivoire's pants, feeling as if she was quite aroused. Côte d'Ivoire immediately covered it with her hand and looked at Mary with a very weird expression, not really knowing what this woman was thinking. As a third generation vampire, she seemed to be very horny. Although she was very pretty, because of the existence of the teachings and oaths, Côte d'Ivoire definitely had no other thoughts.

"Let's go, aren't you going to Sabat?"


My wife is a vampire.


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