Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 16

It was a pain in the ass, but now that the car was drivable, Côte d'Ivoire immediately went to the driver's seat and opened the window before poking a head out and tapping on the door, "Hey Mary get in the car we can go. "

Mary's body stopped next to the red sè Ferrari and said very appreciatively, "I actually prefer this one, the color matches me quite well too, and the look is very beautiful. It's amazing that humans can make such things, why don't we use this one."

"No, that car can't hold anything at all. The next road is still long, we have to prepare enough food and water, as well as more gasoline. That kind of car would be useless out there."

Mary skittishly stared at the red sè Ferrari, she really liked it. But Côte d'Ivoire was right, the car was pretty, but pretty wasn't necessarily useful. Humans should make cars that were both pretty and useful.

Mary stood next to the door of the car and froze for a long time, just staring straight at the Côte d'Ivoire inside, not moving a muscle.

"What for? Get in the car."

"You get out of the car ......," Mary said this with the coldest indifference yet, and Côte d'Ivoire had absolutely no idea what was going on, did it mean that Mary was going to drive herself to Sabat? While absolutely convinced that Mary could take a bite out of herself and learn the art of driving from her blood, why would she do that? If Mary was going to drive off by herself, it was never going to leave someone as alive as herself.

Côte d'Ivoire reached out and took hold of the 'Constantine' he had placed upright next to the driver's side, then got out of the car. He didn't think of fighting with Mary, because he couldn't, but he would leave as soon as he had the chance. Although the chances were very small, and it was almost impossible to escape from Mary's clutches, but it was definitely not possible to stand here and wait for death.

Mary pointed to her side again with great impatience, "You, come here ...... Do you still need me to teach you? Open the car door for me, as a gentleman how can you let a lady open the door by herself?"

Côte d'Ivoire suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and immediately ran to Mary's side, reached out and opened the door for her, then very respectfully invited Mary to get into the car. He himself ran to the front to break the other glass wall. This was also to make it easier for his car to drive out, and finally grabbed a map from the dealership.

Côte d'Ivoire got into the car and immediately sent it driving outside, not driving very fast, also so that Mary could get used to it. As an ancient man, the fastest transportation he had ever been in would have been a carriage. The speed of a horse carriage would be good if it could reach 20 kilometers per hour. But this car was estimated to run 100 kilometers per hour would be child's play, with a top time of 160 kilometers. Apart from the need to drive safely, running 70 kilometers per hour shouldn't be a problem, and when encountering a place with better road conditions, it could even run up to 120, which was definitely something Mary hadn't experienced before.

This town was like any other, it was very cluttered and trying to drive slightly faster was impossible. But that was Côte d'Ivoire's plan, to drive slower on purpose, and if she came across any stores she must go in and look for something that she could use, for the kind of time now when she was begging for her life, the only way to last was to desperately ask for everything she needed and utilize it.

So after searching the town for half a day, gasoline, diesel fuel, food, water, these four things are as much as you can get. Gasoline and diesel were rare, so even if you wanted to take more, it wasn't easy. Most of the food was canned, because the other things had long since expired. Even if it hadn't expired, it had long since been chewed up by rats. There are also a lot of minerals, because there are a lot of bottled beverages in small or large supermarkets, almost all of which have expired and are undrinkable, but pure water does not expire. As long as the packaging is still intact are almost always drinkable.

The buildings here are still intact, but they are already covered with plants. The power of nature is truly amazing, even in a world of reinforced concrete, plants can still grow. Humans had disappeared from this place for more than 10 years, and the plants had taken over the world. Although the bodies of animals could be seen occasionally, most of these animals would be eaten by the zombies here.

The wooden structures were the first to fall, and even if they could be secured down they were close to the edge of collapse. All the places were a piece of wreckage, not even a single piece inside each house was intact, papers were scattered everywhere along with other things. The entire world looked like a block of tombstones. The most terrifying thing was the vines and plants, they were crawling all over the place.

Mary also felt that what happened to the city was quite tragic, and shook her head helplessly, ''After the humans disappear everything you have built becomes waste, and it all reverts back to nature's embrace. Maybe after some more time, the city will completely turn into dust and disappear. I don't want humanity to die out, otherwise how boring the world would be~~."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, as long as you don't want humanity to perish, then I can serve you like a lackey. The biggest problem facing humanity right now is the zombies. If you wish for humanity to continue to live, it would be best to wipe out all the zombies."

"I don't have that kind of ability, believe me if I can do it, I will do it. There are too many, even if I kill one a second, it would be impossible to kill them all in 10,000 years. Besides, it's simply impossible for me to keep fighting for so long. The only hope now is that these zombies starve themselves to death. Or simply can't find any humans. Humans will just slowly live and reproduce in one place, killing as many zombies as they come, with humans slowly increasing and zombies slowly decreasing. And I, for one, stand by and witness the moment, I'm definitely not going to do anything to help, but I'll take care of the troublemakers for you."

Côte d'Ivoire was actually quite grateful for Mary's stance and drove off trying to get out of the city as it was just a small town and the two couldn't possibly search all of the town. Passing by a bank, they were about to speed up when Mary immediately waved her hand.

"Stop. Don't you feel that this bank is strange?"

"What's strange about it?"

"All the other buildings are very badly weathered, but this place is very well preserved. It can only mean one thing, that it was inhabited. Maybe not a human, but there must be some place that serves as its lair in this way. You need to know manners when entering someone else's town, I am a Queen and I take etiquette very seriously. Be sure to go and say hello to the owner of this town. Come on down."


My wife is a vampire.


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