Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 17

Côte d'Ivoire nodded and immediately got out of the car. Certainly not forgetting the 'Constantine' at his feet, which was Côte d'Ivoire's greatest weapon. Without this blade in his hand, Côte d'Ivoire would be nothing more than a tough human. Côte d'Ivoire looked back, Marie was still sitting firmly in the car, not moving a muscle, and the expression on her face seemed to be poor and upset. Could it be that the monsters in here are very powerful? Even Mary felt tricky not daring to get out of the car.

"Mary, we'd better go. It looks like the monster inside is so powerful that you don't even dare to come down."

Mary very unhappily looked at the door of the car with her eyes, and her head followed with a big inclination, "Do you still need me to teach you? Be a gentleman."

"Oh~." Côte d'Ivoire suddenly reacted, Mary meant for herself to go and open the car door for her. This Queen is really troublesome, it's not like she doesn't have hands, why is she so insistent that someone else must open the car door for her. It's really strange, what is this woman thinking inside her head. What do you care about etiquette when you're in this situation? A fallen aristocrat is the most unpleasant thing to look at.

However, Côte d'Ivoire still immediately ran to Mary's car door, and very respectfully opened the door for Mary. Mary then stretched out a hand. Côte d'Ivoire was so smart, of course he knew what Mary meant, bent down and lowered his head dragging Mary's hand and kissed it gently.

"What are you doing? I'm asking you to help me out of the car, do you even know what etiquette means?"

"I'm sorry Your Majesty, nobles have disappeared for centuries, how do I know what etiquette means? I've seen it in movies, doesn't a woman reach out for a man to kiss her? Besides, it doesn't matter about things like etiquette. You've been running around naked in front of me for days, and I don't even care that you're being rude anymore."

Mary was so depressed that she wanted to kill Côte d'Ivoire. At the time it was naked because there were no clothes. In fact, Mary herself didn't want to because it was quite cold when she was naked. She also wished she could wear some clothes. But the dress she was wearing now wasn't really very pretty. It was a tight fitting reddish-skinned gown, the kind with a low waist and exposed breasts, with a pair of white silk gloves that Côte d'Ivoire had found in some clothing store and had a feeling that Mary would like the color. it looked a little bit like a gown, but it was a little bit shabby. In fact, most of the clothes had been corroded or moth-eaten, but some of the services were in plastic bands and had been drained of air, so they hadn't been affected.

Côte d'Ivoire didn't wait for Mary to say anything else, and immediately dragged her by the hand to help her out of the car. In fact, such a gesture was useless, it was entirely Mary's own doing, and she herself just reached out, like an invitation. Is this former queen so concerned with etiquette? We've had a bath together, so why bother?

Helping Mary out of the car, Côte d'Ivoire immediately closed the door, then pressed the key and locked it.

"Your Majesty, may I enter?"

Mary gently nodded, revealing a business xìng smile. It did look like it had the air of a queen, after all, after so many years of being a queen, but it made Côte d'Ivoire irritated. Because this feeling was becoming more and more like a vampire. Vampires in front of human beings just always put on an aristocratic look, then they know best, they are not any aristocrat at all, they just retain that kind of filth in their souls, maybe they don't have souls at all.

Côte d'Ivoire helped Mary step by step towards the bank, just as she reached the door of the bank Mary felt a wall of air bouncing her back, but Côte d'Ivoire walked in very gracefully.

"You can't come in?"

Mary nodded, "It's a boundary, and boundaries have their own rules this one rejected me. But it didn't reject you."

Mary looked around and suddenly pointed to a strange wooden post in front of the bank, "That totem is the support point for the knot, cut through it and I can come in."

"Yeah?" Côte d'Ivoire walked over to the totem and gently swung the 'Constantine', cutting it right into two sides. Mary also clearly saw the boundary disappear. Walking directly to the totem from earlier, she crouched down in front of it, a circle of deficits surrounding the totem.

"The one who lives in here is a kobold, and a kobold shaman at that, and he uses this boundary to protect himself from the zombies."

"What does it say? You recognize the writing of the Kobolds?"

"Of course, I'm a third generation vampire. It says 'katulayilusade' which means 'reject species without good souls.' But how could such a rune reject me? Don't I have a soul?"

Côte d'Ivoire said rightfully, "That's for sure, no vampire has a kind soul. Even vampires don't have souls at all."

"I'm not your average vampire, I shouldn't be rejected like that." Mary skimmed her lips in displeasure. But since this boundary would accept Côte d'Ivoire, it proved that he was a person with a pure soul. This also made Mary quite happy, because if a bad person was following around, it at least proved that he was a good person, and with a little bit of training, he should become a nice gentleman. Though Côte d'Ivoire herself didn't want to be any kind of gentleman at all.

"Mary, you never would have gotten in here without me, would you."

"Of course not, I can easily break a low level boundary like this one, I'm just worried that you'll be affected. Because there will be a very strong reaction when the boundary is broken, at least a powerful shockwave will be formed as a way to reduce the strength of the one who broke the boundary. Let's go inside and take a look around and say hello to the owner of this town."

Mary pushed through the bank doors and headed straight inside, a very nice hall that looked like it was brand new even though the humans had been gone for a long time. Sure enough there had been people living here all along, maybe not humans, just a kobold. Côte d'Ivoire hadn't actually seen a kobold before, only heard the word mentioned within the vampire chatter. There were some vampires who were not shy to tell Côte d'Ivoire some legends about kobolds.

Côte d'Ivoire was also one of the few humans who had the qualifications to be able to chat normally with vampires. Vampires were not as ugly as humans after all, and the vampire's hierarchy was very simple, that is, it was honored by strength. As long as they were strong, they would be respected by the vampires. Côte d'Ivoire was a rare strong person within a human, so vampires would be willing to chat with him.

Kobolds, a kind of human evil creature, were mutated from jīng spirits, so kobolds usually had long pointed ears. They have dark greenish skin, are short and ugly red-eyed dwarfs, greedy and mean, and their personality tends to be evil, cunning and good at swindling. They mainly live in the dark underground world, and have a unique order and system of action. Although their culture is not highly developed, they have unique insights in mining and building underground structures, and their combat abilities are weak, but they can make up for their weaknesses by acting in large groups.

My Wife is a Vampire

My wife is a vampire.


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