Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 18

Just after entering the bank found a large number of kobolds are busy carrying a small generation of things, their body does make people feel funny, at most can only reach the knees of the Côte d'Ivoire, one by one cloaked in black sè cloak, can not see the face. But suddenly someone came in, and someone so tall, that one was frightened and hid behind a table or a chair. Only the person in the center was writing with a pen.

"Who is it that comes yù disturbing my city." This kobold was clearly the tallest one, wearing a child-like suit and pointy ears with a pair of ugly glasses. Other than zombies, these were just about the ugliest things Côte d'Ivoire had ever seen.

"Mary, the First."

"The First?" The kobold right in the middle looked up, indeed shocked face suddenly became very ugly. But after just a second, it returned to its work and continued to sign the documents on the table. While signing, he asked: ''Third generation vampire, our once honored Queen's Majesty came here so-called what is the matter? Surprisingly, she even brought the betrayer Judas with her, is it for the purpose of wiping out this pathetic little place of ours? Or just passing through?"

"I just came to say hello to the owner of this town. It's rude to come and go like that."

"Bloody Mary, we jīnglings have never had anything to do with you Bloods, if you are willing to be a guest, we will treat you like a guest, if you have come for war, we will run away without mercy. Although we are just kobolds, our jīng spirit's blood shouldn't be of much help to you. And we are so small, even if you kill us all, you probably won't be able to fill your stomach.

I respect you as a former queen, and I am in awe of you because of the powerful magic. We kobolds are not going to do you any harm or hostility, that is my position as well as my attitude. Now can you tell me what you are here for? If there is anything I need, I will send someone to do it immediately. Even if you want food and gasoline for the whole town I will bring it for you."

"It looks like you know quite a bit."

"Legends are legends after all, but when they become reality they can't be ignored. Three generations of vampires resurrected, I naturally know very well what this means. We kobolds ask for very little, just a little bit of pathetic food scraps, and the rest is your completely useless gold. Oh~~ we love gold. I hereby implore you to let us kobolds have a place in the world to come."

Mary nodded, "I have one more question, that boundary at the door just now, if my jīngling hadn't deteriorated, it would have meant 'rejecting the soulless', the magic of the earth jīng is mysterious and powerful, and I'm wondering if I'm still soulless? "

"No, no, no, Honorable Queen Mary, of course you already have a but it is not a complete soul. And your incomplete soul is within your body, you but have not found him. As for the reason it is very simple, your second birth is not complete. You should already know the answer."

"I see, what a pity. Sleeping for a thousand years surprisingly there was no way to get what I wanted either. I thought I had tried hard enough and it still turned out like this. Is there any way out?"

The kobold skimmed his lips and shook his head regretfully, "There's only one way, you complete what your second birth didn't accomplish in this life. That way you can have a full soul."

"Thank you for your help, I would like to form an alliance with the kobolds to fight against the zombies. In the future I will ask for your help, of course just this one town of kobolds is definitely not enough, I hope you can inform the other kobolds that I will restrict the behavior of humans, and likewise other races, and that the kobolds will have a place in the world in the future. But what I ask of you and your help you must accept. Remember, it is completely unconditional must be accepted."

"I cannot make a decision on this matter, but I will make my case to our honorable clan leader, and hopefully he will accept it. Otherwise I fear the kobolds will be doomed."

"That's right. Either submit to me or go to extinction."

The kobold nodded, "Judas the Betrayer ...... Why are you with Mary?"

Suddenly the kobold didn't feel quite right and closed his eyes and mouthed a mysterious incantation, immediately afterward he opened his eyes and a faint yellow light flashed out of his pupils, then the kobold suddenly laughed, it was hard to see, but you could tell that he was very happy.

"So it was just a human, I thought there were two third generation vampires resurrected. Thank you again for your kindness, an entire clan of kobolds can't stand up to a single third generation vampire, and if you're truly willing to ally yourself with a weak clan of kobolds, I'm sure the Matriarch will say yes."

Mary smiled slightly and nodded gently, "Let's go Côte d'Ivoire."

Côte d'Ivoire had actually been still in shock, never imagining that that little guy would dare to be so arrogant as to do his own thing in front of Mary. I guess he also looked away, if Mary wanted to destroy all the kobolds here, it wouldn't take 5 seconds at all. So he didn't care about everything Mary did, what to do was still what to do. Resisting and running away were useless, and of course if Mary was ready to kill them, even pleasing her was useless. So the pretense of calmness, it was like an empty city.

After Mary gave her word, Côte d'Ivoire came back to her senses and followed Mary's back towards the outside of the bank. As soon as the two turned around, the group of kobolds ran out again to continue doing their thing. None of these evil creatures felt much for their own lives, the only thing they wanted was gold. Wherever the kobolds lived there would be a lot of gold, and this was the most important reason for the massacre by the ancient humans.

That's why before modern times, kobolds almost always hid underground. They could only live in the gold veins and enjoy the impure gold. They also didn't expect that there would be such a day when humans would fall to this. In less than a year after the disappearance of humans, the kobolds occupied almost all the places that had gold, almost the major vaults. Then the gold mines they had hidden were brought in from underground.

Gold can't be eaten for kobolds, it's like a poison/toxin for kobolds, the gold doesn't get less when they lick it, but their bodies and souls feel like they're flying up to heaven with pleasure. The purer the gold the more it gave them such a pleasurable feeling. This also made the kobolds completely incapable of refusing the temptation of gold.

Humans nowadays had absolutely no feelings for gold, and all they wanted was a comfortable living environment, as well as fresh food and clean water. Gold has now no action, in the eyes of humans once the most valuable metal is now worthless.

After leaving the bank, immediately saw a few kobolds followed out, wearing gray sè cloaks, surrounded the destroyed totem, stretched out their two small hands, dragged the huge totem back and put it away, and then continued to cast a spell on the totem, watching the totem recover little by little, Côte d'Ivoire also admired that these little guys even have magical ...... power and Also a little higher than himself.


My wife is a vampire.


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