Novel Name : my wife is a vampire

Chapter 20

There was food and water in the car, and Côte d'Ivoire had an old map of Ireland to look at. Every time they drove for a while they would stop and check, it would be bad if they got lost in a place like this. When you get tired, you stop on the side to rest, and when you wake up from your sleep, you continue to drive. But every time I woke up from a nap there would be a few zombies tapping at my window, and it did feel kinda scary to open my eyes.

There were more and more small complexes along the way, and more walkers as a result. Côte d'Ivoire knew that he was about to enter the next city. From what the map showed, the name of the city was Potter. It wasn't a big city, it could only be considered a relatively large town. Walking from one end of the town to the other was estimated to be a matter of 30 minutes. If you drove, I believe you could run through the town in 5 minutes. It's going to be a bit more than Lewisburg though.

After two days of driving, Côte d'Ivoire was tired and wanted to shower, and it wanted to find a bed to get comfortable in. After two days in the car, everything felt wrong. The worst thing was the loneliness, there was no one to talk to. Mary had slept for two days and had no intention of waking up at all. I don't know if it was because the power of the 'Sage's Stone' had run out and Mary had gone back to her slumbering state. If that was the case it was also a good thing, although it was possible for Mary to help mankind escape this catastrophe, it was equally possible for Mary to lie to herself, and it was also possible for her to completely wipe out the human race. It didn't really matter if you couldn't get Mary's help, as long as Mary wouldn't kill anyone.

Sleeping Mary is indeed very beautiful, no wonder a second generation vampire will transform her, such a beautiful woman if she let her grow old and die slowly, I guess even God can't forgive himself for such an excellent production to disappear. And the sleeping Mary wouldn't kill anyone, much less hurt herself, and that was definitely the most beautiful thing about Mary right now. Because her power was so strong, following her around would always feel like there was some danger. As long as she was upset, Mary was able to just get herself killed.

Two days later, Côte d'Ivoire saw a fork in the road, driving from the left was the way into Porte, where they could find some food and water, as well as gasoline or diesel, anything that could be used as fuel. There was still quite a bit of food and water left, although it was all canned, but the canned food tasted pretty good. There was also more than enough water, at least for a couple of weeks. So now the most troublesome thing was fuel.

But Côte d'Ivoire would have liked to have been able to pack some other things as well, because he had a tent strapped to the roof of the car, but really the tent was useless, and he wouldn't have dared to leave the car and run outside to sleep. But those blankets were very useful, and right now Côte d'Ivoire was feeling like there weren't enough blankets, and the nights here were too cold. If you can leave the car to go outside and light a fire, it would be a very good thing, but now there is no way, it is too dangerous outside.

The closer we got to the city, the more zombies there were. Although this was a very small city, if nothing else, the population here used to be at least several thousand, which also meant that there were several thousand zombies here. This number was huge. But since there wasn't much fuel left, it was necessary to enter this city and look inside it to see if there was any usable fuel. There would always be some people who kept fuel somewhere, and even though so many years had passed, it couldn't evaporate much as long as there was a cover.

"I should have known to have those kobolds give us a little more gasoline, I thought we could drive for a long time. Now there's only one barrel of gas left.25 liters, can't drive far. It's a long road ahead."

Although he didn't want to go to that city, Côte d'Ivoire had no choice but to get some fuel. Although this car was a gasoline engine, there shouldn't be any problem if a little diesel was used in an emergency. After all, it was really hard to get some gasoline in this society nowadays.

After all, it's been over 10 years and most of the gasoline has evaporated cleanly. There might be some gas stations that were quite well preserved, and the gas stations were sealed up and equipped with low-pressure pressure relief valves, so there would be very little evaporation from the gas stations. It took about 3 months after the fall of the Dark Ages for the human race to become extinct, and during that time those who escaped needed to drive, and they needed gasoline. Most of the gas stations had long since been emptied.

Côte d'Ivoire turned the steering wheel to the left and drove slowly towards Porter City. It drove slowly all the way, as the roads here were messy all the way around. Every now and then, they were able to see a car crossing the street right in the zhōng yāng, so it would be more dangerous if they drove too fast.

Hearing the sound of the car's engine, the zombies in the shadows awoke one by one. Some of the zombies that had been wandering around the city rushed towards the source of the sound. Côte d'Ivoire, who was completely unaware of the sound, was still slowly driving the car, trying to find out if there was a gas station or a warehouse nearby. Places like that usually had some gasoline in them.

Côte d'Ivoire turned the engine off and reached out to nudge Marie, "Hey, time to get up beautiful. You've been asleep for two whole days. If you're still hung over give me a little response will you? No one has talked to me in the last two days."

Mary was completely unresponsive next to her, but I could tell by the rise and fall of her chest that she was still alive. Vampires actually needed to breathe, but even without oxygen they could still live. Confused as to what the point of them breathing was, Côte d'Ivoire had actually wanted to ask that question for a long time, but never did.

But now was not the time to think about such things, Mary was still sleeping. What should we do now? If he took Mary with him, he might not even be able to run away by then. Although he hadn't seen it yet, there must be a lot of zombies inside this city, at least several thousand in number. Being just a human himself, he would soon become fatigued. It was simply impossible to keep fighting for a long time like a vampire. If there were too many zombies, one would definitely not be able to escape.

But if he put Mary in the car, what would Mary do in case the zombies came? Although she was strong and a third generation vampire, it didn't matter if the walkers took a few bites after smashing through the glass. But having a few chunks of flesh bitten off from such a pretty face wasn't that pretty. If there are many zombies, what if they bite her to the bone?

Côte d'Ivoire also thought for a long time, but still must bring Mary around, can not let her be bitten by zombies randomly. His own strength was not bad, and his stamina was also quite good, he could carry a person on his back and escape at the same time. Besides, there were no zombies found yet, so there shouldn't be any problems if they hid.


My wife is a vampire.


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