Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 141

She wanted AK to suffer, but didn't want to terminate the contract with AK, after all, comparing it to all the businesses, she knew AK the best.

Huo Mushan patted her head, his eyes looking at her with gentle sternness, but his voice was addressed to AK's people, "Dare to touch my wife's people, it seems that AK's reputation is not good enough to work with M&R either!"

Huo Xishen, however, wrinkles his brow and discourages, "Mu Shen, don't cancel the cooperation just for something insignificant!"

The person in charge of AK is also panicking, he doesn't want to call out Huo Mushan once to terminate the cooperation between the two multinationals, and inwardly hates to dismantle Mahong!

There's nothing to do with Song Rhetoric, you can't play with women anywhere, you have to play with M&R's women!

Go back and fire him!

No, go back and kill him!

Huo Mou Shen was indifferent as he took Song Zhi's hand and walked upstairs.

It was obvious that no one's persuasion was working.

AK's man is completely flustered.

He hurriedly chases after him and blocks Huo Mushen's steps, "Huo Shao, our two families can talk again, this matter is our AK's responsibility."


The man's handsome face is gloomy and appalling, the corners of his lips are pressed taut and his face is taut.

The person in charge of AK just feels shivering after being swept by the lurid and treacherous eyes, he pleadingly looks at Song Zhi: "Mrs. Huo, I beg you to persuade Huo Shao. the E-Star project is an important project for the two companies, and if it's terminated now, it'll affect a lot of the project's development."

Song Ru's eyes are red, but the corners of her mouth are vaguely curved with the arc of an imp awakening, "AK's actions are really too disappointing to M&R and my husband. If this kind of situation occurs again in the future cooperation, then shouldn't M & R all take a step back!"

"No, no, no, we guarantee that this will never happen!" The person in charge of AK nodded his head as if he were pounding garlic in assurance.

Song Ru's black and white eyes turned, "If this situation occurs, it won't look good for everyone, why don't AK give up ten percent of the profits?"

"Let out ten percent of the profits?" The person in charge of AK pulled up his eyebrows in embarrassment.

Last time in the contract negotiation by M & R to find out the loopholes, so was caught in the handle, let out ten percent of the profits, now M & R hold sixty percent of the profits, they personally come this time is to want to face to face to examine M & R, and then see if you can find the loopholes of the M & R, and then back to the profits, I did not want to let out another ten percent.

Song rhetoric eyes flickered with a fine light, curved eyebrows: "You have to know to let out M & R into all the core technology, as well as I personally for you to design LOGO and all the production page, let out ten percent of the profit has been counted as less than enough!"

If the strength allows, she still wants more, simply direct acquisition of AK!

Huo Mou Shen's eyes swept through a sharp light, and his lingering gaze stopped Huo Xishen, who still wanted to open his mouth.

Immediately, he lowered his head and locked it in front of him, a small, soft person, the depths of his eyes are full of favor, said nothing, did nothing, just stood behind Song Zhi, become her most powerful backer!

"But ...... can it be a little less?"

The person in charge was over forty years old and had been at the top of AK for many years, he had never lowered his voice so much, and now he was being forced by two juniors to beg in a low voice.

Song Ru was not a sympathetic person.

She leaned into her husband's arms, the corners of her small lips pulling up even more smugly.

"I'm sorry I can't! You have to know that I, as Mrs. Huo, personally designed the entire picture for AK, and it's also going to be an exorbitant salary, and I'm already taking a step back by not asking for more."

Everyone at AK twitched their mouths in unison.

"My husband will inevitably pursue today's matter to the end!" Song Zhe cocked his head and said in pure innocence, "You think about it."

The person in charge, whose temples were throbbing, had a few dizzy spells in front of his eyes, and his body staggered a few steps.

Song Zhi didn't look like an angel when he smiled, but really looked like a demon!

His mind was muddled for a few seconds, clearly cornered.

Time passed by.

Song Zhe breathed in and out, waiting quietly.

"I can agree to give up ten percent of the profits, but all future designs will be the responsibility of Mrs. Huo, and must meet all of AK's requirements, otherwise it will be considered a breach of contract." The person in charge clenched his teeth, his words sharp.

This kind of requirement would be tantamount to a huge workload for Song Zhu.

AK was clearly deliberately making things difficult for Song Zhu!

Song Ru, however, didn't feel that it was making things difficult, wanting to stand tall and shoulder-to-shoulder with Huo Mu Shen was equivalent to being shoulder-to-shoulder with the sun!

Besides, if M&R dominates the E-Star project, Huo Mushen will be one step closer to reaching the top of Huacheng!

"Good." Song Ru readily agreed.

Only at the end does she turn around, tilting her head to look at Huo Mushen's taut, handsome face, "Hubby, AK's people are quite sincere, so why don't we give them another chance!"

"You really think so?"

Huo Mushen asked in a low voice.

Song Zhe nodded his head.

"En, that's it for now." Huo Moushen opened his mouth casually, his interest wan.

Song Zhi felt as if she understood the big man's meaning, and turned her head to the person in charge, "Then I wish M&R and AK a happy cooperation, and a happy celebration party, oh."

The person in charge froze.

Can they still have a good time?

They've lost ten percent of their profits again, so what's pleasant about it!

Huo Muchen saw Song Zhi turn around and throw herself into his arms, rubbing his shirt against his chest in a petulant manner.

She pouts, "Husband begs for a hug."

Huo Mushen bends down and picks up Song Zhi horizontally, casting a sidelong glance, his tone sparse and cold: "Zi Yan, go draw up a new contract, hand it over to the person in charge of AK for signing, and then 'properly' entertain AK's people."

Lu Zi Yan has been listening to the side for a long time and his blood boiled, hearing Huo Mu Shen's command, he jumped out in a mischievous manner, putting away his gangly demeanor, and the arc of a successful conspiracy and scheme flowed out of his lazy brow, "Don't worry, Third Brother, I'll be sure to entertain AK's people well, and let them experience the local customs and traditions of the M&R."

AK's people get chills down their spines.

Huo Mou Shen nods, holding the tired and weary Song Zhi between his brows and heads downstairs.

Lu Zi Yan stayed behind to deal with all behind, turning his head to look at the person in charge of AK in a ghostly manner, reaching out with an extremely gentlemanly manner, making a 'please' gesture, "Your old man please."

The person in charge's facial muscles twitched twice, "...... Good."

The rest of the others are incomparably shocked, AK wants to scoop up shares from M&R, how in the end they are countered by Song Zhu asking for ten percent more profit!

Huo Xishen looked at Huo Muchen's figure as he hugged Song Zhi away, and didn't return to his senses for a long time.


Huo Mushen hugged Song Zhi and went straight to the underground parking lot from the elevator.

Song Zhe nestles on his shoulder and snickers in delight, "Hubby, you didn't even see the AK's being so scared by us that they couldn't even speak!"

"Why did you go to the changing room?"

"Because I wanted to see how Annelina was counting on me?" Song Zhi was put into the upper seat of the co-pilot by the rules, and when she saw the man's tall body leaning down towards her, she couldn't help but hook the onyx jade buttons on his shirt with her little finger: "As a result, I didn't expect Annelina to hit the reckoning on the top of AK's head, but I didn't think that AK would actually run into it either!"



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