Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 143

"Oooh ......"

Song Zhi was blocked lips, the woman's voice was still coming from the side of the ear, more angry, violently yanked him tightly to the front.

Her fingers brushed his shirt collar, stroked his well-textured pectoral muscles, and her palm felt like it had been burned by something, curling her fingers slightly, gripping them tightly, spreading them out.

Before Huo Mou Shen had time to react he was pulled by Song Zhi's tie and ripped off his shirt.


The couch is long enough for two people, but not long enough to hold them.

Huo Mou Shen can only reach out and drag her by the waist to avoid her falling.

Song Zhi's white dress sets off her delicate skin, so she hooks herself to him, blowing out a tantalizing breath and biting out domineering words, "I don't like you talking to other women either."

Huo Mou Shen's handsome face is flooded with favor, and he raises his hand and goes to press the phone.

Su Xue Ning on the opposite side froze for a moment as she listened to the sound of the phone hanging up.

Alone, she looks at the empty airport entrance and inhales deeply.

"Miss, do you want to leave? Mr. and Mrs. are still waiting for you at home." The driver respectfully requested.

"Don't go, wait again." Su Xue Ning's gaze condenses and sinks, lowers her head and dials Huo Mushan's phone number again.

Song Zhi is peeling off Huo Mou Shen's clothes, she is more passionate and intense than ever, her hands cupping Huo Mou Shen's face and asking him hard please his lips.

Almost the moment Song Zhi took the initiative, Huo Mou Shen's taut body immediately reacted strongly.

He hugged Song Zhi and pressed even tighter.

The living room was pitch black, Song Zhi's vision was blurred, completely unable to see Huo Mou Shen's face, only to feel him forcefully clasping the back of her head.

The phone rang again!

The phone rang again.

Song Zhi furrowed her brows.

Enough of the white lotus persona!

Stealing her husband once wasn't enough to get her a second time!

She reaches out to touch the phone, but before she can raise her hand, Huo Mushan snatches it away.

Song Zhi laughed shallowly, "Not answering?"

"You want me to answer it?"

"You can pick it up if you want to." Song Li hooked her lips, her watery eyes were clear and moist with winks looking at him, as if she was deliberately flirting with him.

"If I take it, do I have to kneel on the rubbing board?" Huo Mou Shen rarely flirts and breathes in a low gasp.

Song Zhi's unblemished hands slid along his chest to his earlobes in a single bound.

The man's body shivered slightly.

"And of course there's no need to kneel on the rubbing board."

"Eh?" He stopped and looked up at her, those hawk-like eyes gleaming extra brightly in the darkness.

It was clear that she couldn't see anything, but Song Zhi felt that he was carefully grinding every inch of her face for a change in color.

Song Zhi heard him question, the body more and more preheated, rolling cheeks to be more than his heart boiling, voice Thurston on: "Mr. Huo can choose to kneel durian, keyboard, remote control, any you choose?"

"...... huh."

He was laughing, from the depths of the chest from the outside emanating from the laughter straight to the limbs and bones.

Huo Mu Shen's suppressed and stoic voice sounded right next to Song Zhi's ears, "Small hearted child, I choose to kneel ...... you!"



Another low laugh.

Before she could retort, she had already been kissed up by Huo Muchen, while the cell phone that had originally been touched away was viciously slammed into the corner by the man in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, cobwebs climbed out of the black screen, and the flame highlights that had originally flickered non-stop were completely drowned out.

Opposite Su Xue Ning's eyes were sinking, suddenly heard a voice coming from the opposite side of the phone, and excitedly lit up her eyes.

But the next second ......

"Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off, please ......"

Su Xue Ning's delicate face had more than a trace of chafing, looking at the silent and empty late night, her heart could no longer calm down.

"Miss, should we leave now?"

"Call the Huo family and go buy a few gifts, I'm going to personally visit the Huo family."


With a loud cracking sound, Song Zhi cowering in his arms.

Huo Mou Shen seems to sense that she's been startled down, lifting his hand to rub his ears and coaxing in a low voice, "Scared."

"No, it's just the thought that there's a woman who is standing at the airport gate looking at you with bated breath, and it's funny in my heart that she's now expecting you to pick it up." Song Zhi's fight against her love rival was also relentless, her body couldn't help but want to avoid him, and couldn't help but want more and more, and she said in a low, mute voice, "But I just don't want to let you give you to her, after all, the night is very deep, the wind is very cold, and in the room it's just me alone, and I'll be scared too."

Her low soft voice was like a humming kitten all the time.

"Who is she ......?"

Huo Mou Shen wrinkles into a 'Chuan' and looks down at her askance.

Song Zhi is stunned, can't you hear such an obvious voice?

Su Xue Ning ah!

The legendary white lotus flower plus little bitch persona of Su Xue Ning ah!

"Su Xue Ning."

Song Zhu said.

Huo Mou Shen raised an eyebrow in confusion, and only after a long time did he say a name: "Don't recognize."

"Don't recognize?"

This time it was Song Zhi's turn to wind up confused.

"Seeing you in this state of mind, I have to recognize this recognizable person." Huo Mushen lowers his head, the tip of his tongue cutting into her cochlea, "Mrs. Huo, can I not consider this a way for you to test me, or is this person someone you found."

Song Zhu: "......"

She commiserates, she really didn't think so, after all, she didn't know Su Xue Ning was calling at such a time.

Huo Da Shao, your imagination is too rich.

"Xiaozhu, if you want me to say it directly, you don't need to go find other women to stimulate me, after all, the obligation of being a good Mr. Huo is not to serve Mrs. Huo, eh?"

Huo Mushen said in a low voice.

Song Zhu froze again, then before he could react, he felt a cloth tearing sound in the air.


Song Zhi only wore an evening gown on her body, in order to match the effect, the clothes were specially fitted, that is to say, to make undress, it was naked.

She just now felt the man's hand has been pushing open the zipper behind her, seems to try several times because the dress zipper is cumbersome, get impatient, just tear.

Her body was cold, and this time Song Zhi was really naked.

She said vaguely, "This ...... goes back upstairs, in case Uncle Lin comes out it's not good."

Song Zhi felt that her face was centered on Huo Muchen, and she kept throwing ...... infinitely in all directions.

"Don't worry, it's the weekend, I let them rest."

As soon as the words fell, the valuable dress was balled up and thrown in the corner of the sofa.

There was also a 'click' of a belt buckle in the air.

Song Zhi was muddled and pressed into the sofa, the man's fingertips with thin calluses stroked her skin, and she was a little tickled.


In the darkness, Song Zhi's voice was soft and gentle, like a little milk cat being petted.


An hour later, Song Zhi slept on her pillow in the crook of his arm, her body still covered in his sweat and smell, sleeping very well and peacefully.

She was still wearing her pajamas, which Huo Mushen had cleaned up and changed into afterward.

He looked down at her lazy pajamas, and his voice unconsciously became much milder: "Little jealous."


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