Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 144

If Song Zhi were still awake and heard Huo Mushan call her that, she would definitely have to reply back very nonchalantly.

"Big jealous jar!"

Small vinegar jar vs. big vinegar jar!

The little vinegar jar was also soaked by the big vinegar jar.

Huo Mushan is wearing an ink-black silk pajamas, and his brows and eyes become more and more sexy and languid after he has eaten his fill.

He tried to move more gently, reached out to open the wall lamp, adjusted to the darkest, and pinched a cigarette, intending to go to the balcony to smoke.

But then he saw the woman's reddened brows, and for a long time did not make a sound, put down the hand that pinched up the cigarette to touch up, the fingertips touched, are the woman's silky smooth skin.

Huo Mu Shen slightly narrowed his eyes.

Cigarette addiction is offending.

His raised throat knots rolled, but ......

The invisible richest man in Huacheng, the big man who only has his hands on the sky, struggled in the midst of quitting smoking, and slowly laughed only then.

It looks like the best way to quit smoking is ...... Song rhetoric!

Even greater than the addiction to cigarettes was ...... the addiction to Song Ru!

"Xiao Ru."

The belly of his fingers gently rubbed the woman's crystalline, rounded earlobes.

"Your Huo Mu Shen always belongs to you, no matter when no one has ever snatched it away, it just belongs to you alone ...... I love you."

The last 'three words' almost choked in the man's throat.

Although there wasn't much sound, it consumed all the man's strength.

If Song Zhi was still awake, she would have been so beautiful that snot bubbles would have spewed out, right?

Unfortunately, the great moment was not heard by Song Zhi.

Huo Mu Shen's physical satiation soothed his taut nerves, and sleepiness came in bursts, then he threw the cigarettes in his hand into the trash can, lifted the quilt and lay down on his side, and his cool lips kissed Song Zhi's forehead.

"Good baby, good night."

He stretched out his arm long enough to encircle the small waist so thin that it was completely unworthy of one of his arms, and wrapped his arms a little tighter, resting his chin on the top of her head, and sighed long and hard: "Still too weak."

For the body petite and weak and easy to push down Song Zhi, to be able to hold on to Huo Mu Shen's physical strength to consume the light is simply ...... heavenly!


Song Zhi slept until the sky was dark, and before she even woke up she could feel her cheeks were cool and itchy.

She grunted, "Stop it."

"Xiao Ru, get up."

Huo Mu's voice softens a lot as he sinks his exit, rubbing her sleepy eyes, "Get up and go for a run with me."


For a person who sleeps dead, Huo Moushen can't wake up at all.

Song Zhi wrapped up in the quilt and rolled over, revealing a patch of skin covered in red plums and the back of her head to Huo Muxian.

Huo Moushen is angry and laughing, and in his heart he slurs, "How come he didn't know that Song Zhi was so sleepy before?"

"Get up, go for a run first, your body is too weak nowadays." Huo Mushen said seriously.

Song Ru: "......"

Huo Mushen lifts the covers, picks up the back of Song Zhi's neck and drags the person outside, his voice cold for a time, "Get up!"

Song Zhi was really impatient by the noise, slowly opened her heavy eyelids, and saw Huo Mou Shen standing in front of her in sportswear, all fresh.

"Get up!"

Again and again and again, Huo Moushen's vocal chambers suppressed his anger.

Song Zhi was woken up a bit by the cold heckling, but she really didn't want to move, but then she saw Huo Muk Shen's gloomy face, she really didn't dare to be offended, she just stretched out her two arms and pouted, "Husband, begging for a hug."

Huo Mu Shen is really helpless.

Other people's wake up calls have never been seen, but they are all tantrums.

His family's, it's actually pampering!

Huo Mushan doesn't have the idea of letting Song Zhi go, but he also bends down and lets Song Zhi wrap his neck around him.

Song Zhi's delicate soft body straightens up along with him and hangs on him, she lies in his neck and asks in a lazy and whispered voice: "Husband, I was over-exercising last night, can I apply for a rest to sleep back?"


Song Zhi's temples are swollen and painful, quite a bit of effort to hear him say in a low voice: "I was the one who put in the effort yesterday, and I didn't even say I was tired, you should also practice."

"But ......"

"No buts! Do you choose yoga exercise or do you choose running?"

Huo Mu Shen lowly bit the tip of her ear and asked.

"...... choose running."

If she chooses yoga exercise, she probably won't be able to leave this bed.

"Hubby, carry me to wash up, I'm so tired." Song Zhi's whole body was sore and weak, it took a lot of effort to get up.

"Heh, like a kitten, just pampering."

Both legs being carried by Huo Mushen, Song Zhi is carried to the washroom.

She watches Huo Moushen squeeze the toothpaste and obediently opens her mouth.

Huo Moushen gritted his teeth, "Spoiled you!"

Song Zhi doesn't comment, letting Huo Mou Shen hold her lazy body and 'wait' for the person to finish washing with one hand.

"When you run later, don't think I'll hold you."

Song Zhe arched her eyebrows and smiled cheekily, "I'll run by myself."

Anyway, her two small thin legs can't compare to Huo Muchen's long legs, so when the time comes, she'll let him run in front first, and she'll find a big tree to cool off in the back after taking two slow steps.

When she went out, she dawdled for half an hour.

The weather was sunny and cloudless.

Song Zhi is wearing the same small size black sportswear as Huo Muchen, her black hair is tied up in a high ponytail, and she is being led by Huo Muchen's hand to the vicinity of the villa.

The neighborhood of Huo Garden is other people's households, but only Huo Garden occupies an area as wide, so going for a run around the entire villa is no problem.

"From today onwards you have to get up early every day to run and work on your physical fitness." Huo Mushen says in a low voice.

Song Zhi hangs his head low, toes pointed, eyes darting in all directions, muttering, "Exercising your physical ability and not letting me last longer underneath you."

"What did you say?"

From above his head fell a threatening voice with gritted teeth.

Song Zhi was startled and immediately looked up, "No, no, no, no, I said that my husband's physical ability is particularly great."

"You experienced it."

Huo Mou Shen dropped a word and took out the elastic rope from the side, causing Song Zhi's eyebrows to jump.

A strong sense of unease pulsed through her, and she gulped, "What do you want to do!"

"Come here."

Song Zhi took two steps backwards.

She wasn't going to go over!

Huo Mou Shen's lips hooked up in a curved arc, quickly seizing Song Zhi's wrist, ostentatiously enough to tie a tight sailor's knot around Song Zhi's waist, and then tying it tightly around himself.

Song Zhi face from disbelief finally to strength to resist, immediately dissatisfied protest: "Huo Mou Shen! We run our own!"

"Xiao Ru, were you just thinking in your heart that you'll be lazy when I run faster." Huo Moushen teasingly hooked his lips.

Song Ru's temples jumped hard again, "No no no! I was thinking that husband you run too fast, it's not something that people of my generation can catch up with!"

She wailed in her heart, "Big brother, it's okay for you to run fast, but don't bring me along."

How capable Huo Muxian is, Song Zhi knew in her past life and in this life, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to strike in time every time they were in danger!

One against ten, absolutely nothing!


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