Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 145

Huo Mou Shen looks back at the playful Song Zhi, picks up the back of her collar, and says seriously, "You must go!

I can't let what happened last time happen to you again, you must learn to defend yourself!"

The last time, Ye Mei choking her and nearly pushing her down the stairs was still fresh in her mind.

Huo Mou Shen would not allow this to happen again!

His wife, he feels pain when he moves!

Even hitting someone, Huo Mushan felt dirty on his wife's hands!

Song Zu's eyes were suddenly stunned, her hands folded together.

At that moment, she had been helpless, hating the fact that she was still being held back when she returned from her rebirth, hating the fact that she clearly had the opportunity to change more, but would still be dragged down by her own lack of ability.

"Xiaozhu, you know I can't do without you." Huo Mou Shen looked at her, never showing a trace of vulnerability Huo Mou Shen actually ......

He pressed against her neck, like a large, loyal dog, and pressed against her cheek, "From today onwards I'll teach you fighting techniques and running, eh?"

Song Zhi swept her sideways eyes twice and pursed her lips, "Good."

"Then don't cry out tired when you run in a while, and don't back out in the middle."

Song Zhi nodded his head numbly again.

Huo Muchen straightens up his straight posture, raises his hand to rub her head, and immediately turns around to start running.

Song Zhi followed behind him and ran together.

Their speed is not particularly fast, but Song Zhi's two small thin legs are still shaking like clockwork, her small face is flushed with fatigue, her mouth is slightly open, gasping for hot air, and she shouts breathlessly, "Huo Mou Shen, how much longer is it going to take, I can't run anymore!"

Nima, what did she just do?

Being teased by the beautiful man's scheme!

"There are still seven laps to go, you've only run three." Huo Moushen is unperturbed, and even half a drop of sweat is on the corner of his forehead.

Song Zhi is simply a world away from him, "I'm not going to run, let's learn fighting arts!"

"Are you sure that your little body's physical ability hasn't been practiced up, so you can resist me drilling you?" Huo Mou Shen's right eyebrow raised.

"...... "Song Zhi deflated and resigned herself to running.

After another lap down, Huo Mou Shen's physical speed doesn't decrease, Song Ru can be considered resigned!

She grabbed the rope with her small hands, squatted on the ground, and cheekily roared, "I'm not running anymore! I'm not learning fighting techniques either, I've got just enough three-legged kung fu to get by now."

"It seems you still have a clear perception of yourself." Huo Mou Shen's dark eyes stare tightly at the squatting on the ground, tilting up a small sweat-stained face, looking at her pitifully, his heart is hard, don't look away, "Get up, continue!"

"Don't run or don't run! I'm not rushing up to fight with others, the big deal is that next time I encounter a bad guy, if I can beat him, I'll beat him, if I can't, I'll run, okay?" Song Zhi grunted and begged for mercy.

"Do you think you can?"

"I think I can!"

"Then Mrs. Huo, as your husband is very obligated to tell you that you can't!"

Song Zhe's small face collapses.

Huo Mushen is infuriated by her puffed up, 'can't say no to you, can't fight you, can't talk back' look, the arc of his thin lips lifts higher and higher, a handsome face glows in the early morning sunlight, but his eyes are as black as obsidian, translucent with countless radiance.

"Behave yourself, take you to the supermarket after running."

Song Zhi was aggrieved, "Going to the supermarket with you, I might as well go with mom."

Wherever the 'old antique' went, he hated that there was no one within three feet, a cleanliness fetish dripping to the fullest.

"Let's get you a pack of snacks."

"Ten packs!" Song Zhe retorted through gritted teeth.

"Not even half a pack if you bargain further!"

Huo Mou Shen felt that he was educating his 'daughter', and if he gave birth to a son in the future, he very much wouldn't mind directly punching up!

Song Zhi squatted there looking deeply at him, transporting her breath, very aggrieved.

She clenches her teeth and sits her butt directly on the ground, right on the clean asphalt road, posing in big letters, her eyelashes still flickering with fine light: ''I won't run away!

Huo Mu Shen, you don't even buy snacks for your wife!"


Huo Mushen looks on coldly, pursing his lips.

"I'm going to tell mom that you bullied me! Let mommy come and help me!"

"It's no use whoever you call."

There is no one in the Huo family who can sway Huo Mou Shen's thoughts.

Song Zhi lifts her calves and rolls around, "I don't want to run anyway! Which person can run ten laps in one go, even if it increases day by day!"

Seeing that she's excessively tired, Huo Mushen frowns, itching to carry her and ruthlessly slap her ass twice!

"Run here today, continue tomorrow."

Huo Moushen's long arm picks up the woman rolling on the ground, scolding lowly: "How cold and dirty is the ground, are you trying to get sick?"

"Not at all!"

Song Zhi hears that the man won't let him run away, her heart is a million times more comfortable, squinting her eyes and letting the man's fingertips rub her cheeks comfortably.

"Even if I let you go today, you won't be able to run tomorrow, what are you so complacent about?" Huo Mou Shen can't help but strike a couple sentences.

At these words, Song Zhi arrogantly don't head.

Anyway, by tomorrow she'll be directly splashing and rolling around, just not running!

Huo Moushen's lips overflowed with helplessness, touching her spine was indeed wet with sweat, and did not make things difficult for her anymore, his straight body turned his back to her, bending down, whispering, "Come up!"

Song Zhi's head was a little white, staring in surprise at his straight back bending down, slowly reacting.

She only hesitates for a dozen seconds or so before she obediently climbs into his broad, strong arms.

Huo Mu Shen's back carries a faint minty fragrance, warm and reassuring.

Song Zhi held his shoulders with both hands and hugged him a little tighter, her small face pressed against his back.

It was warm.

In her previous life, Huo Muchen had carried her!

Twice in total!

On the day of her wedding, she carried her out of the new house, and once when she 'eloped' and got into a car accident, Huo Mou Shen followed her into a car accident, and obviously Huo Mou Shen's car accident was more serious than hers, but he still dragged her half-conscious, carried her on his back, and kept going until the ambulance came!

Her eyes gradually sank, not forgetting that at that time along Huo Mou Shen white shirt and black leather shoes, flowed all the way blood!

At that time, she ...... thought of nothing!

But there was still a thought that Huo Moushen would definitely save her!

There has never been a moment when Song Zhi wanted to cry so badly, but she couldn't cry at all!

Huo Mou Shen carried Song Zhi to face the sunrise and walked, their overlapping silhouettes melted into one, pulled long in the sunlight.

They disappear in front of Huo Park.

Next door to Huo Garden, a man watches their figures disappear in the doorway and slowly puts down his binoculars.

He has just taken Song Zhi's petulant and cute appearance into his eyes, and smiles at the corner of his mouth, "Playing the rascal is still as cute as before."


Song Zhi returns to Huo Garden and obediently climbs off of Huo Mu Shen.

The housekeeper and Mrs. Lin have already made the hot meals, she ate two bites of cupcakes last night, and after intense exercise, she was already starving, so she went to grab the buns with her legs.

Before she could touch a corner, a cold heckle came from behind her!

"Song Zhi!"


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