Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 146

Song Zhi's fingers loosen and she can't help but shrink her shoulders in shock.

Huo Mou Shen sees her face turn white with fear and sighs helplessly, "Go take a shower and then go eat."

"Hasn't Mr. Huo ever heard that it's not sick if you eat without drying up?" Song Zhi arrogantly lifts her chin and grabs the buns and flies upstairs.

Huo Muchen's forehead tendons twitch as he looks toward her escape-like figure.

His stern gaze swept to the plate of buns on the dining table that Song Zhi had touched, and he ordered in a low voice, "Remove the buns, I don't want to see them again, and in the future, if the wife hasn't washed her hands, she's not allowed to eat on the table."

The housekeeper froze and immediately returned, "Yes."

Huo Mou Shen also strides up his long legs and walks towards the second floor, just now being stained with dust all over Song Zhi's body, the cleanliness freak he can't stand it at all.

Song Zu rarely showers faster than Huo Muchen.

She was the first to go downstairs, and her afterglow caught a glimpse of the cell phone that had been smashed to a black screen in the corner of the stairs, and took it in her hand, trying to open the screen as she walked.

The phone's performance was good, and even when it was smashed to a black screen it didn't affect the normal opening of the phone.

The phone crawling with 'cobwebs' lit up for a split second.

Immediately afterward, an endless number of calls, all from the Huo family and an unfamiliar phone number.

The corners of her lips hooked as she glanced at the number with a cold look on her face, and her fingers moved to dial back.

The phone was quickly picked up.

"Hey, Shen, you finally remembered to call me back, I thought you had busy work to do again late into the night like before." The woman's warm voice came in low.

Song Zhe walked to the dining table without any haste, letting Su Xue Ning play the trick.

"Shen, what's wrong with you? Am I disturbing your work? I'll personally go to the company to find you later, it just so happens that uncle intends to let me work beside you to help you." Su Xue Ning said softly.

"Then it seems that Miss Su's idea is destined to not come true." Song Zhe gently said.

The words fell for a moment before Su Xue Ning coldly questioned, "Who are you? Why do you have Huo Mushen's phone number? Where is he now?"

Pretend, pretend again!

Song Zhe just couldn't believe that Su Xue Ning would not be unaware that Huo Mushen was already married when she took advantage of this time to return to China.

Even more so, she wouldn't be unclear about what Huo Moushen was doing last night!

The only way to say this can only be that Su Xue Ning is pretending to be confused while trying to understand!

"Who the hell are you!"

Su Xue Ning questioned Song Zhi as if she was the hostess, causing Song Zhi to snort, "I don't think I need to answer your question."

Su Xue Ning condensed her breath and tried her best to suppress her anger, "If you're the secretary next to Huo Mushan, then give the phone to Huo Mushan! Remember to sterilize your phone, he doesn't like people touching his things, I can save your job by saying this, go do it."

Song Zhi smiles as she listens to the condescending order, her smile hiding a knife, "Ms. Su, I'm not only Huo Mou Shen's personal secretary during the day, but I'm also his personal secretary at night."

Such provocative and flamboyant words coming out of Song Zhi's mouth were not at all out of place.

Su Xue Ning's eyes instantly condensed frost, "I'm ordering you to go and give the phone to Huo Mou Shen right now, or I'll have Huo Mou Shen dismiss you right now!"

Song Zhi took the soybean milk fritters handed over by the housekeeper and ate them slowly and methodically, not forgetting to return to Su Xue Ning, "Then Miss Su just go make the call! But Miss Su always call a married man don't you think it's a bit ...... shameless?"

"What did you say!"

"Last night, Miss Su called my husband late at night to pick you up at the airport." Song Zhe calmly said, "But my husband didn't have time, I'm really sorry, he was with me last night, I'm afraid he didn't have the time to take care of you."

Su Xue Ning furrowed her beautiful brows, unable to resist clenching her cell phone, the words squeezed out of her throat, "You were the one who was with Huo Mushan last night?"

She's not a fool, last night she heard the sound of a man breathing heavily from the phone, even if she's stupid again, she should know that's what's happening.

"It's me."

Song Zhe gave an affirmative answer.

For something like a little bitch, one should spare no effort in punching her face!

"You're shameless." Su Xue Ning cursed angrily with a cold face.

"Is it me who is shameless, or is it you who is shameless! Miss Su called a man in the middle of the night and said she was going out for dinner, does that make you shameless?" Song Zhi took a heavy bite of the fritter, with a few gnashing of teeth, "Miss Su, next time seduce a man with a cleverer means! My husband is not something you can easily seduce!"

"Song Zhu!"

Su Xue Ning called out her name in a stern voice.

"So you still recognize me." Song Zhi narrowed out a dangerous arc and said coldly, "I thought Miss Su didn't know me, since you know me and called my husband, isn't that too shameless! Tactics like yours, it's okay to go seduce other people's husbands."

Su Xue Ning's face fiercely red, a wave of shame and anger surged to her heart, the pupils of her eyes glared red, itching to burn a few holes out of Song Zhi, "Song Zhi, I think you're misunderstanding, Mu Shen and I have been close friends for so many years, and it's not uncommon for him to often pick me up in the middle of the night, and in the past, when we were abroad, we used to go out for dinner late at night."

Song Zhi cooled down and sipped the hot soy milk but felt like her entire body was frozen.

She inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and then opened them with force, the bottom of her eyes filled with frost, "So, Ms. Su, what are you trying to prove to me? To prove that you're still suffering from not being able to marry Huo Mou Shen by his side?"

Su Xue Ning's throat choked, but she didn't even think of half a word.

She knew that Huo Mou Shen had a doll marriage as early as when she went to school with him abroad, and had also secretly investigated Song Zhi, knowing that Song Zhi was seven years younger than Huo Mou Shen, uneducated, and good for nothing except for discrediting the Song family.

She also secretly tried to find out if a man as calm as Huo Mu-shen would like that kind of girl.

Huo Muchen said he hadn't considered anyone!

How could he, how could he!

He really married Song Zhi!

Su Xue Ning tried her best to contain the emphasis of her voice and pulled her lips stiffly, "Song Zhi, are you vain?"

"What am I vain about! I'm Huo Mushan's explicitly married Mrs. Huo, you're the one who should be vain!" Song Zhi's heartbeat was steady, and she snorted her voice, "Maybe you're holding a picture of my husband right now, or else you have the picture in front of your desk.

But I'm different, you can only hug photos, I can directly hug people!

Not only can I directly hug people, but I can also directly kiss and hug and lift high."

Su Xue Ning was choked by Song Zhi's words and her face turned red, burning her throat so much that she couldn't say half a word.

Song Zhi, however, disdainfully added a few more cuts, "Can you, Ms. Su?"


"And I know more about this matter of my husband having a cleanliness fetish than Miss Su, after all, I knew my husband much earlier." Song Zhe coldly hooked up his lips, his voice carrying a strong mockery.

Su Xue Ning's cheeks were hot and painful, as if two slaps had slapped her directly in the face!

She looked at the picture frame on the desk with Huo Mushen, her chest heaving with anger!

"Are you showing off with me that you're married to Huo Moushen?" Su Xue Ning pressed the corners of her lips and said in a low voice, "Have you ever heard of a saying called wanting to show off?"


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