Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 147

"I'm just bragging to you that I'm married to Huo Mu Shen, how about that?

If you're capable, you marry too."

Song Zhi didn't need to be pleasant to a woman who had seduced her husband three times.

If Su Xue Ning stood across from her, Song Zhi wouldn't mind 'teaching' Su Xue Ning a good lesson about being a human being!

"Song Zhi I realized that you're even more uneducated than I thought, how can a woman like you marry Huo Mu Shen?" Su Xue Ning said at Song Zhi in a pitiful tone.

A Song Zhi who was about to be swept off her feet, what qualifications did she really have to flaunt at her!

Song言论呵笑,摩挲着痒痒的手心:"Bias is my kind of uneducated woman married to him,你再有教养不也是要抢别人的老公,我也没看到你比我高尚到哪里?

I'm no better than I am, but I'm still married to him!

And you are now, at best, called a mistress!

People like you are to be scolded to death!"

Su Xue Ning clenched her fists, looking at the photos on the desk she could no longer control reached out and grabbed the frame, smashing it into the corner!


The glass on the photo frame instantly shatters into slag, and the photo of her and Huo Mushan together is instantly in pieces, especially since her face is destroyed in several pieces.

Her fingernails clasped the desktop, scratching out a trace, her body tensed like a bow that had been stretched to the limit: "You ......"

"Not to mention that you can't be a junior!"

Song Zhu smugly hooked her lips.

She just had this confidence!

She has been Huo Mou Shen's little heart for two lifetimes, if Huo Mou Shen wanted to cheat, he would have cheated long ago, what's the point of waiting until now?

Song Zhi has never heard of Su Xue Ning's name in two lifetimes, so naturally she doesn't take it lightly!

She was thinking about how to make up two more knives, the top of her head was suddenly shrouded by shadows, behind her came the slightest bit of coolness, the tip of Song Zhi's heart couldn't suppress the feeling of trembling, and her fingertips curled up.

But immediately afterward, a huge panic was like a wild beast opening its bloody mouth.

Because Song Zhi subconsciously raised his head just in time to see the man's handsome and peerless face, his entire body was like a Rakshasa possessed, condescendingly scorned a glance.

His taut cheeks could not find half a fluctuation, stretching his arm to snatch the cell phone from Song Zhi's hands, and press the speakerphone.

Just in time, Su Xue Ning's arrogant as hell words came from the opposite side.

"Just use your current tone of voice to talk to me, if you stand in front of me, I really might not be able to control myself and reach out to give you a slap directly."

Su Xue Ning coldly snorted.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes narrowed out in a half arc, and his low muffled voice was filled with a warning, "Who do you want to give a slap in the face?"

"...... A Shen?" Su Xue Ning suddenly heard such a warning, her heartbeat was like thunder, even her breathing was screeching.

"Who are you?"

Huo Mou Shen narrowed his eyes now, but his stance didn't move, instead he just lifted his arm and gently landed on Song Zhi's shoulder.

"I'm Su Xue Ning, have you forgotten?" Su Xue Ning cautiously tried a sentence.

"Don't recognize."

Huo Mou Shen threw out a sentence and then warned with an impatient threat, "You want to touch my wife?"

"Ah Shen, I'm just ......"

Su Xue Ning urgently went to explain, moreover, she hated how her calm and collected nature was provoked into anger by Song Zhe!

Song Zhe scolded people simply ...... don't be too venomous!

"I don't want to hear any nonsense, and I don't like to hear from other people's mouths calling me that, one more time I'll just find someone to sew up your mouth."

Huo Mou Shen's eyes are full of ice blades, half of them don't give Su Xue Ning any face, every word is like an ice pick sticking in her heart, stimulating Su Xue Ning's nerves.

"I ......"

"Beep beep beep ......"

The phone was directly hung up!

Su Xue Ning was so angry that she lashed out again.

Her eyes sink as she pinches the information in her hands.

She didn't believe that with this information, Huo Mushan would still be treated with such indifference towards her!


After hanging up the phone, a stifled atmosphere ripples through the living room.

Huo Moushen didn't put Su Xue Ning in his eyes at all, just narrowed his eyes and stared at Song Zhi: "Junior?"


Song Zhi swallows, one hand seeking support as if, clasping the edge of the table, her dark eyes filled with panic.

Her heartbeat was in her throat, her gasps were denser, and her body was wrapped in Huo Mu Shen's cold hostility.

He stood still and didn't move, instead staring at the darkened screen.

The photo on the screen was Song Zhi and his wedding photo.

Huo Mushen is dressed in a black suit, and on his side stands Song Zhi in a black wedding dress!

The black wedding dress symbolizes love until death do us part.

Together forever and ever.

The two men look serious, but it's not hard to see a hidden smile in the bottom of the man's eyes, but now there's only a cold and stern look on the man's face.

"Mrs. Huo, tell me when there is a mistress?"

Huo Mo Shen's dark eyes swept over in deep thought.

"No ...... no."

Layers of cold sweat filtered out of Song Zhe's back.

She suddenly had some doubts that she had just seen if it was Huo Mushen?

After all, when she tilted her head to look at that face just now it was treacherous and sinister, completely devoid of the usual cool and ascetic but with a hint of tenderness.

His eyes were exactly the same as in his previous life every time he looked at her and said 'divorce', and he couldn't wait to lock her up with his gaze.

"Mrs. Huo, need to compete with other women for me? And need to waste your breath on a useless person?"

Song Zhi felt that Huo Mushen's eyes were going to eat her, and she was so scared that she pulled her legs out and was about to run, but the man seemed to have anticipated this and gripped her shoulders with force as her body bounced up.

The force was too great to allow Song Zhi to resist.


Song Zhi was almost scared out of her wits, sweat coming out of her brain, her entire body shrinking towards the stool, squeezing out as much as she could with a churlish gaze.

Huo Mou Shen bent down, his eerie voice drifting out from his throat, "Scared? Why don't you say a word, I'm truly honored to have Mrs. Huo argue with my 'junior'."

Completely ignoring her pleading and pitiful gaze, he grabs the cell phone on the table and smashes it hard towards the wall once again.

This time, the phone was in pieces.

Song Zhi looked at the back shell of the phone and all the parts were all in pieces, completely unusable, and immediately felt a cold chill on her neck.

She felt that if there was a mirror in front of her, she would be able to see just how wimpy and scared of Huo Mushan she was right now!

"Huo Mou Shen ......"

Song Zhi's spine trembles as she slightly lifts her eyelids under his fingers rubbing her shoulders, her voice cautious.

"Such small guts?

I don't think you're so timid that you've dared to install me as a junior?"

Huo Mou Shen's eyes erupt with ten thousand daggers, and his finger bones slowly draw tight.

Song Zhi's fearful eye pupils suddenly shrunk even tighter, her body constantly sinking down, until she felt shrunken and quail almost when the waist was wrapped around by a strong arm, violently upward, stopping her as if she were a loach that wanted to run away.

"No ...... did not give you a junior, I am just saying, angry at her."

Huo Mu Shen narrowed his eyes and bared them in a dull, cold manner, "I don't like this kind of word, between you and me, never insert anyone else!"

Song Zhi nods vigorously.

This voice of his clearly whisks into her eardrums, ringing and wrapping around her ears.


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