Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 148

Huo Muxian's thin lips covered Song Zhi's ear, and his breath was like a cold blade in Song Zhi's ear as he spoke, "If anyone dares to interfere, I'll play them to death first!"

Song Zhi tried her best to stabilize her mind, or else she might not be able to say half a word when facing Huo Mushan again.

"I need Mrs. Huo to personally go out and whisk the women away!" Huo Mushan bites his words tighter.


Song Zhi's legs leap into the air, and in the next instant her entire body is picked up by Huo Mushan, and then, her buttocks are viciously dun on the dining table, looking flatly into his biting, temperature-less eyes.

At that moment, the pain and coolness penetrated her tailbone and attacked her cerebral nerves.

"Mrs. Huo doesn't believe that I haven't had anyone else but you?"

"...... believe believe believe, very believe!"

Song Zhi now understands the point at which Huo Mu Shen is angry, it turns out that she thought she misunderstood that he had had other women.

"Mrs. Huo, you're saying this now as if you're saying it on purpose because you're afraid?" Huo Mushen directly pushes her shaking and two clockwork-like small thin legs roughly to the sides, his lean physique nestling in even further, his eyes looking at her even closer.

"No ......"

Biggie, look how sincere my eyes are!

The next second ......

Huo Mushen's cold fingertips suddenly landed on her neck, frightening Song Zhi's gums.

"In the future, whoever dares to come to the door and say they're my mistress, tell me directly and I'll play them to death!"

Huo Mu Shen's voice line was dull and low, every word filled with warning.

Song Zhi's sweat spills wildly, "Okay, okay."

She seemed to have misunderstood just now, Huo Mou Shen wouldn't think she would misunderstand, but rather be angry ...... that she personally beat up the little three and dirty her hands?

Huo Moushen's long and slender fingers lifted her stiff chin, and after three or two seconds, he said, "Think right, all any person who dares to destroy our marriage, I will not let go of one!"

"Mmmmmmmmmm ...... it hurts!"

Song Ru's cheek was bitten again, it hurt so much that she assured him with a crying voice, and one of her hands couldn't help but push his chest.

"Xiao Ru, I can't hear the word that I have other women besides you." A hint of disgust swept under Huo Mou Shen's eyes, "I have a cleanliness fetish. If I hear you say it again, I'll bite you to death!"

"Got it, got it."

Song Zhi's breath escaped and she nodded heavily again.

Could she not understand?

Huo Mou Shen was untamed in his bones and disliked being tied down by anyone the most.

He liked to keep everything in his own hands, and no one could force him to do anything if he wasn't willing.

And Song Zhi believed with every hair on his head that Huo Mou Shen would never have a third woman by his side in his next two lifetimes.

He even heard her say that there were other women around him, and his cleanliness fetish couldn't help but send out to do it, and he didn't allow her to waste her breath to fight it, and he had to clean it up himself, could he?

Song rhetoric suddenly felt as if she was sad for nothing a while ago?

The two confronted each other for a few seconds, and the temperature in the room gradually rose.

Seeing her really good, Huo Muchen's handsome face converged cold hostility, dark color also gradually faded, raised his hand and patted her head: "En, good, don't be afraid, as long as you are good, what you want to give you."

Song Zhi is confident enough to believe that nowadays, not to mention walking horizontally in Huacheng, after the promotion of E-Star, the country of China can walk horizontally!

Huo Mou Shen looks down at the face on which he took a bite, the corner of his lips hooked up, "Does it hurt?"


Song Zhe froze before snapping back to his senses to understand that he was asking about the wound on his face, immediately covering his face and shaking his head violently, "It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt at all."

"Then I'll take another bite on your other first side, symmetrical point." Huo Mu Shen hummed quietly.

Song Zhi was shocked from the heart, raised her oily little hand to cover her palm face, "No no no, it hurts, it hurts, it especially hurts."

She feels that it's too miserable to beg for life from under Huo Mou Shen's hand!

Is it easy for her to live?

There is a husband who doesn't look for a mistress, and even hearing about it makes her feel sick.

In her eyes, in her heart, in her body, she has to be loaded with her husband, Song Zhi feels that she will soon be taken by Huo Mou Shen and bolted to him with a pants belt.

Although Song Zhi thought so, but the heart is still beautiful!

Huo Mou Shen sees a few tears really welling up in her eyes, regardless of whether it's true or not, his shadowy face screws up even more severely, grunting and shouting, "Don't cry, you still have the face to cry!"

"......" not even allowed to cry? The person who was bitten is her ah ah ah!

Huo Mu sunken collapse of the corners of the lips ruthlessly twitching two times: "Doing the wrong thing is you, what face to cry, and then cry on the stairs, under me to cry!"

No more crying, no more crying!

Song Zhi hated to never cry in his life!

After tossing and turning for half the night and running, if it happens a few more times, Song Zhi can't wait to never get out of bed again in this life!

Seeing her huffing and puffing, Huo Moushen was distracted, grinding his teeth and threatening, "Listen, from now on, you can only cry under me, don't let me remind you again!"

All the patience he had in his life had been given to Song Zhi.

Huo Mou Shen really felt that Song Zhe hadn't changed much since childhood, but he didn't bother to beat him when he was a kid, so he naturally gave it to his mother-in-law to beat him!

Song Zhi deflated her mouth and raised her hand to wipe off the physiological teardrops squeezed out of the corners of her eyes with her fingertips.

She was in pain, not wanting to cry!

Huo Mou Shen sighed, looking at her pathetic and delicate appearance, he really couldn't bear to be harsh with anything else, and was a bit chagrined inwardly.

He furrowed his brows and thought: ''Was he too aggressive just now!

Xiaozhu is still small, do not understand anything, let a little good!

What is he counting on, if he doesn't understand, just teach him slowly."

Huo Moushen, who harbors conflicting feelings and doesn't know how to teach his daughter to coax his wife, sent a message in the WeChat group when he went to get the ointment.

[How to coax your wife?

Five seconds later!

[Lu Ziyan: Third brother, did you make third sister-in-law angry? I didn't think you'd have today, Third Brother!

[Buyan: Yeah, agreed Sixth Brother! Sister-in-law has always been a good girl! Listen to Third Brother more often. Third Brother, you still manage to make people angry, how many unscrupulous things have you done?

Huo Mo Shen: "......"

Song Zhu was good?

When he was angry with him just now, when he talked back to him, he didn't feel half-behaved, instead he hated people's teeth and gave them the urge to strangle them!

[Xu Liangzhou: Flowers and chocolates, women love those, right?

[Lu Zi Yan: third brother you can not listen to the fifth brother, this university professor is an old fashioned nonsense, he himself have no woman, just rely on books to learn knowledge, are some in the look of the contraption is not useful.

If I were to say so, Third Brother, you'd pull and kiss him again and again!

One kiss is not enough, then again, two can not come three times, really can not be closed into the small dark room, the quilt a blindfold, do something, you know ......]

Followed by three 'evil smile' emoticons.

[Huo Mu Shen: ......]

[Buyan: Third brother, don't be unconvinced yet! I think Sixth Brother is quite right.]

[Xu Liangzhou: Old Six has had a woman?]

[Lu Ziyan: No! But I often mix 1986 to talk about business, Laozi is a serious chu man, waiting for years is no one to mine me ah].


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