Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 149

Jiang Jing Xing, who has never been online, suddenly jumped out.

[Jiang Jing Xing: Turn around and get you a few more women, 1986 whatever!

Lu Ziyan was scared out of his wits.

[Lu Ziyan: Big brother, you can spare me!

Speaking of which, they are all ...... all single dogs!

Only Huo Mou Shen has a kissing wife!

Huo Mou Shen put away his cell phone and dialed the familiar phone number again, "Huaibei, order all the roses in the city, and go buy a box of chocolates."

Chu Huaibei: "......"

He was a bit surprised and looked down at the calendar, wondering in his heart, today is not Valentine's Day either, what is the president doing?

But Chu Huaibei didn't question the big brother's request, and immediately dialed the phone to bag all the roses in the city and save them for the big brother.

Putting down the phone, Huo Mo Shen coldly took the ointment back.

The little girl sat at the edge of the table with her legs hanging down, her head hanging down, still not sure what she was thinking.

Huo Moushen closed his eyes, his clenched fists loosened, and when he opened his eyes again, the silken anger that burned in the bottom of his eyes was replaced by helplessness and compromise.

He walks back to the edge of the table with his long legs, his torso slightly bent, his arms picking up the pitiful creature with tiny droplets of water hanging from the corners of her eyes on the dining table and placing her on the stool.

"Lift your face up."

Song Zhi lifts her face towards Huo Mou Shen, and her sobbing little voice gets stuck.

Huo Mushen pursed his lips, looked down at the person in his arms, and actually welled up with guilt, letting out a soft sigh from his throat.

"Going to work or not?"

"Go, the program has just been completed. Today AK's people will come to M&R to inspect, right?" Song Zhe asked.

"En, Lao Liu told you about it?"

"No." The little girl spoke vaguely, "Shouldn't it always be like this according to the normal flow of the contract? So you will definitely go to the company today."

"En, go to the company with me."

Huo Moushen flexed his index finger and flicked her brain, turned around and hugged her to change into loungewear, went all the way up to the second floor unhindered, lifted his foot and kicked the door, and walked in.

Huo Mou Shen picked a set of dark black dresses while directly for Song Zhi took out a set of conservative goose-yellow dresses and threw them backward.

"Put it on."

Song Zhi had just messed with Huo Moushen so what Huo Moushen said now was what he said.

The two wash up and go straight to the office.

Huo Mou Shen presses the floor down to the sixteenth floor and stops, eying Song Zhi at the elevator entrance, "Xiao Zhi, pick you up from work."

Song Zhi stares back, grinning, tiptoes up and kisses him on the cheek, then runs off with a smile.

Huo Mo Shen turns around and closes the elevator door, returning to the eighteenth floor.

Chu Huaibei is waiting for him at the door, still holding two documents in his hand: ''President, this is a document sent over by AK, the other party's senior management requested to meet the top project leader of this design, and also to conduct an assessment of our programmers. The other one is the contract sent by Vice President Lu, the contract was signed by Vice President Lu last night when he brought someone to 1986."

Huo Mu Shen listens expressionlessly.

Chu Huaibei continues, "President, it is said that Vice President Lu alone drank down a dozen people, AK's people are all lying under the table and can't get up, and that Mahong who wanted to be disrespectful to the lady was directly dismissed by Vice President Lu with people, and last night he was still hugging the vice president's thighs and crying, and was kicked by the vice president of the Lu I don't know how far away he was."

"En, has the whereabouts of the note been found?" Huo Mo Shen asked.

"Found it, it's An Lina who did it." Chu Huaibei whispers.

Huo Mushen frowned slightly and suddenly chilled his face, "What's the relationship between this matter and the Song family?"

Chu Huaibei ponders for a moment before saying, "The president thinks that this matter is related to the Song family?"

Huo Mou Shen pushed open the office door, and Chu Huaibei followed him in, hearing the man in front of him ask in a cold voice, "How is the Song family doing these days?"

M&R never wanted to let the Song family go either, it just wasn't time yet.

"The Song family has not moved, from the last scandal after Song Yuancheng's position has been unstable, he has not been too much action, but our people secretly found that Song Yanyan recently in the disk of the various projects, especially the South District project is particularly important." Chu Huaibei said.

"En, keep an eye on it."

"Yes president." Chu Huaibei was just about to lift his steps to leave, but seemed to have thought of something else and turned his head to say calmly, "President, An Lina hasn't returned home since she was fired from M&R."

Huo Mou Shen sits in front of his office desk, his fingertips gently rubbing, his complexion cloudy, coldly saying, "This note is destroyed, give An Lina a little lesson, remember to be able to turn over the old records in the future."

"What lesson?" Chu Huaibei asks for instructions.

Huo Mushen raises his eyes and speaks in a cold, ghostly manner, "She likes men, give her a few more men."

Chu Huaibei's heart was very calm and light when he heard this, nodding his head before leaving the office.

When he went out, Chu Huaibei and Lu Ziyan fought back and forth.

Lu Zi Yan didn't go in, but just leaned on the door with a long and lazy posture, and looked at Huo Mushan with a half-teasing, long gaze, "Third brother, you're pissing off third sister-in-law because of Su Xue Ning?"

"Who is Su Xue Ning?" Huo Mushen clasps the body of his pen, 'snapping' it onto the desktop with a steady thumping roar.

This kind of reaction was also something Lu Ziyan hadn't expected at all!

"Su Xue Ning, the schoolmate who chased after you when you were studying abroad, is now returning from her studies to devote herself exclusively to your embrace." Lu Ziyan walked in and sat in front of the sofa, reaching out to rummage through the cigarettes by the coffee table.

After touching it for half a day, it was not there.

He couldn't help but look up and ask, "Third Brother, where are your cigarettes here?"


Huo Moushen glances over and pulls out a smoking cessation candy from the drawer and throws it to Lu Ziyan.

Lu Ziyan reflexively receives it in his hand and spreads it out to see, "What is this?"

"Quit smoking candy."

"You really quit smoking?" Lu Ziyan tsked and shook his head, flirting, "I really find it hard to imagine a person who has smoked for almost seven or eight years wanting to talk to me about quitting smoking?"

He tilted his head and threw the quit smoking candy down his throat, looking up and asking, "Why did you suddenly think of quitting smoking?"

Lu Ziyan remembers that when they used to work, the office full of smoke was almost always surrounded by smoke, and suddenly hearing that Huo Muchen wanted to quit smoking was a few moments of disbelief.

Smoking was easy to catch, but quitting was extremely difficult.

"Preparing for pregnancy."

"Cough cough cough!"

Lu Ziyan coughed a few times, "No wonder! Then congratulations to Third Brother! Xiao Jiu's family has two, how many is your family planning to have?"

He thought about it, according to Song Zhi's age of twenty, with an average of one born every two years, he estimated that five would do.

But, the next second ......

"Ten it."

"What do you ...... you say! Ten, you want third sister-in-law to spend her next life in bed?"

"Tentative, you come over to do is what?" Huo Moushen doesn't want to carry on the topic of having children and how many with Lu Ziyan, and coldly asks, "What are you doing here?"

"I signed the contract for AK! Those guys still want to get old me drunk and take the shares back!" Lu Zi Yan snorted, "But when I thought about it, this is what Third Sister-in-law got back on purpose, so I gave them all a drink in a fit of pique!"


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