Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 150


Huo Muchen yells lowly.

"I'm here to take credit! By the way, Su Xue Ning came back this time but specifically to find you, she'll come over in a while and said she wants to talk to you." Lu Ziyan said.

"No talk."

Huo Muchen clicked on the E-Star project contract file, and after roughly browsing through it, he opened the E-Star program and started knocking on the code.

"You don't have to avoid suspicion to this extent!" Lu Ziyan smacked his lips and calmly said, "Su Xue Ning is probably looking for you to talk about work, so why don't you sell me face."

"What news did you get?" Huo Mu Shen's stern eyes saw through his strings.

"Didn't get any news, just about cooperation on the matter, you have to know that the Su family these years in overseas and domestic is also business dealings, Huo Dong has been interested in letting you marry Su Xue Ning is to let the Huo family quickly in foreign countries to stand firm, but did not think that you in order to Song resignation and Huo family detached.

Now M & R can open the foreign market, the Huo family and anxious, the rest of the several houses of people are beginning to stupid valley owed movement.

Huo Dong of course wants you to marry Su Xue Ning, and the sooner the better."

Lu Zi Yan after a simple analysis then carefully watched Huo Mou Shen eyes, perceived Huo Mou Shen face color wave-free, more guess what he means.

"Give a chance to talk?"

Lu Zi Yan really can't guess what Huo Mou Shen means, and even more can't stand Huo Mou Shen's nonchalant personality, a few cranky, "Third brother, I'm not hiding from you! It's because Su Xue Ning said to me that she has the information we want in her hands, and that's why I agreed."

Lu Ziyan was not a good person in the first place, why not be happy when you can use the least amount of force to get the most benefit?

"You promised."

"People are estimated to come in ten minutes."

Lu Ziyan wilted.

"Just this once."

For women other than his own wife, Huo Mo Shen was in no mood to be perfunctory, and even looking at one side felt like it defiled his eyes.

"Okay, Third Brother will look at my side just this once, as a way to give me face, I promise I won't tell Third Sister-in-law." Lu Ziyan assured.

"No need, let Xiao Zhi know."

"Let Third Sister-in-law know? Third Sister-in-law won't be jealous?" After all, letting go of any woman in the face of a love rival who likes her husband in front of her would not be too calm.

Huo Mushen glances at Lu Ziyan and only says coldly, "Have Xiaozhu come to my office in half an hour."

Lu Ziyan was puzzled, "What do you mean by that?"

"She knows more than you think, even ...... more." Huo Mou Shen's chest cavity was empty, blocked in his throat that depressed gas condensed into a ball, gradually chilling into ice.

Lu Ziyan heard this, naturally did not take Huo Mou Shen's words lightly, from the last time Song Ru was able to write a contract with AK, then make a logo that the other party was satisfied with, and even to the program, snatching AK's shares, he knew that Song Ru wasn't as simple as it appeared on the surface.

She really does know AK better than every one of them, and has a better understanding of overseas market control than even him, who is always abroad and that asshole Qiao Lengbai.

Lu Ziyan felt weird about this kind of overnight change that turned a person upside down.

He didn't believe that Huo Mushan hadn't noticed!

"Third brother, have you noticed that third sister-in-law isn't quite the same as before?" Lu Ziyan asked.

Huo Moushen narrowed his cold eyes, his thin lips pursed, and didn't say anything else.

Ten o'clock sharp.

Knock knock knock!

A knock sounded punctually outside the door!

Lu Zi Yan's long legs abruptly pull up and get up to open the door, he just wants to let Su Xue Ning come in to talk, but then he sees Huo Moushen follow suit and get up, his right eyebrow raised, "Third brother? You're backing out?"

"Not in the office to talk, I don't want any other women to have appeared in the office." Huo Mushen's breath condenses and he spits out words mercilessly.

Lu Ziyan's mouth twitched twice, reached out and pushed open the door to see Su Xue Ning standing in the doorway after dressing up with exquisite makeup, making it impossible to find half a flaw.

It was precisely because he couldn't find any flaws that Lu Ziyan felt that Su Xue Ning could not be trusted.

"Zi Yan." Su Xue Ning politely called out, then crossed over to him and looked towards Huo Mushan's handsome face, her beautiful eyes lit up, "A ...... Mushan."

"I don't think we're familiar." Huo Mou Shen's overriding voice line was devoid of temperature.

Su Xue Ning's beautiful eyes show wisps of darkness, and only after a long time does her stiff smile ease slightly with an awkward smile, "Huo Shao, I think I can come and talk to you."

Huo Mou Shen's eyes faintly glance over, completely viewing Su Xue Ning as a ball of air, walking around her towards the lounge.

Su Xue Ning was directly left out in the cold, standing in place, neither entering nor retreating.

Lu Zi Yan snorts from the side, his voice casually waving a gentleman's hand, considered to give Su Xue Ning a step down, "Miss Su, Huo Shao may not recognize you, since you said you have enough capital to talk, then please."

Su Xue Ning's nails clenched the documents in her hands, bottoming out as she followed Huo Mushen's footsteps to the lounge.

Inside the lounge, it's quiet and windless.

Huo Mushen sits on the main seat of the single black sofa, his long and slender legs lazily folded together, his jade-like hands resting casually on his knees, his long and powerful arm resting on the arm of the sofa on one side, his brow indifferent, his eyes also indifferent, his whole body exuding a 'stranger don't come near' vibe.

As soon as Su Xue Ning entered the door, she felt a mountain of cold air pressure, she stared at the man's cold brows and eyes from a distance of a few meters, her heart and eyes were full of infatuation.

"Ms. Su, what are you looking at? Huo Shao has other trips in a while, so I'm afraid I can't keep spending time with Miss Su."

Lu Zi Yan slightly bends down and reminds quietly behind Su Xue Ning.

Su Xue Ning purses her lips and suppresses the waves in her heart, after all, she hasn't met with Huo Mou Shen for a few years, he's too busy with his work and can't remember her for a while, which is understandable.

She took a step to Huo Moushen's side of the sofa, but there was still a step closer, and was stopped by Lu Ziyan: "Su Xue Ning, you'd better sit on this side. Huo Shao doesn't like to have women other than his wife get too close."

Lu Zi Yan is sorry enough for Song Zhi when Su Xue Ning comes to see him alone, if he doesn't keep an eye on him, he will have no face to face Song Zhi.

Su Xue Ning's face sank as she walked over to sit down in front of the sofa directly across from Huo Mu Shen.

She lightly places the document on the coffee table and gazes at Huo Mou Shen, single-handedly, "Huo Shao, I have a document here that you want, it's about the AK cooperation, which involves information in detail, as well as the various collaborations."


Huo Mushan raises an eyebrow.

Su Xue Ning blurts out her own conditions, "Uncle has also been interested in me entering M&R to work, I want to use all the information I've gathered in exchange for the opportunity to enter M&R to work."

Lu Zi Yan listens to Su Xue Ning's seemingly unspoken words, his cold brows frowning vaguely, his gangly smile gradually seeping out coldness, and he can't help but interject, "Su Xue Ning, with this information of yours, how can we be sure that it's true?"


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