Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 101

Not a moment later, a sound of brakes came from outside the Gu family's courtyard.

  Immediately afterward, the Gu family's subordinate came trotting over to report, "Master, young master, there's a man outside who says he's here to deliver the invitation."

  "Let him in."

  Gu Xingguo had lost all hope at this point.

  He thought that the truth must be as Du Zhou had speculated-Ning Tian Lang had sent someone to deliver a fake invitation.

  With an expression of readiness to watch a good show, Du Zhou blew on the floating tea in his teacup and laughed coldly:

  "Kid! When your deception is uncovered in a while, I will absolutely send you to prison and lock you up myself!"

  As soon as his words fell, a man as noble as a swan walked into the parlor with elegant steps:

  "Gu Family Master, I've come to deliver your invitation."


  Upon seeing this person, the tea Du Zhou just drank into his mouth directly spat out!

  "Shang, Shangguan Da Shao ......"

  The person who came to deliver the invitation was no one else but Shangguan Hong, the Shangguan Great Young Master!

  Shangguan Hong glanced at the tea stains on Du Zhou's clothes and said in disgust, "Filthy!"

  Just two words scared Du Zhou out of his cold sweat!

  He stood up from his chair in fear and kept bowing to Shangguan Hong, apologizing repeatedly:

  "I'm sorry, Senior Shangguan, it's me who defiled your eyes!"

  His head was lowered to his pants!

  All of the Du Family's businesses were all dependent on the Shangguan Family!

  With just one word from Shangguan Hong, the entire Du Family's foundation could be destroyed!

  So as soon as he saw Shangguan Hong's displeased face, Du Zhou's legs went out of control, and he was frantically trembling!

  And Gu Xingguo's family was shocked beyond words!

  To be able to climb into a relationship with the Shangguan family's commoner son was already the Gu family's highest honor ever!

  Unexpectedly, today, the Shangguan family's first young master even personally boarded the Gu family's door!

  This is simply a great honor for the family, and the ancestors' graves are smoldering ah!

  Gu Xingguo's mouth was agitated, but he couldn't say a word!

  After slowing down for a while, he stammered, "Shang, Shangguan big young man, how do you personally noble footsteps on the lowly ground ...... Could it be that young master Shangguan Qing he wants to renew his relationship with his daughter again?"

  "No." Shangguan Hong faintly said.

  "In the morning after he returned from the marriage, he was dealt with by the family law because of yesterday's incident. Grandfather personally broke one of his legs and ordered him to be grounded for a whole year." When he said this, although Shangguan Hong didn't look at Ning Tianlang, his entire body was facing his direction.

  It was clear that he was reporting to Ning Tianlang, the result of the Shangguan family's treatment of Shangguan Qing.

  Upon hearing this, Gu Xingguo was dumbfounded!

  The Shangguan family's old man had actually broken Shangguan Qing's legs for Gu Ningyu?

  When did their Gu family have such a big face?

  "That ...... Shangguan Young Master ......"

  Gu Xingguo was still about to ask something when Shangguan Hong placed five dark red gilt envelopes on the table and said indifferently:

  "Family Master Gu, I was ordered to deliver the invitations to you. If you take a look and if there are no problems, I won't stay here for long."

  "Yes yes yes ......"

  Gu Xingguo hurriedly came forward and picked up the invitation with a trembling hand, excitedly saying, "No problem, no problem at all ......"

  Ning Tianlang, however, swept his eyes over the shivering Du Zhou and smiled coldly:

  "Young Du, didn't you say that I would get fake invitations to trick you guys? Do you want to personally check and inspect it?"

  "No ...... no need ......"

  Du Zhou was already scared out of his wits!

  This invitation was personally sent by Shangguan Hong!

  Even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to question Shangguan Da Shao ah!

  What's more, everyone knew that Shangguan Da Shao was now the general manager of the Kunlun Group, so how could this invitation be fake!

  "If I remember correctly, did you just say that if I can bring out something more valuable than your piece of broken jade, you'll call me dad?"

  Ning Tianlang looked at him with a smile, "Mr. Du, would you say that these five invitations from the Kunlun Group are worth more than eight million dollars?"

  "This ......"

  Du Zhou instantly sweated under his forehead!

  The heart said that this is not nonsense!

  If you can enter the Kunlun Group's bidding conference, casually getting a project is a hundred million dollars to start with!

  Not to mention eight million, even if it was eight hundred million, it was estimated that there were people willing to buy it!

  This invitation is simply priceless!

  Thinking of this, Du Zhou's face instantly turned gray, his lips trembling, as if he had a serious illness!

  A cold light flashed in Ning Tian Lang's eyes, "What? Can't call out?"


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