Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 102

Ning Tianlang tapped his fingers on the table and said to Shangguan Hong.

  "Manager Shangguan, before you came just now, Mr. Du was saying that you are a fraud."

  At these words, Du Zhou's face suddenly changed!

  His legs went limp and he directly kneeled on the ground with a 'plop' sound!

  "Young Master Shangguan, I didn't mean that! I'm saying that this kid's friends are all frauds, I'm not talking about you!"

  After saying this, Du Zhou suddenly froze, a trace of panic surfaced on his face and his voice trembled, "You ...... you wouldn't be this kid's friend, would you ......?"

  Shangguan Hong shook his head, "I am not!"

  "That's good that's good ......"

  Du Zhou let out a long breath.


  He hadn't even waited to finish this breath before he heard Shangguan Hong continue, "How am I qualified to be Mr. Ning's friend?!"

  Du Zhou: "......"

  Gu Xingguo and Gu Tianyu: "......"

  Feng Yunhui: "......"

  The crowd looked at each other in disbelief, unable to believe their ears!

  "Young Shangguan, he's just an orphan who mixes with the society, how do you ......"

  Du Zhou's words had just gotten halfway through when Shangguan Hong coldly interrupted him:

  "How dare you disrespect Mr. Ning! From now on, the Shangguan family will suspend all help and business dealings with the Du family!"

  "What ......"

  Du Zhou's eyes instantly went black, almost fainting on the spot!

  If there was no more help from the Shangguan family, then the Du family would definitely be reduced to an inferior family in a very short period of time!

  It would be difficult for even the immortals to save it!


  Du Zhou's fear was so great that his bruised blood reversed, and he directly spewed out a mouthful of blood furiously!

  He didn't even care to wipe the blood, so he walked on his knees and crawled to Ning Tian Lang's feet, pleading:

  "Mr. Ning, I was wrong! Father, I was wrong! Please spare me!"

  "Spare you?" Ning Tianlang swept a glance at him condescendingly, "You came to propose marriage to my girlfriend and you still want me to spare you?"

  "I don't dare anymore dad, I won't dare anymore! I will absolutely stay away from Ning ...... from mom in the future! Please spare me and the Du family!"

  Du Zhou was on the verge of despair!

  If the Du Family fell because of this matter, he could not absolve himself of the blame in a million deaths!

  Right now, as long as Ning Tian Lang was willing to spare him, he could even do anything!

  Hearing him address Gu Ningyu, Ning Tianlang lost his smile and said, "That's just it, seeing as you're quite good at arranging your seniority, let's spare you this time for now."


  Seeing this scene, Feng Yunhui was completely dumbfounded!

  Her eyes were stagnant, her mouth was wide open, and she looked like a retard!

  She simply couldn't wait to smack herself twice!

  It turned out that the "little yakuza" that she had been sneering at just now was the real golden son-in-law ah!

  At this time, Shangguan Hong opened his mouth and said to Gu Xingguo, "Gu family head, three days from now is the Kunlun Group's bidding conference, I still have a lot of things to be busy with, so I'll take my leave first."

  "Ai ai ai ...... You take your time, Young Master Shangguan ......"

  After sending Shangguan Hong away respectfully, Gu Xingguo only looked at Ning Tianlang with a complicated expression:

  "Good son-in-law, are these five invitations really all for our Gu family?"

  Hearing her father address Ning Tianlang, Gu Ningyu's pretty face blushed, knowing that she had finally passed this hurdle.

  Ning Tianlang nodded, "How is it, is Gu Family Master still satisfied?"

  Still satisfied?

  Gu Xingguo was so grateful beyond words that he was almost ready to kneel and kowtow to Ning Tianlang!

  These five invitations were equivalent to a ladder to heaven, capable of directly sending the Gu Family into the ranks of first-class families!

  "Satisfied satisfied satisfied too satisfied!"

  With that, he touched his wife with his arm and chided, "You quickly apologize to our son-in-law!"

  Feng Yunhui smiled sarcastically and stood up, saying to Ning Tianlang, "That, good son-in-law ah, just now it was me who did the wrong thing, don't take it to heart ah ......"

  "I've said it before, for the sake of Ning Yu's face, I won't bother with you guys in general."

  Looking at Ning Tian Lang's cold appearance, Feng Yunhui laughed dryly, "It's okay, anyway, we'll be a family from now on, I'll treat you better than my own son!"

  Upon hearing this, Gu Tianyu, who was sitting next to him, couldn't help but have his expression stagnate ......

  Just then, his cell phone suddenly rang.

  Gu Tianyu glanced at the caller ID and hurriedly stood up from his chair, cleared his throat, and picked up the phone, "Company Commander!"

  "Where are you kid!!!"

  The voice of a furious hiss on the opposite side of the phone clearly traveled into everyone's ears!

  Gu Tianyu was slightly stunned, "I, I'm on vacation today, I'm at home ah......"

  He didn't know what had happened that could make the company commander so angry that his voice shouted splits!

  "The disciplinary notification from the provincial military region came down! You were disrespectful to the chief and were sentenced to a major demerit plus a demotion!

  Damn it, I'm also dragged down by you to write a 20,000-word check! Gu Tianyu! How the hell did you manage to offend the chief even on home leave!!!"


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