Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 103

"Get the fuck back here, do you know ......"

  He didn't hear a word of what the company commander said afterward!

  Gu Tianyu only felt that his two ears were like two electric drills had been shoved into them, roaring loudly!

  He slowly looked at Ning Tianlang and said in horror, "Did you ...... you really call the people from the provincial military region just now?"

  Just now when Ning Tianlang made the call, he clearly said that he would give him a big demerit for being disrespectful to the chief!

  At that time, everyone thought that Ning Tianlang was bragging!

  But no one expected that!

  The punishment actually came down!

  Gu Tianyu's legs went limp and he directly fell back into his chair, crying and saying, "Brother-in-law, you said earlier that you have such great ability ah ......"

  "I said that, it's you guys who don't believe me." Ning Tianlang spread his hands, "Didn't you also say that the person I know is a cooking soldier from the provincial military region's cut dun?"

  Gu Tianyu's tears came down!

  He glared fiercely at Du Zhou who was lying on the ground!

  If it wasn't for this grandson fanning the flames, how could he be reduced to this state?

  Ning Tianlang glanced at his watch and faintly said:

  "Platoon Leader Gu, if I remember correctly, after the disciplinary action is issued, you have to report back to the company within two hours, right? If you're late again, the situation will be even more serious."

  Upon hearing this, Gu Tianyu's body jolted as if he had been struck by lightning!

  In the next second, he grabbed his cell phone and ran out!

  Looking at his son's running figure, Feng Yunhui was not the least bit worried, but instead smiled as if she was about to bite.

  The son was disciplined so what, this does not just prove that their son-in-law has the strength?

  She smiled with a face full of folds and curried favor with Ning Tian Lang:

  "Good son-in-law, stay for dinner tonight! No, no, no! Stay and sleep! I'll have someone send a quilt to Ning Yu's room!"

  Saying this, she shook her head again, "No, no, no, you'll just have one quilt! It's warm!"

  Gu Xingguo also spoke up, "Right, let's go to the second-rate family gathering together tomorrow, so we can save you the trouble of going back and forth!"

  "Eh......" Ning Tianlang looked embarrassed, "No need, I'll go back to my big sister's house to stay at night."

  "What big sister's house! It's not like we don't have a place to stay at home!"

  Feng Yunhui came to Gu Ningyu's side, pushed her, and whispered, "What are you stupidly standing there for! Say something!"

  Gu Ningyu looked at Ning Tianlang with a flushed face, "Why don't you stay ......"

  The beauty invited him, and he couldn't say no, so he could only nod, "Then ...... I'll stay for the night ......" "Hahahahaha ...... Great!"

  Feng Yunhui was all smiles!

  At this time, she suddenly saw Du Zhou who was kneeling on the ground with a dumbfounded face.

  "Bah!" She spat and scolded, "Just with you you also want to marry my daughter? Still not quick enough to get lost?!"

  Du Zhou snapped back to his senses, his face turned blue as he climbed up from the ground, rolling and running away ......


  Feng Yunhui personally made a table of dishes, and Gu Xingguo also took out the pure brew he had treasured for more than ten years.

  Under the overly enthusiastic hospitality of Gu Xingguo and his wife, Ning Tianlang couldn't save face and drank two cups of white wine.

  Even Gu Ningyu unprecedentedly drank a small glass of red wine.

  After three rounds of wine, the food had passed five flavors.

  Feng Yunhui suddenly yelled that she had a headache, so she took the drunken Gu Xingguo back to her room.

  Only Ning Tian Lang and Gu Ningyu were left in the living room.

  Gu Ningyu was also slightly drunk, and a layer of redness floated on her beautiful face, which made her extraordinarily delicate.

  Looking at the attractive appearance of her eyes, Ning Tianlang's throat knots moved up and down, holding her shoulders and said, "You've had too much to drink, let's go back to the room."

  As soon as he entered Gu Ningyu's room, Ning Tianlang smelled a seductive perfume odor.

  It was different from the fresh flavor of the young girl in Tuyangyang's room, and also different from the gorgeous flavor of Wen Ruyun's car, which was full of mature flavor.

  The smell of Gu Ningyu's room was in the middle of the two, delicate and seductive.

  "Tian Lang ......"

  Under the dim light, Gu Ningyu was intoxicated.

  She wrapped her arms around Ning Tianlang's neck, her red lips gently opened, and she exhaled like orchids, "Tianlang, I actually like you very much, it would be good if you really do become my boyfriend ......"

  Ning Tianlang carefully carried her to the bed and softly said, "When all the dust settles, I will ......"

  Halfway through his sentence, he was suddenly slightly stunned.

  After his parents' great revenge was avenged and the imperial spies were cleared out, there was no telling what would happen.

  Is it too early to give her a promise now ......

  "Tian Lang ...... I'm so hot ......"

  Gu Ningyu's soft voice came again, calling back Ning Tianlang's thoughts.

  Only then did Ning Tianlang notice that Gu Ningyu's state was a bit abnormal.

  Her face was scarlet, her eyes were mesmerized, and her breath carried a rolling heat, so it wasn't like ordinary drunkenness at all.

  Just as he froze, Gu Ningyu had already wrapped up like a water snake ......


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