Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 104

A hint of coldness flashed in Ning Tianlang's eyes.

  This Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui really had nothing to lose!

  Surprisingly, they were willing to drug their own daughter!

  He applied gravity with both fingers on the four acupoints of Gu Ningyu's abdomen, namely the middle epigastrium and moisture above the umbilicus, and the Qihai and Guanyuan points below the umbilicus, in order from light to heavy.

  After more than ten seconds, the blush on Gu Ningyu's face gradually faded, and her breathing began to become steady.

  In a short while, she soundly entered the land of dreams ......

  Looking at Gu Ningyu's sleeping face, a feeling of pity rose in Ning Tianlang's heart.

  He gently tucked her in before falling asleep in the toffee chair next to the bed.

  He wasn't horny enough to lay his hands on an unconscious girl!

  Otherwise, how would he be different from that pig and dog Xiang Chen?

  In fact, if Feng Yunhui hadn't drugged Gu Ningyu, Ning Tianlang really wouldn't have been able to hold on to such a beautiful woman.

  But at this time, he looked at this poor girl in front of him who was used as a tool by her own mother, only endless pity remained in his heart .......

  Taking a step back, if he really did something to the delirious Gu Ningyu, he would not be able to explain to his big sister Wen Ruyun!

  Feng Yunhui's cleverness was mistaken, so that this should have been a good night, turned into a basket of water in one empty ......

  Early the next morning, Gu Ningyu woke up in a daze and saw Ning Tianlang sitting on the side.


  She let out a soft cry and hurriedly lifted the covers to look at her clothes.

  Ning Tian Lang lost his smile and said, "Am I the kind of person who takes advantage of people in your heart?"

  "Not ......"

  Gu Ningyu's face flew red, and a flash of hard-to-conceal disappointment flickered away.

  The two people went downstairs to the living room, Feng Yunhui hurriedly came up smilingly and whispered to Gu Ningyu, "How is it? It's still mom who has the solution, right!"

  Gu Ningyu was puzzled, "What how?"

  "Didn't you guys ...... that?"

  "Mom what are you talking about!" Gu Ningyu's pretty face turned red, "He slept on the toffee chair for a night, we didn't have anything happen!"

  "It shouldn't be ah ......" Feng Yunhui mumbled in wonder, "I've obviously put it in the wine ah ......"

  "Mom what did you say? What was put into the wine?"

  "Ah ah ah, nothing, I'm saying that the newly purchased herbs have already been put into the medicinal wine your father brewed."

  Feng Yunhui hurriedly made up a random excuse.

  While Gu Ningyu went to wash up, Ning Tianlang walked up and faintly said to Feng Yunhui, "I'll advise you, don't pull any more medicinal wine tricks in the future!" Upon hearing this, Feng Yunhui's expression froze, she knew that the tricks she had done had been recognized by Ning Tianlang.

  Immediately afterward, she smiled cheekily and heatedly, "It's because I was in a hurry, I won't do it again next time!"

  "There better not be a next time." Ning Tian Lang coldly said.

  "Regardless of whether I'm by Ning Yu's side in the future or not, if I know that you've done this kind of nasty thing again, I'll definitely let you experience what the world's fiercest medicinal wine tastes like!"

  Hearing his icy cold and piercing voice, Feng Yunhui involuntarily shivered and hurriedly promised, "It won't happen, it definitely won't happen ......"

  After having breakfast, the four of them drove to the New Rao Hotel.

  New Rao Hotel was a high-class restaurant that specialized in hosting large banquets.

  Every year, the second-rate family gatherings were held here.

  At this moment, in the banquet hall, which was thousands of square meters in size, numerous men and women dressed in gorgeous clothes were raising their glasses and talking and laughing.

  These people were all direct descendants of the second-rate families in Qing'an City.

  They were gathered together in twos and threes, some talking about cooperation, some showing off and climbing.

  Among them, the most notable ones were the Wen family members.

  Quite a few of them gathered around the likes of Wen Guangyi and Wen Kangsheng, fawning and plastering on smiles.

  It wasn't because the Wen family was so strong, it was simply because today, Wen Zixuan's fiancé, Wei Yingzhou, had also come.

  This was the first time a first-rate family's young master had participated in their second-rate family's gathering.

  Everyone wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to climb up the ladder.

  "Wen family master ah, your Wen family with young master Wei here, I guess you'll be able to rank amongst the first-rate families in the near future!"

  "Aiya, Brother Kang Sheng I'm so envious of you! How come I couldn't give birth to a daughter as outstanding as Zixuan!"

  "Hahaha, Master Wen, when your Wen Family becomes prosperous in the future, don't forget about us old friends!"

  The big tall hats were carried a dozen meters high, Wen Guangyi and Wen Kangsheng were giddy from the crowd's bragging and their faces were about to cramp up with laughter!

  "Hahahahaha ...... you guys don't say that!" Wen Guangyi pretended to be modest, "How can our Wen family compare to the Gu family, the son-in-law of the Gu family is Young Master Shangguan Qing!"

  Wen Kangsheng hurriedly cudgeled:

  "Dad, don't mention Young Master Shangguan, haven't you heard that Miss Gu has been withdrawn from the marriage by the Shangguan family? It's lucky that the Gu family master hasn't come yet, or else how offensive!"

  "What? The Shangguan family has withdrawn from the marriage?" Wen Guangyi feigned surprise.

  "Then our family, Yingzhou, isn't he the only first-class family's young master today? Hahahahaha ......"


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