Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 105

As soon as these words came out, the crowd all cursed in their hearts, "Wen Guangyi the old pretender!"

  Cursing in their hearts, but on their mouths, they were all scrambling to slip up and raise their voices in praise:

  "It's still you, Wen Family Head, who has taught your daughter well!"

  "Miss Zixuan is truly outstanding!"

  At this moment, Yuan Wenyao, the head of the Yuan Family, came forward and said with a smile on his face, "I heard that Young Master Wei will be applying for a job at the Kunlun Group soon?"

  Wei Yingzhou nodded proudly:

  "That's right, my resume has already been submitted, and if nothing goes wrong, I'll be able to successfully join the job before the bidding conference the day after tomorrow!"

  Upon hearing this, there was a wave of envy on everyone's faces-

  I really don't know what kind of incense this Wen family has burned, to be able to find such a dragon son-in-law!

  The Wei family's background, coupled with the Kunlun Group's job, it was practically comparable to Shangguan Hong, the youngest of the Shangguan family!

  Wen Guangyi and Wen Kangsheng were even more honored with their chins held high, their tails going up to the sky!

  As soon as Yuan Wenyao heard that Wei Yingzhou was about to join the Kunlun Group, he hurriedly pulled a clear-looking woman from behind him and introduced her:

  "Mr. Wei, this is my daughter Yuan Bingrui, she has just returned from studying in the United Kingdom of Ireland, and she also wants to apply for a job at Kunlun Group, I wonder if you can give her a favor?"

  Seeing the tall Yuan Bingrui, Wei Yingzhou's eyes flashed with a hint of obscene greed.

  He touched his chin and pretended to think: "Well, it's not impossible, but it's a bit of a problem ......."

  Yuan Wenyao old cunning, a moment to hear the meaning of his words, immediately meant to say:

  "As long as we can get our daughter to join Kunlun Group, we can pay any price!"

  Saying that, he pushed Yuan Bingrui: "Quickly, why don't you thank Mr. Wei!"

  "Thank you Young Master Wei."

  Yuan Bingrui's voice was sweet and glutinous, making Wei Yingzhou's bones crumble when he heard it.

  Seeing that in just three or two sentences, the Yuan family's daughter's job was secured, the surrounding crowd envied her so much that their eyes turned red!

  I only sighed that I didn't have a good-looking girl in my family!

  As written in the Song of Eternal Hatred, "Sisters and brothers are all listed in the earth, and the poor colorful birth portal. So the world's parents are not born with a boy, but with a girl."

  If you can't have Yang Guifei, you'll have to look at others!

  The same greedy people, there are also Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan.

  Although they were also members of the Wen family, the treatment they received was completely different! Wen Kangsheng's family was in the limelight, but they could only stand on the side and stare dryly!

  Jiang Yan glared at Wen Ruyun beside her and cursed, ''Damn, they're all women, how come they can find a young master? And you just have to go and raise a little white boy?!"

  Wen Ru Yun's face was ugly:

  "Mom, what's so good about finding a young master of a family? Didn't you just see the way that Wei Yingzhou looked at Yuan Bingrui? Do you think Wen Zixuan would be happy with such a man?"

  "Happiness? Happiness as a meal?!" Jiang Yan rolled her eyes widely, "I really don't know whether to say you're naive or stupid!"

  She snorted coldly and continued:

  "I'm warning you, you hurry up and dump that obscure orphan! You're a girl living under the same roof with a big man every day, you don't mind the shame!"

  "Mom ......"

  Wen Ruyun was just about to say something else when suddenly a commotion came from the doorway of the banquet hall.

  Someone gloated and shouted, "Yo! Isn't this the Gu Family Master? I thought you wouldn't be attending this year's party!"

  Gu Xingguo walked in with a loud laugh, "I've never missed a seat at this annual second-rate family gathering! How could I not come this year!"

  The arrival of the Gu family's group immediately drew everyone's attention.

  Everyone was curious as to how the always facetious Gu Xingguo would face the gossip after being withdrawn from the Shangguan family.

  Wen Guangyi greeted Gu Xingguo with a smile, "Gu Family Master, it's really been a long time!"

  Gu Xingguo smiled, "Family Master Wen's body is still so stiff!"

  "It's impossible not to be tough!" Wen Guangyi laughed out loud, "My granddaughter will soon be married to the Wei Family's eldest young man! How can I enjoy four generations together if I'm not strong!"

  When these words came out, the surrounding people all lengthened their manhood with a look of watching a good show.

  I didn't expect this Wen Family Master to come up and hit Gu Xingguo's sore spot straight away!

  Wen Kangsheng stretched his neck and saw that Gu Xingguo had only Feng Yunhui by his side, so he wondered:

  "Why isn't Miss Gu here? She wouldn't be too sad because of the withdrawal, right?"

  "My daughter and son-in-law are parking downstairs!" Feng Yunhui sat on Gu Xingguo's arm and said smugly, "Don't worry, our Gu family won't let you see the joke!"


  The crowd looked at me and you, all of them looking surprised.

  Yesterday morning Young Master Shangguan Qing had just gone to the Gu family to withdraw from the marriage, and it was only a night later, and they had already found their next family?


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